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File 131884001847.jpg - (48.52KB , 320x480 , 1293384071511.jpg )
1101 No. 1101 ID: f03502
Are they allowed? Can we have a thread about cosplayers?
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>> No. 4227 ID: 79b12e
File 134515443020.jpg - (25.30KB , 334x507 , sanya.jpg )
After some googling, I think I'll stick to non-cosplay JAVs. Meanwhile, Sanya.
>> No. 4229 ID: 4cfe4c
File 134516686562.jpg - (80.46KB , 478x720 , 2970193.jpg )
Oh sweet, it's a girl this time!

On a tangentially related note, it could be due to where I live, but I for one find it hard to believe there would be women in to Strike Witches. Awesome, but hard to believe.
>> No. 4230 ID: 79b12e
Not baad. Where is she from?
>> No. 4231 ID: 4cfe4c
File 134516902128.jpg - (88.08KB , 720x480 , 2970191.jpg )
Cosplay of Katharine O' Hare, a character from one of the mangas.

If you search for SW cosplay on the aptly titled cosplay.com (lord knows why I even did this) you'll find her.

The 'Trude cosplay on the site another girl did is also good.
>> No. 4232 ID: 79b12e
File 134516958938.jpg - (17.43KB , 186x284 , bark.jpg )
And for some reason I've never thought of that. Been on only cosp.jp all this time
>> No. 4234 ID: de41c0
That pic isn't related to the TMA production.
>> No. 4235 ID: 79b12e
File 13452061088.jpg - (65.45KB , 519x636 , miyafuji.jpg )
>> No. 4255 ID: f3048f
its not a production, its a monstrosity.
painted nails -1
>> No. 4338 ID: c4b13c
File 134723834455.jpg - (185.52KB , 1067x1600 , 325428_10152095115780226_6014410_o.jpg )
Mio, Shirley and Minna
>> No. 4344 ID: a4ad17
File 134738355346.jpg - (259.74KB , 452x741 , 1346861391049.jpg )
>not impressed
>Disgusted once again by American cosplayers
>> No. 4348 ID: dc714d

I dunno, shirley's strikers are pretty impressive, and the mio costume has some of the best ears i've seen on a cosplay (not overly fluffy like most cosplay ears.

it's also not a very good shot, it's just a strait on group snapshot instead of something that was well-posed and such.

so year as far as cosplay goes its ok.
>> No. 4349 ID: f06f62
Kind of harsh, don't you think? I thought they did a decent job, particularly with cosplaying to body type and the props.
>> No. 4350 ID: 3b222c
Considering it's un-staged and not photoshopped, I think they look pretty good.

Most Japanese cosplay images look good because there's about 10,000 filters applied to the image.
>> No. 4354 ID: a4972b
More filters on those than on a pornstar picture.
>> No. 4355 ID: c35dd5
because you just want a gorgeous model in costume that you can fap on and not a cosplayer
>> No. 4356 ID: 0200ee
I still find it pretty neat that three girls like Strike Witches enough to cosplay as characters from the franchise.
>> No. 4359 ID: 12cb96

So I heard somebody wanted attractive girls
>> No. 4360 ID: 02f07e
File 134752333013.jpg - (95.34KB , 400x600 , trude.jpg )
Pretty looking Girl, OK Looking Trude Dress, Not So good depiction of Trude's Uptight personality, no FW190D Striker units = MEH...

I for one prefer that "crappy" american Shirley cosplay above. In the end, it will just boil down to what people would want to see in cosplays. Pretty faces or accurate and convincing costumes and character portrayal.

I guess the perfect equation would be
Pretty/Handsome Looks + Accurate Costumes + Convincing portrayal of character personalities.

But alas! We don't live in a perfect world.
>> No. 4486 ID: 9fec25
There is much decent witch cosplay out there, but it annoys me to no end when they're saluting in the picture and they don't salute properly.

Pet peeve of mine yes, but since they're cosplaying as characters in a military you'd think they would have saluting down.
>> No. 4490 ID: ce061d

but then Lynne would have to be palm out, shirley would be palm in, and the K-trio and Francesca doing the roman salute.

actually it would be hilarious if all the witches were standing on line and snapped into the different salutes at the same time
>> No. 4492 ID: ce061d

unless we're talking a complete hambeast, I'm more concerned with the quality of the costume myself. especially with amateurs. generally the things I like are ears that aren't overly fluffy (so, like, you know, they look like animal ears) and uniforms that appear to be made out of the correct fabric. if they're using felt or cheap cotton, it will show. if they're using wool, it will also show, and it will look way better.

(note that Hanna-Justina and Raisa costumes should use cotton since they are desert uniforms)
>> No. 4496 ID: 6696ce
The girls who dressed as Mio and Shirley at Dragoncon had actual WW2 uniforms. That's some dedicated cosplay.
>> No. 4510 ID: 12cb96
at least have the decency to find some photos for us to reference.
>> No. 4515 ID: 3ba553
>> No. 4521 ID: e87f52

ah I see. Terrific cosplay, as others have mentioned, accuracy is very important. That lady dressing up as Minna really does lool like an old hag.
>> No. 4526 ID: 1b316f
File 134918785160.jpg - (16.88KB , 450x720 , 542234_466515740036612_1467698523_n.jpg )

Charming. You must really have a way with women. Have you ever considered that the girls pictured in this thread are real people who might have feelings?

Also, same girl, same convention, dressed as Wasp from The Avengers.
>> No. 4528 ID: 148d2a
Im sorry I come from the internet where memes are the lingua de franca and you might have missed the one where Minna is old.
Lighten up. I acknowledged that they're good.
>> No. 4576 ID: 1ba170
>Have you ever considered that the girls pictured in this thread are real people who might have feelings?

If you think that's some kind of a reason to not say whatever comes to your mind, you have problems.
>> No. 4851 ID: 12cb96
File 135219522486.jpg - (255.45KB , 1000x667 , 5538562303_8575098c49_o.jpg )
I like the composition here.
>> No. 4869 ID: 7d8ddb
File 135230062384.jpg - (226.02KB , 708x1064 , per10.jpg )
It's the internet after all. No holds barred. Go speak with so much garbage worth that will rival the filthiest landfills or act even more twisted than Satan and his hell spawn armada.

Makes me think of a cheesy tagline.

Internet! Brings out the demon in you! :) or something like that.
>> No. 4909 ID: 262b84
File 135252280273.jpg - (36.71KB , 416x640 , 2094309.jpg )
Eh? Is that photo the original, or is this?
>> No. 4910 ID: 262b84
File 135252284844.jpg - (44.08KB , 410x640 , 2094310.jpg )
>> No. 4911 ID: f03502
I would go up to her and [spoiler]ask where she got those lovely socks.
>> No. 4927 ID: dc714d

the version you posted is the original the first version posted is the one with filters and dimensional tweaks.
>> No. 4938 ID: 9c2cc3

With this board software, you have to close the spoiler tags.

Or it won't work.
>> No. 4999 ID: 84e791
File 135314089399.jpg - (49.11KB , 398x605 , i.jpg )
Hartmann is pretty popular among cosplayers.
>> No. 5004 ID: 3365af

Say what you like about the Nazis, they were some SNAPPY dressers.
>> No. 5006 ID: cef46a
File 135320306969.jpg - (108.04KB , 500x700 , heidi2.jpg )
>> No. 5008 ID: cef46a
File 135320325433.jpg - (107.01KB , 500x750 , heidi3.jpg )
>> No. 5009 ID: cef46a
File 135320350714.jpg - (131.65KB , 700x932 , heidi4.jpg )
This one looks more accurate costume wise, but seems to be going nowhere atm as I haven't really seen any other pics of her.
>> No. 11439 ID: 989c29
File 147395519767.jpg - (208.30 KB , 1280x960 , 502nd BW VR.jpg )
Well this is as close you get to official cosplays for now, save for the seiyuus live action event years ago.
Hikari is sorta cute here but oh doge the rest.
They really should've hired Klara's Russian voice actor from GuP to do Sasha in BW too.
>> No. 11442 ID: c4b563
File 147395685287.jpg - (25.85 KB , 170x170 , 8612085.jpg )
The eternal problem with cosplay is that anime characters are idealized human beings with abstracted facial features. Bringing reality to the mix ruins the magic. It works a little better live, but only if the cosplayer is any good at acting in-character.

But at least cosplay can be funny as hell. I was looking for a very relevant video of a silly cosplay of Eila "flying" with Striker units and all. But alas, couldn't find it. Maybe somebody knows what I'm talking about.
>> No. 11443 ID: ba8b6e
File 147396061590.jpg - (264.59 KB , 800x1202 , helmairl.jpg )
>> No. 11444 ID: 989c29
Well, being at least somewhat attractive helps a lot with that too, something most cosplayers aren't.
I assume you meant this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qT1sxk9b7vA and yeah cosplaying is for the fun factor too.
>> No. 11448 ID: c4b563
Attractiveness is very subjective, but my point was something different. The fundamental difference between a real human face and an abstraction that lets your biological firmware, honed by millennia of evolution, imagine the perfectly fitting details. That's the point. That's what makes perfect cosplay an impossibility.

Of course, body type is also one huge limit for good cosplay. Anime characters with impossible proportions are equally impossible to cosplay well and most anime characters limit the cosplayer material to young and often relatively small-statured teenagers.

And Strike Witches cosplay in particular adds yet another challenge. Even if they get the uniforms right, even if they get the hair right, even if they get the ears right... there's always ethnicity. When the show places much emphasis on nationality, asians cannot ever cosplay european witches nor vice versa.


So, that said, I think it's better for me to leave cosplay to be the fun play it is and not think of it as visual art.

Thank you, that's it! Didn't know it was on youtube as well, I will cherish the link.
>> No. 11449 ID: f9ea7d
The biggest put-off with cosplay is all of the 25 year old Japanese girls trying to be 17 year old European girls. That's what makes it uninteresting at the very least to me I guess. Someone has been doing a lot, and I mean A LOT of Erica commercial cosplay photo sessions lately, and I really don't care to see it. Not that i'm really in the habit of looking at 3D girls to begin with.

Not to knock people for doing it for fun, that's what it's about in the end I guess.
>> No. 11450 ID: a6b0fd
File 147397452661.jpg - (82.37 KB , 640x960 , 13892252_10206878060296555_2496390697591903829_n.jpg )
And they say Westerners can't do good cosplay.
>> No. 11451 ID: a6b0fd
File 147397455521.jpg - (58.54 KB , 640x960 , 13876666_10206878060256554_6586018535815147757_n.jpg )
>> No. 11452 ID: a6b0fd
File 147397474564.jpg - (40.37 KB , 960x639 , 13902700_10206878059896545_6483765357348619224_n.jpg )
Yeah I think race and body also factor into it if you want to make it authentic looking, though there's not many of those since people usually use wigs.
>> No. 11453 ID: a6b0fd
File 147397478067.jpg - (74.74 KB , 640x960 , 13887111_10206878060416558_7589105222836842955_n.jpg )
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