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File 131890035699.jpg - (129.35KB , 850x499 , sample-939c24cf2de2f14c20854bc8442b6b37.jpg )
1104 No. 1104 ID: a60d46
I've been wondering (simply out of curiosity)why the jet-striker units almost always look like the artist just got lazy and split the aircraft. The ME-262 Striker in season 2 looked like just that, a striker unit, while anything in fanart or even made by more well-known artists looks like a shooped jet.
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>> No. 1105 ID: a60d46
File 131890053517.png - (741.29KB , 1284x720 , vlcsnap-2011-05-30-23h53m53s31.png )
I'm also curious about the idea of putting missiles on the striker, just how would the witch fire them while trying to fly?

Here is a picture of the ME-262 striker unit.

I hope this is the right place to post this topic...
>> No. 1106 ID: 691f95
File 131890346246.jpg - (345.73KB , 630x945 , 19162080.jpg )

tl;dr, fan artists usually suck at creating striker units.
>> No. 1107 ID: 899b0e
Also, how would they keep themselves from injuring themselves when the missile fires. what with the missile's back-blast and all.
>> No. 1109 ID: f03502
File 13189478022.jpg - (444.25KB , 1280x1032 , airplanes.jpg )
Well that one in particular is done by an artist who is not like much by the fans from what I remember from the /a/ threads. Another issue is that making strikers is very hard, and some feel that they have to scale the strikers up like the planes did. Here's a picture of a P-51D, P-47, F-4, and F-15E. Notice how the planes get much much larger? Also, an Me-262 is only 1 meter longer and 3 meter wider than a Bf-109, while a F-4 is 10 meters longer and around the the same width of a P-51.
>> No. 1110 ID: df33ce
Size isn't really the issue, it's the fact that they always look like someone just chopped the plane in half. Larger strikers for larger planes makes sense.
>> No. 1111 ID: f03502
File 131895142463.jpg - (233.70KB , 739x1034 , F-2.jpg )
So you would probably prefer ones like this, these are supposed to be Mitsubishi F-2 (a derivative of the F-16) strikers.
>> No. 1112 ID: df33ce
It does look more like an actual striker unit...
>> No. 1115 ID: 5e4d8b
File 131900009381.png - (778.74KB , 720x1003 , 1277250179744.png )
I think the main issue artists have with modern jets, is how to handle the fact that there are two engines, where most canon strikers have been single engines. When you adapt a single engine into two for a striker, what do you do with two engines? Obviously, not what they've been doing.

Personally I believe it's alright to sacrifice some detail to maintain a good aesthetic. One engine per leg, small wings, keep the details simple. A good example would be >>1111. I know it's a single engine plane, but according to my good looks rules, it'd look the same even if it had two engines. The best example of course is the official one, >>1105. The worst example, obviously would be >>1106, where they quite literally split the plane in half (more than half even) and stuck it onto a witch's legs. While Dirty Fox isn't exactly our favorite artist, he at least gets the one engine per leg rule. However, the strikers are still overly complicated.

He does seem to have the ordinance thing figured out though. In the OP we can see a rocket drop before it fires, thus keeping the witch away from any back blast. But however nice it may be to give the witches some additional firepower, it pretty much contradicts the small wings aesthetic. Wings the size of the ones on the ME-262 striker are about as big as they should go, and those would be able to carry at most 2 missiles per wing, which is not a whole lot considering the enemy they're up against. However, the witches have been doing fine with conventional machine guns, so really >>1111 is all you need.

Honestly, I think modern jet strikers are horribly limited by the original striker design. It's a design we've come to love, and seeing a version so wildly different is off-putting. Dirty Fox's strikers are pretty cool in their own right, but in the SW universe they're simply too complex. I'd love to see the series go into a modern era, just so we can see what the word of god is when it comes to creating modern strikers.

So here are my rules for jet strikers:
One engine per leg, even if it's a twin engine aircraft.
Small wings, consistent with the original strikers.
Regardless of wing position on the plane, they are at the top of the strikers.
Keep the details simple: not all of the control surfaces are necessary.
>> No. 1116 ID: ffa5f6
File 131900078930.jpg - (201.45KB , 800x800 , hartmann yawn.jpg )
the complexity and size are both off-putting to me. that said, the Jet Striker I want to see is the Lockheed F-104 starfighter, with CHarlotte and Erica wearing them in their respective colors and having a hearty, invective-laden discussion on their relative merits. In addition to being one of the most "striker-ready" airplane designs (stubby wings, clean lines, side scoops, et cetera) there is the whole "hartmann and Yeager both had strong and contradicting opinions on the striker that would make it an interesting inclusion"
>> No. 1117 ID: f03502
File 131900603171.jpg - (484.87KB , 1017x803 , F-4 and Mig-17.jpg )
That would be interesting to see, a plus for the history nerds that make up quite a few Strike Witches fans.

I think the main problem with modern strikers are twofold:
First, the people drawing these are mechfans, they like the mechanical drawings. Look at Dirtyfox, for quite a while he was really only good at drawing the strikers and maybe some combat. When he drew the witches by themselves for quite a while, they looked derpy and goofy to hell leading to most people hating them.
Second, the people are looking at post-Korea air combat, seeing how missiles played a huge part. Even after the failure of the missile sled concept (all missiles, no guns), missiles and rockets still played a large part in the future of air combat. I think it would only make sense that the Witches would try to get the most bang for their buck.

Anyway, this pic shows some idea of what shorter wing strikers would look like, with the Mig-17 and F-4 (both capable of carrying missiles).
>> No. 1118 ID: f03502
File 131900637448.jpg - (201.29KB , 1000x707 , 22373135.jpg )
Now to compare F-4's, here's Dirtyfox's F-4 for the Karlslanders. Notice how it's much more of a plane than the other one. Overall, I actually don't mind how they look because I just want some sort of story with the modern strikers, but no one has made one yet. Dirtyfox actually made two comics for his other thing, The Battle of Britannia one.
>> No. 1119 ID: a03e88
File 131901647749.jpg - (282.35KB , 1280x1600 , 1283362774236.jpg )
> Small wings, consistent with the original strikers.

Shame on Miyafuji, ruining the classical Striker design all by herself...
>> No. 1120 ID: 5e4d8b
Of course there will be outliers, unique strikers. I'm fairly certain the 262 wings are about that size too. I suppose when I say small, I mean in relation to the striker as a whole. It shouldn't take up the entire length of the unit. The Me-262 and the Shinden wings are probably about as big as you can go without it looking ridiculous.
>> No. 1122 ID: 55d871
I've been doing something like that since 2009 but yeah.. It's fit to be ignored since I actually suck at drawing and I'm not japanese so yeah.. just doing them for fun.

Anyway, in regards to whether people like "Fanmade" Jet Strikers(Fanmade is the operative word) might just depend on each people's tastes..

I for one like Dirtyfox's designs.. Yes it's complex.. but I think that's the way it should be because Modern Jets are way more complex than warbirds..

Anyway I think this is kinda moot since Strike Witches is set in the 1940s timeline.. Albeit by 1948, the Neuroi wars are over...
>> No. 1123 ID: 5cee26
I've seen this picture countless times, but I just noticed she has G-suit collars around her thighs. I think that's hilarious.
>> No. 1124 ID: 8457d3
File 131903904337.png - (723.44KB , 1506x1200 , aziela_su_30_new_ver_by_pauldy-d4co0d3.png )
There's one artist who ditched the plane socks altogether and reverted to the plane brooms from early Humikane concept art.

What's your opinion on this?
>> No. 1126 ID: 5cee26
That looks to be more like a plane chair.
I am not a fan.
>> No. 1127 ID: f03502
File 131905315638.jpg - (303.41KB , 1300x764 , 16468933.jpg )
I don't like that at all

Also for older jets, here's one of a Lucchini decedent (he does this a lot). The F-104 was made in the late 50s and the Italians used a modified one in the late 60's. It's a bit odd becuase the F-104's wings were tiny as hell compared to contemporary and future planes.
>> No. 1128 ID: f03502
File 131905356481.jpg - (394.27KB , 994x950 , 21600250_p0.jpg )
Last post for a bit, here's a newer one by the same guy who did >>1106

He seems to be in the Dirtyfox style camp, but it's smaller than that. The Striker is a J-20, the prototype stealth plane the Chinese made.
>> No. 1129 ID: ffa5f6

natually derpyfox manages to fuck up the f-104
>> No. 1130 ID: f03502
File 131909470124.jpg - (132.74KB , 363x800 , 21498032.jpg )
He's gotten a touch better
>> No. 1131 ID: 8b9f8f

Even with knowledge about the leg dimension, thinking about the poor derpy witch having to stuck her feet into a little cube that was bolted on the backside of the striker unit makes me cringe.

And why is she wearing something I assume to be a sniper rifle?
And where is the canon of her tank striker?
And what is wrong with her torso?
And WHY?
>> No. 1132 ID: 55d871
Before this turns into an illustration/illustrator bashing.. please remember that most of those pics aren't really canon so yeah..

I mean different people will have different takes on the Striker Units and the SW Universe in general.

It's probably safe to assume the Anime ME-262 that Trude Tested and busted would be the basis for all other would be jet strikers (should they see the light of day..)

>> No. 1133 ID: b52217
Talking about illustrator bashing
Why do we always keep talking about this guy? Do people actually give a fuck about him? I'd be glad if I never saw any of his pictures again.
>> No. 1134 ID: 5e4d8b
I know this isn't 4chan but I still think we should discourage this kind of thing.
>> No. 1135 ID: a60d46
I don't think that's a tank striker, it looks more like an armored personnel carrier striker.
>> No. 1136 ID: f03502
I looked up the original picture, it's supposed to be M3 Bradley strikers, so it is more of an APC.
Not everyone likes him, but there seems to be people who like the drawings.
>> No. 1170 ID: ed9917
File 131990359529.jpg - (524.23KB , 1050x800 , 22621243_p0.jpg )
Just when you thought rockets on wings where the thing to go - Dual wielding RPGs comes around
>> No. 1171 ID: ed9917
File 131990366023.png - (491.16KB , 1200x614 , 22690497.png )
Strike Witches Rebellion
>> No. 1173 ID: 899b0e
Why would you do that?
>> No. 1191 ID: f03502
That looks even more dangerous than missiles on the wings.
>> No. 1196 ID: 5e4d8b
No, but I'm certain 99.9% of the user base is from 4chan. Old habits die hard.
>> No. 1202 ID: a62fdc
Relax, guys.
>> No. 1236 ID: a60d46
Dear god what have I done...
>> No. 1245 ID: dc714d

that striker set-up actually looks better than most derpyfox, though
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