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File 131087566525.jpg - (33.97KB , 280x659 , 17 yo Francesca.jpg )
113 No. 113 ID: f03502
Post the pics of the witches after the war or in some cases growing up.
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>> No. 423 ID: f03502
File 131189991796.jpg - (306.63KB , 841x1200 , 20637518_p3.jpg )
>> No. 539 ID: b52217
File 131262541854.jpg - (92.19KB , 400x600 , 20863793.jpg )
"It's a story about how Sakamoto and mister Construction Worker try to solve the situation, when Maloney's adjutant is setting up a dubious plan"

Yeah, idk.

>after the war
Using that phrase is kind of incorrect because we do not know if any war has indeed ended in 1947.
>> No. 540 ID: b52217
Humikane apologized that the original and longer description was destroyed when he updated the pixiv picture from sketch to this, but then some guy posted the original description on the comments of this picture. So this is the full description of Cold Winter 1947:

"1947, in Gallia which rejoices for the peace it has found, there were repeated occurences of attacks against facilities related to Witches. Fuso Empire naval officer residing in Europe, Wing Commander Sakamoto Mio let out a small sound of astonishment when she saw a photograph which was taken by chance. In the photograph there was the former adjutant of Air Force General Maloney, a soldier who was always loyal to his master. Unlike Maloney, he did not receive severe punishment but he left Britannia as if he had been chased. Next to him there was a black haired witch... When Wing Commander Sakamoto started her investigation she summoned her helper Hijikata (not construction worker) from Fuso. During their investigation the name of a missing army ace often rose to the surface, Suwa Masuzu. Is there something behind it...?"
>> No. 541 ID: 589765
Now that sounds interesting, Mio and her sidekick getting their own story.
>> No. 544 ID: a1e3b7
File 131268385362.jpg - (87.93KB , 400x600 , 20885061.jpg )
>Cold Winter 1947 2
>> No. 545 ID: dfe784
I know this isn't canon, but if it's at all similar to anything that IS, then that is a cruel fate for the Suwa family. Amaki had been searching for Masuzu for a long time, and Masuzu was like her rock since their parents are dead. Hopefully there would be a way to bring Masuzu back to normal.
>> No. 549 ID: b52217
What do you mean by cruel fate? That description only reveals that Masuzu has SOMETHING to do with the story.
>> No. 551 ID: b52217
File 131271464846.jpg - (79.37KB , 400x600 , 1947b.jpg )
"The black neuroi shot a beam, easily pearcing the car and vaporizing the thin layer of snow from the pavement in an instant. As if it was no question at all, Hijikata rushed over to Sakamoto to shield her. The neuroi's second blast went straight towards Hijikata. But.. "Back down. I won't let you touch this person!"

This was followed by a more detailed e-wacs text:

The black neuroi flew to the sky.
"Seems it was an enemy that can evaluate the situation." Squadron Leader Clostermann muttered, gave Wing Commander Sakamoto her hand and helped her stand up.
Clostermann is a witch with long military service, she is the commander of the 506th. Formerly she was in the 501st with Sakamoto.
"Wing Commander Sakamoto, are you injured?"
"No, I'm fine... But it sure was great that you found us. Moreover, aren't you... in command of the 506th now?"
"You shouldn't take the Gallia information bureau lightly, Wing Commander. Also, I've entrusted the command to a substitute. Are you spreading rumors that the commanding officer I entrusted the base can't be trusted?"
"Geez, it was a joke. You're thick-headed as always with conversations like this... as always" Clostermann gave Sakamoto a gentle smile.
"Haha, Minna says so too"
"Group Captain Minna? Have you met her?"
The dignified and elegant Clostermann's facial expression crumbled for a moment, but only for a moment. Sakamoto had met the Kalrslandian on a whim, it seems the Gallia information bureau she was proud of had not done proper job.
"Aah... so... is it all right if I call you Squadron Leader Clostermann?"
"Fufu, Perrine is fine. Like it was then."
>> No. 554 ID: b52217
File 131273337720.png - (141.39KB , 500x500 , 20899824_p2.png )
>> No. 555 ID: 5e4d8b
I think it's implied she became the Neuroi girl in the first image.
>> No. 556 ID: b52217
You could be right, and now that I checked the pixiv again, Humikane has changed the description of the picture. It's not anymore the short synopsis, but it's the one that guy posted on the comments. But Humikane didn't just copypaste it from the comments, there is a slight difference. The way he phrases it now would imply more that it is actually a completely black witch, like in the picture.
Also it was just me derping, because there was never any mention of hair

>Next to him there was a black haired witch...
>Behind him, like a shadow, there stood a black metallic witch
>> No. 557 ID: b52217
File 131274720915.jpg - (91.26KB , 687x591 , qqqq.jpg )
"Package deal, for all tastes"
>> No. 559 ID: b52217
File 131274766396.jpg - (30.29KB , 396x591 , qqq.jpg )
Separated for convenience, other half here
>> No. 560 ID: 589765
This looks to awesome NOT to be animated. I hope this is what the movie is about.
>> No. 562 ID: b52217
File 131275256649.jpg - (40.20KB , 587x617 , 1312751993458.jpg )
Mister Adjutant seems to have got his cool back
>> No. 565 ID: b52217
File 131283493329.jpg - (122.98KB , 800x601 , 20933109.jpg )
The beam of the search light and the spears of tracers paint the sky.
"As expected. It is said you're unable to fly, but your skill with swords has not weakened."
"Warlock.. Are you series, you bastard! What do you plan to accomplish by bringing it out now?"
"I don't think you should speak like that, you Fusoans did make a whole battleship into a neuroi"
"Behold, at this sky. Is it not like back then"

Unofficial thing like that
>> No. 566 ID: 4c51f6
This sounds like a pretty interesting story. I hope it gets made.
>> No. 567 ID: 7b7bf6
File 131286002195.jpg - (61.01KB , 400x600 , 20935644.jpg )
Suwa Amaki!
>> No. 569 ID: b52217
The black metallic witch had used all her strength, and the warlock shot to finish her off.
"Flying Officer Suwa! Come back!"
"No! I will not loose my sister again!"

Don't think about it too much, I just wanted to draw it.
I wonder how long can Hijikata Lucky Pervert go.
Since it happens in Gallia Amelie would pop up next I suppose. Sakamoto remembers the first time she saw her, complements her of her growth, which makes her cry.
Amelie would be "dominant" in a relationship with some other witch (don't know who), that much growth.
I just remembered that Maloney was voiced by Akimoto Yousuke, he dubbed the prison chief in Beyond Re-animator also. Maloney would be like the small prison gang boss in that picks on the weak.
I guess I drew the scenes I wanted to draw. Kinda like an old detective thing.

So, it might be that he won't draw anymore about this subject for a while. Or he might, idk
>> No. 573 ID: 3c49d1
So... will this be the movie's plot?
This is becoming more and more interesting...
>> No. 574 ID: b52217
Anything Humikane puts in twitter or pixiv is unofficial until proven otherwise, furthermore, Humikane has continually called this 1947 thing "joke".
So I doubt this will have anything to do with the movie.
>> No. 575 ID: b52217
Also, the movie is already well under development, if this were the movies plot it should've existed already for a long while, but it seems Humikane is making it up as he goes. Which hints even more that this has nothing to do with the movie.
>> No. 578 ID: 5e4d8b
File 131294856088.jpg - (58.26KB , 400x600 , shinhaisyoku - Cold Winter 1947 5.jpg )
>> No. 579 ID: e34460
I think it's sort of a unselected proposal.
Given that it is actually quite well developed for "jokes".

It's not uncommon to have multiple proposals for movie's plot, so this maybe one of them.
Now that it is not chosen, Humikane may have just post the drawings so as to heat things up before the release of the movie (which is Summer 2012)...

Anyway, if that's the case this would be very successful, since the discussion on Strike Witches boomed so much after the release of the pictures.
>> No. 580 ID: b52217
>the discussion on Strike Witches boomed so much after the release of the pictures
You mean on Japanese sites or...?
>> No. 581 ID: b52217
"Did you do all this for something stupid like that?"
"I thought that you would understand... being soldier who is only faithful to Wing Commander Sakamoto's orders... you would understand"
"You're wrong... Hijikata, you're wrong"

>> No. 582 ID: b52217
It could be how you say, but that would suggest he has been lying, or hiding the truth. The way he has been tweeting about this thing, the little tweets, sometimes seemingly saying that he is in the middle of drawing the picture, and the way he's blatantly said that "it's just something he wanted to make"
Sure it maybe was one movie idea, but it could as well be invented just now. It's not that well thought out, it could just be one of the many ideas that go around in the creators head.
>> No. 585 ID: dfe784
>I think it's sort of a unselected proposal.
>Given that it is actually quite well developed for "jokes".
I don't think that is the case. How many times do we just think up a creative story while going for a walk or a drive? And since Humikane knows everything about the universe, needless to say, any crazy story he comes up with will fit perfectly. And he's a professional artist. He can whip up the images in minutes.
>> No. 596 ID: b52217
File 131306174911.jpg - (37.26KB , 400x600 , 20989980.jpg )
Having lost the black witch, the half of its body that regulates it, even the remaining "human form" in the warlock disappeared. On top of it's head appeared a red and bright eye and countless intertwining wires came from it, floating into the space, like a gigantic snake. Flight Lieutenant Wittgenstein shot thin shelled high-capacity magic explosive projectiles (Minengeschoß) and cut the serpent in half, but with menacing speed the wires got back together. "Damn monster!"
>> No. 612 ID: 300d7a
File 131319820917.jpg - (46.67KB , 400x600 , 1313147619169.jpg )

According to karlsland.net this one was deleted really fast after he posted.
>> No. 613 ID: 5e4d8b
File 131321310688.jpg - (59.15KB , 400x600 , shinhaisyoku - Cold Winter 1947 7.jpg )
戦いすんで 「隊長は、初めからこうなるとわかって部隊を動かしていたのか?」「まさか、偶然ですわ」「ふ
ん・・・」 みたいなネタ
>> No. 614 ID: f03502
This stuff is too good not to be made.

Too bad I'll have to settle for Wilma gropes a witch every month
>> No. 615 ID: b52217
The winter of 1947, when big events were happening in Gallia, in Karlsland...

After the battle
"Did you know from the start this would happen, and mobilize the troops accordingly, commanding officer?"
"Of course not, it was a coincidence"
>> No. 616 ID: 589765
File 131327547295.jpg - (233.52KB , 640x480 , Yoshika and Lynne with kids.jpg )
This one's old but still a good one.
>> No. 617 ID: 7b7bf6
File 131327799495.jpg - (145.04KB , 1046x786 , o108_0_110-111.jpg )

Looks familiar... Too familiar...

(Note Lynnette's hairstyle, and compare it too)
>> No. 621 ID: 5e4d8b
Holy shit.
>> No. 624 ID: f03502
Where are their husbands?
>> No. 627 ID: f6b18c
Out fishing
>> No. 637 ID: f03502
File 131343976284.jpg - (882.25KB , 1414x2000 , 21075092_resize.jpg )
Hey, there's a pixiv tag for this stuff now thanks to Humikane's stuff: ストライクウィッチーズIF
>> No. 681 ID: f03502
File 131390941747.jpg - (348.95KB , 700x1047 , 20509736.jpg )
Don't forget about Ursula.
>> No. 792 ID: f03502
File 13155440698.png - (160.94KB , 328x507 , 21577616.png )
Someone did Miyafuji now
>> No. 793 ID: f03502
File 131554421429.jpg - (64.61KB , 600x600 , 21629021_p0.jpg )
>> No. 794 ID: f03502
File 131554424365.jpg - (121.32KB , 500x639 , 21629021_p1.jpg )
>> No. 795 ID: f03502
File 131554425832.jpg - (193.04KB , 529x600 , 21629021_p2.jpg )
>> No. 796 ID: f03502
File 131554427341.jpg - (234.69KB , 576x600 , 21629021_p3.jpg )
>> No. 797 ID: f03502
File 131554429913.jpg - (77.14KB , 625x700 , 21629021_p8.jpg )
>> No. 813 ID: dfe784
Fumikane likes to draw chins extra curvy-pointy now I guess.
>> No. 815 ID: 5e4d8b
Not Fumikane.
>> No. 1636 ID: f03502
File 132304784248.jpg - (62.16KB , 500x600 , 1322789389393.jpg )
A bit older than most of the ones here.
>> No. 2485 ID: f03502
File 132979544285.jpg - (128.66KB , 780x765 , 01fbf8f9fd45f00e1c2b9015ba2f54c9.jpg )
I like this one.
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