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File 147407791218.png - (539.78 KB , 800x650 , Helmarathon 2016.png )
11467 No. 11467 ID: 989c29
Seeing how the Brave Witches are flying closer and soon conquering the TV again made me want to do something essential before it, and what better could it be than an entire marathon of the Strike Witches franchise so far!

Thus during the last weekend of September and October's start 30th - 2nd, I'm holding a marathon stream for the entire series.

Tell your weeb friends, witches and other folks (hopefully no reddit and tumblr) who might be interested and hop in if possible for some striker aviation, witches, neuroi shenanigans and butt times.
If there's even one person besides me over the weekend, I'm more than happy.
See picture for the info for now. I'll present at a later date the stream site and rest of the necessary stuff which I'm working on.
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>> No. 11468 ID: 989c29
Some food for thought question would be, if the 3 OVA's should run before the movie or after?
I kinda feel like the OVA's should air before the movie personally.

As well if the Live Special should be aired on Saturday after 2nd season, which would make it quite darn long stream but ending to a movie on Sunday and BW PV's would be slightly more reasonable.
Thus these are not set in stone yet but simply tentative thinking.
>> No. 11470 ID: f9ea7d

Always release order.

I'll try to be there I suppose.
>> No. 11471 ID: 53a26c
Excuse me I live in America give me this in accurate Shitposting time.

>ever considering non production order
>> No. 11474 ID: 989c29
File 147413054993.jpg - (43.72 KB , 500x375 , Minna puppy eating.jpg )
You know you could just google UTC current time and then see from that your own place.
Basically when it's 20:00 UTC+0, it's 16:00 in East Coast.

Well two votes for production order now. It's just, ending to Perrine's OVA feels a bit weirder than to movie's 'To be continued' message but I'm fine with both really.

I'd also like to hear about the Live Special if it would be better to have on Saturday night or Sunday. It's 2.5 hours long and not subbed so I'm falling on putting it just on Saturday end for comfy times. The first hour is nice singing and the rest is mostly talking which most of us will not get either way save for tidbits.
>> No. 11488 ID: 3001e5
File 147421517037.jpg - (103.97 KB , 675x775 , 1d946930c9256e336d8284e52bfe7b8d.jpg )
Good job Eagle, too bad I'll be on my trip in Germany then but if I get free Wifi in the hotel I stay, you can count on me.
>> No. 11497 ID: c84910
File 147428210269.jpg - (31.60 KB , 512x288 , capture.jpg )
>tfw GMT+8
All shows are at 4 a.m. for me...
>> No. 11499 ID: 537c92
File 147430933419.jpg - (421.49 KB , 609x800 , helmasleep.jpg )
I'll try to show up, but my internet is so bad (145kbps down) that I doubt I'll be able to watch it properly.
>> No. 11501 ID: 989c29
File 14743870078.jpg - (65.24 KB , 436x557 , Poster Miyafuji cheer.jpg )
Sure is sleeping witches around here.
Also here's a sketch for the other Miyafuji I could've used but decided not to.

You know what to do. Going sleep early and wake the heck early for the weekend.

If you have the episodes at hand you can just synchronize watch with the rest of us while taking part in the chat still.
>> No. 11507 ID: 154f35
File 147452628555.jpg - (79.27 KB , 1280x720 , 1409966695901.jpg )
I know that feel. Well at least It'll be a reason to get up. Will try and make it as well.
>> No. 11515 ID: 989c29
File 147473807689.png - (2.22 MB , 1680x998 , 501 group.png )
The streaming is going to happen at;


Password is helma.

During the week it's playing PV's of the whole franchise (still downloading S2 and Movie PV's for upload).
If for some reason cytube and streaming from the sites is unavailable, I'm going to stream on hitbox.tv, but hopefully it doesn't come to that.
There might be some pre-stream stuff by Friday before the real deal but I'll inform of that.
>> No. 11518 ID: 3854c2
I'll be hosting a Brave Witches group watch every Friday at 8PM CST, following the airing of the show. It'll be at http://swqu.net/
>> No. 11519 ID: c84910
>Also, if anyone knows how to fucking do CSS, please tell me.
What kind of help do you need?
>> No. 11520 ID: 3854c2
Mostly making the site look like less shit. One big issue I have is that the chat box requires a fixed height; if I try to give it one that scales to the viewport, it thinks it's shrunken too small to chat with.

Also the video player sizes to the initial stream that's playing when you hit "play." If I was casting a movie in 21:9, and then switched to anime at 16:9, the anime is crushed vertically. If I reverse these things, then the movie is squished horizontally. I have to refresh the page to get the right aspect ratio.

I'd also like to figure out how to do a decent little navigation bar, so I can easily keep something like a schedule around. Little stuff like that.
>> No. 11521 ID: c84910
I see that you use Skeleton CSS? You might want to consider Bootstrap for a more complete solution.
Shouldn't take too long, but I'll try to draft something up for you by tomorrow.
>> No. 11522 ID: c84910
Couldn't test because I do not run a RTMP stream, but try this.
>> No. 11525 ID: 3854c2
File 147491075243.png - (556.93 KB , 2550x716 , swqu.png )
Oh wow. That looks rather nice. The video player even resizes properly. The chatbox, however, is giving me the "too small" error. Page is live at http://swqu.net/index2.html if you want to see it.

Only other thing is that I'd like to see is the page taking advantage of the extra space on the sides, if you have a wide monitor.

I'll take a look at the CSS and try to figure out this wizardry. It's a headache every time I look at it, but it seems to be pretty damned useful.
>> No. 11530 ID: c84910
>The video player even resizes properly
I didn't even test it, but I suppose the newer version of video.js fixed it.

>The chatbox, however, is giving me the "too small" error
In the chatango script tag, there should be a height:100%. Change that to height:300px or a value you find suitable.

>page taking advantage of the extra space on the sides
Find all instances of class="container" (there's two) and change it to class="container-fluid"
>> No. 11531 ID: 3854c2
Ack, container-fluid uses up too much space. Is there a way to make it use up, say, 80% of the viewport?
>> No. 11532 ID: c84910
Rather than 80%, its easier to use a fixed px value. In the style tag, add a CSS rule:

.container-fluid {max-width:1200px}

Tweak the value to your taste.
>> No. 11534 ID: 3854c2
Oh, that's wonderful. Thanks. Now I can actually start adding more stuff to the site, too. This stream is a go!
>> No. 11541 ID: 989c29
File 147519116226.jpg - (263.34 KB , 800x600 , Eilanya with Nipa and aurora borealis winter - nov.jpg )
Just a reminder that tomorrow's the day, so prepare your drinks and snacks!

There will be little bit of pre-stream stuff, so if you got the time, tune in roughly 20 minutes earlier each day.
>> No. 11546 ID: 93f94e
Should be fun. Thanks for hosting it.
>> No. 11550 ID: 989c29
File 147525850913.jpg - (337.05 KB , 500x629 , Eila and Miyafuji with cake - fumikane.jpg )
2 hours to go!
Hop in 20 minutes earlier for pre-stream stuff if interested.

Password is helma.
>> No. 11551 ID: 989c29
File 147526551847.jpg - (496.51 KB , 1300x918 , Mio gets a bunny party - agahari.jpg )
Friday marathon is a go!

Get in here if you want to party!
>> No. 11552 ID: e93d8f
I'll try to show up later. Doing a bunch of BS on the phone right now.
>> No. 11556 ID: ba8b6e
File 147529288949.jpg - (311.02 KB , 728x1026 , __sanya_v_litvyak_strike_witches_and_world_witches.jpg )
First day was fun. I'm excited for the second.
>> No. 11567 ID: 989c29
File 147534522532.jpg - (147.02 KB , 1440x810 , Rabbit Stew with Fish Stocl Noodles and Potatoes.jpg )
2 hours till S2 start, this time should be a lot more smoother ride from the beginning.
>> No. 11568 ID: 989c29
File 147535015763.jpg - (28.03 KB , 375x250 , Party like it's 1949.jpg )
Pre-stream starting now, so hop in!

Password is helma.
>> No. 11569 ID: 989c29
File 147535191063.jpg - (162.23 KB , 700x496 , Marching band trio.jpg )
Saturday marathon is a go!!

Grab snacks, drinks and come enjoy witches!

And for clarification, the live special is tonight, not tomorrow. It's 2.5 hours long too, after the S2.
>> No. 11580 ID: 989c29
File 147542769872.jpg - (1.59 MB , 2225x1563 , OVA3 cover.jpg )
3 hours to go till the final marathon!

Today will have a 25 minute long pre-stream stuff as well, so tune in early if you don't wanna miss it 19:30 UTC+0!

It's been a fun ride so far even if the start was a bit hectic.
>> No. 11582 ID: 989c29
File 147543496618.jpg - (379.83 KB , 1039x1452 , Group2.jpg )
1 hour remains!

And 30 minutes till pre-stream! Hop in when you can!
>> No. 11583 ID: 989c29
File 147543649721.jpg - (266.43 KB , 900x1072 , Amphib Kubbelwagen - agahari.jpg )
Pre-stream marathon is a go!

Password is helma.
>> No. 11584 ID: 989c29
File 147543836934.jpg - (615.29 KB , 1400x1953 , 501st events - mae kawa.jpg )
And the real deal marathon starts now!
>> No. 11585 ID: 989c29
File 147545109610.jpg - (3.89 MB , 4634x3302 , Strike Witches 501 at beach BG.jpg )
The marathon is over after three hectic days, and now the withdrawal hits in deepest.

I hope you guys enjoyed your time watching together the witches! I sure did myself, thanks for making it so comfy!
>> No. 11586 ID: 9cc073
Thanks Eagle!!
>> No. 11588 ID: dbe310
File 147547920579.png - (123.33 KB , 551x466 , fleet.png )

Thanks for running the stream, it was a lot of fun.
>> No. 11589 ID: 989c29
File 147550970820.jpg - (507.04 KB , 2549x1336 , Marathon 1.jpg )
It was my pleasure!
I'll be posting some screencaps I took here in case someone wants to save them. About a dozen of them.
>> No. 11590 ID: 989c29
File 147550972354.jpg - (544.33 KB , 2539x1335 , Marathon 2.jpg )
>> No. 11591 ID: 989c29
File 147550974611.jpg - (586.85 KB , 2555x1335 , Marathon 3.jpg )
>> No. 11592 ID: 989c29
File 14755097599.jpg - (472.43 KB , 2547x1336 , Marathon 4.jpg )
>> No. 11593 ID: 989c29
File 14755097854.jpg - (485.04 KB , 2546x1335 , Marathon 5.jpg )
>> No. 11594 ID: 989c29
File 147550982194.jpg - (475.26 KB , 2551x1334 , Marathon 6.jpg )
>> No. 11595 ID: 989c29
File 147550986895.jpg - (466.54 KB , 2548x1334 , Marathon 7.jpg )
RIP Nipa.

>Captcha: Jesus Christ
>> No. 11597 ID: 989c29
File 147550997860.jpg - (501.47 KB , 2552x1335 , Marathon 8.jpg )
The collective 'eat shit' made me smile a ton.
>> No. 11598 ID: 989c29
File 147551004547.jpg - (546.42 KB , 2553x1333 , Marathon 9.jpg )
Clapping intensifies.
>> No. 11599 ID: 989c29
File 147551007873.jpg - (526.49 KB , 2546x1331 , Marathon 10.jpg )
>> No. 11600 ID: 989c29
File 147551009635.jpg - (538.26 KB , 2542x1334 , Marathon 11.jpg )
>> No. 11601 ID: 989c29
File 147551013184.jpg - (501.28 KB , 2555x1333 , Marathon 12.jpg )
And the final claps.
>> No. 11602 ID: 989c29
File 147551029966.jpg - (305.60 KB , 2149x1767 , Marathon polls.jpg )
Here are the poll results. S2 EP5 starts from down-right corner and then subsequently up from it in release order.

Again, thank you all for joining who could make it. I was pleasantly surprised to see us averaging 30 watchers over the weekend on each day.
>> No. 11620 ID: 989c29
File 147569700450.jpg - (517.87 KB , 800x589 , Brave Witches.jpg )
After the void that last weekend left behind, I can't help but continue, thus.

Brave Witches and Strike Witches mini marathon starting now!


Not sure about the weekly times, but we'll see later of that.
>> No. 11621 ID: 989c29
File 147570073237.jpg - (217.54 KB , 1200x1000 , 502nd photo - minori (ernte c).jpg )
Well as I kind of expected since it was on such a short notice, there wasn't much people around.
For now postponing S1 streaming since we after all had the big marathon so recently.

Seeing how the HSubs release so quickly it would be nice to set on some specific time weekly.
So I was thinking of maybe 21:00 UTC+0 every Wednesday (13:00 PST) for the BW ep1. And maybe longer rerun on Saturdays same time when people are more free.
>> No. 11685 ID: 989c29
File 147628837052.jpg - (210.20 KB , 830x760 , eila fly.jpg )
Alright, made a poll for what would be better, tonight or every Thursday 21:00 UTC+0 (13:00 PST) for the together watch stream.

>> No. 11707 ID: 989c29
Friendly reminder that there's 5 hours left till episode 2 stream tonight.
>> No. 11708 ID: fc4e35
File 147637485294.jpg - (137.56 KB , 505x800 , 1432688698027.jpg )
Sweet, will be there
>> No. 11709 ID: 989c29
1 hour till stream.

>> No. 11710 ID: 989c29
Episode 2 stream starting now.
Hop in!
>> No. 11733 ID: 989c29
Reminder that tonight is a stream day!

Episode 3, in 5 hours.
>> No. 11735 ID: 989c29
Stream in 1 hour!
>> No. 11736 ID: 989c29
File 147699620766.jpg - (98.76 KB , 708x945 , Naoe bulldog feat_ Nipa with TNT - takanaga kouhei.jpg )
Stream starting, get in here to enjoy some Nipa and Naoe.

>> No. 11764 ID: fc4e35
Anything going to be played during the downtime this week?
>> No. 11768 ID: 3f695a
File 147742764944.jpg - (28.10 KB , 700x700 , Hikari - chameleon man.jpg )
I uhh, didn't have any plans to, but if I come up with something I'll post about it by tomorrow.
Suggestions are welcome, but nothing more than 30 or so minutes.
>> No. 11770 ID: fc4e35
Maybe O.V.A? Get a taste of what we could have had but will never get because budget
>> No. 11771 ID: 3f695a
Wasn't really thinking of doing an OVA since we had the big marathon recently and everything's so well on the short term memory.
>> No. 11772 ID: ba8b6e
If you don't mind doing another series, I was thinking of the GuP OVAs if nothing else.
>> No. 11775 ID: 3f695a
File 147751090441.jpg - (827.73 KB , 1520x1076 , The Cockpit.jpg )
Alright, I'm streaming an OVA tomorrow, but it won't be just any OVA.

It'll be The Cockpit 1st OVA from 1993 by Leiji Matsumoto. If you haven't seen this three episode OVA series by now, join for the amazing first episode tomorrow then. It's 24 minutes long and has one of the finest animation craftsmanship of all time with aerial dogfight scenes involved. Really, if there's an animation quality that set the bar, it's this.

Tomorrow stream, same time as past few weeks, don't miss it!
Thursday 21:00 UTC+0 (13:00 PST)

Anzio OVA could've been great fun but I decided to go with this since it's frigging great and not many know about it.
>> No. 11782 ID: 3f695a
5 hours till the stream tonight.
>> No. 11784 ID: 3f695a
File 147760085747.jpg - (122.34 KB , 1280x864 , Bf109 takes B-17.jpg )
Stream starting in a bit, get in now!

>> No. 11831 ID: 3f695a
Reminding that today is the streaming of BW episode 4.

Starting in 3 hours.
>> No. 11833 ID: 3f695a
1 hour to go.
>> No. 11834 ID: 3f695a
File 147820943448.jpg - (881.46 KB , 1920x1080 , Hikari leap 29.jpg )
Stream starting, hop in like Hikari would.

>> No. 11896 ID: 3771ef
Stream starting in 5 hours.
Don't forget to bring your butt and friends in.
>> No. 11898 ID: 3771ef
File 147881160091.jpg - (50.48 KB , 400x400 , chibi sanyaa.jpg )
Stream in 1 hour.
>> No. 11899 ID: 3771ef
File 147881407860.jpg - (333.20 KB , 2500x2000 , Sadaka and Jose - Basil sauce.jpg )
Stream starting in a bit, hop in for MacGyver action.

>> No. 11932 ID: 65331b
File 147940170251.jpg - (588.70 KB , 1920x1080 , Happy loli Sasha 1.jpg )
Stream starting in 5 hours!
You better get your butts in and call friends too.
>> No. 11934 ID: 65331b
File 147941605484.jpg - (605.66 KB , 1920x1080 , Happy loli Sasha 2.jpg )
Stream in 1 hour.
>> No. 11935 ID: 65331b
File 147941906536.jpg - (75.86 KB , 1023x709 , Nipa and Sasha against landscape.jpg )
Stream starting in a bit, hop in for some sweet Sasha and Nipa moments.

>> No. 11955 ID: 34335d
File 148001028279.jpg - (385.76 KB , 850x1170 , Nipa egao and Eila.jpg )
Christmas episode starting in 4 hours!

I better see ya'll coming up for Nipa and some Eilanya tonight.
>> No. 11956 ID: 34335d
Stream in 1 hour.
>> No. 11957 ID: 34335d
File 148002426633.jpg - (1.70 MB , 1920x2157 , Saturnus festival evening.jpg )
Stream starting!

Join for the Christmas special!

>> No. 11980 ID: 0ad0f3
File 148061134663.jpg - (71.30 KB , 627x885 , Krupi birthday - hachimitub.jpg )
5 hours till stream tonight.
Don't forget!
>> No. 11981 ID: 0ad0f3
Stream in 1 hour.
>> No. 11982 ID: 0ad0f3
File 14806286404.jpg - (308.39 KB , 960x1620 , Krupi and Edy make up.jpg )
Stream starting, come join for the worst battle cgi ever!

>> No. 12015 ID: 82a0ca
File 148122336871.png - (443.22 KB , 600x825 , Eila playing poker with Nipa feat_ Sasha Christmas.png )
3 hours till the stream tonight.
>> No. 12016 ID: 82a0ca
Stream in 1 hour.
>> No. 12017 ID: 82a0ca
File 148123350779.jpg - (736.19 KB , 1920x1080 , Hikari fell in sauna.jpg )
Stream starting, come join for the surprises!

>> No. 12074 ID: 7f4097
File 148182130479.jpg - (58.53 KB , 754x870 , Hikari - mozixya.jpg )
5 hours till the stream tonight.
>> No. 12076 ID: 7f4097
Stream in 1 hour.
>> No. 12077 ID: 7f4097
File 148183845776.jpg - (56.00 KB , 624x650 , Hikari and Takami love - totonii (totogoya).jpg )
Stream starting, come join the show.

>> No. 12117 ID: 6b528f
File 148243343013.jpg - (707.62 KB , 1920x1080 , Radio time.jpg )
3 hours till the stream.
>> No. 12118 ID: 6b528f
Stream in 1 hour.
>> No. 12119 ID: 6b528f
File 148244290762.jpg - (736.64 KB , 1920x1080 , Eilanya and Hikari train rear.jpg )
Stream starting, come join the part 1 of final battle.

>> No. 12153 ID: d4d518
File 148303722557.jpg - (145.76 KB , 753x696 , Christmas trio 1 - yu19038.jpg )
Reminder that today is the last stream for the last episode of the season.

I hope to see all of you there if possible!

3 hours till the stream.
>> No. 12154 ID: d4d518
File 14830452285.jpg - (733.77 KB , 1100x1400 , Santa Eilanya Merry Christmas - hydrocarbon.jpg )
>> No. 12155 ID: d4d518
File 148304751457.jpg - (265.75 KB , 1920x1080 , 502nd key visual - fumikane.jpg )
Final stream starting!

>> No. 12158 ID: d4d518
File 148305458193.jpg - (71.50 KB , 959x592 , Santa Eilanya nendo 1 - 0000 3901.jpg )
Thank you everyone who had the time to come join us weekly.
It was a ride, albeit bumpy, but a ride nonetheless.
Next stop's going to be most likely the OVA4 next year, but who knows. Might have something else before it.
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