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File 147489215152.jpg - (331.84 KB , 1242x1794 , BW Prequel 1943.jpg )
11523 No. 11523 ID: 989c29

With Naoe in spotlight it seems during the winter of 1943 as she gets into the unit.
November 1st on sale.
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>> No. 12608 ID: 148834
File 149567543911.jpg - (409.21 KB , 1500x2115 , brave_witches_02_23.jpg )
One of the Witches from Fuso might be an acquaintance of yours, Kanno.
Oh, one more thing,

[next to Kanno] I can't think of anyone I'd know...

Because we have to give priority to the spare parts,
Some luxury items for the next supply, like sweets, had to be postponed.


We don't have a choice.
At least not until we can defeat the enemy and secure a supply line, or as long as you don't break any more Strikers,
Or both.

I know what the Commander just said, but there's still some chocolate in the warehouse from the last supply.
I saw it last night.

You're starting to sound like a thief.

So, I've got a proposal.

What is it?
>> No. 12609 ID: 148834
File 149567549757.jpg - (438.44 KB , 1500x2120 , brave_witches_02_24.jpg )
Why don't we wager that chocolate?
Whoever shoots down the most Neuroi gets it all.

Sounds like gambling.

As long as you keep quiet, no one will know. Do you not like gambling, Nao-chan?

No, I'm in.

And after my victory I'll take all of Nao-chan as well.

Hey, Nipa, come get in on this.

Hm? Gambling?
Is it alright?

Don't be so formal about it, you in?

I want chocolate.

It's decided, then.

To Be Continued...
>> No. 12615 ID: 4c6264
File 14958419035.jpg - (16.43 KB , 341x341 , Nipa happy 4.jpg )
This was fun chapter, thanks for the translation anon.

Naoe-chan so cool.
Rall is so refined and charming but goddamn Rall's ralls are humongous tier in this manga.
>> No. 12642 ID: 3f5e11
File 149625854311.jpg - (927.50 KB , 957x1354 , 61116462_p0.jpg )

Apologies for my late response, but thank you very much for your work, anon! I can't quite tell you how glad I am that there's still work being done for translations.

Between this and some other things like the 1941 Manga, we could really use a typesetter around these parts.
>> No. 12658 ID: 637fe3
There is surprisingly many to be translated even still (Aurora etc), but it's nice that media is still being made even with the age of the franchise.
>> No. 12659 ID: 327422
Aurora no Majo?
It was completed somewhat recently.
>> No. 12726 ID: dac60b
File 150067725874.jpg - (65.92 KB , 800x800 , Eila finds her picture from Nipas pocket - patchim.jpg )
Well, that was fast. So fast that Nipa jinxed the last page.
Eagerly awaiting for the dump here TL anon!
>> No. 12727 ID: 6f7561
File 150075003241.jpg - (473.26 KB , 1500x2112 , brave_witches_03_01.jpg )
Chapter 3.

Whoever shoots down the most Neuroi wins.
And the wager is our next ration of chocolate.

Hehe... Sounds interesting.
But don't come crying to me when you lose.

This'll be like taking candy from a baby!
>> No. 12728 ID: 6f7561
File 150075009165.jpg - (459.21 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_02.jpg )
Would you happen to be Ensign Kanno Naoe?

Never heard of 'em.


You must be Ensign Kanno.
A Witch from earlier told me you'd say that.

...I'll bet it was that damn Flying Officer.
>> No. 12729 ID: 6f7561
File 150075012281.jpg - (433.61 KB , 1500x2129 , brave_witches_03_03.jpg )
Who're you?

Debbie Seymour. I'm a cameraman.


I'm with the Liberian magazines.
I'm here to cover the situation in Orussia.

It'll be getting cold here soon, so good luck with that.
>> No. 12730 ID: 6f7561
File 150075015687.jpg - (520.23 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_04.jpg )


That's the person who was looking for you earlier, Kanno.

The one you were talking about before we took off?
Are you sure?
I've never met her before in my life.

You saved me the other day at the port.

Ah, you're that reporter.

I wanted to show my gratitude.
Thank you for helping me.
>> No. 12731 ID: 6f7561
File 150075018412.jpg - (410.47 KB , 1500x2125 , brave_witches_03_05.jpg )
So that's what this is about, huh?

And, while I'm here, I was hoping for an interview.

Suit yourself.
But just so you know, most of the unit's not here yet.

So I've heard.

Even so, you've already shot down a Neuroi, haven't you?

News travels fast.

It's my job, afterall.
So, did it feel any different fighting the Neuroi out here?

I dunno...
Neuroi are Neuroi.
>> No. 12732 ID: 6f7561
File 15007502157.jpg - (459.87 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_06.jpg )
Well, how do you feel about the significance of the 502nd's formation?

I haven't really thought about it. Go ask Commander Rall.

Then, have you gotten close with any of the other Witches at the base?

[next to Kanno]Ha...

Y'know... I'm a Witch.
I didn't come all the way to Orussia to mess around.

None... huh?
[beside Debbie's head]Aren't you lonely?

Can't ya just put down I like fighting alone?
Ah, no,
>> No. 12733 ID: 6f7561
File 150075024066.jpg - (366.38 KB , 1500x2125 , brave_witches_03_07.jpg )
I mean, I have thought it'd be nice to fly with someone, someday.
But that's it.

I see.

I'll be in Petersburg a while longer, maybe you'll let me do a follow-up sometime.

Pick a more private place next time.

Thanks for keeping me busy.

Is it over?


What're you still doing here?

I was hiding until she was done.
I get a little nervous around strangers.

You seem alright around me.

I don't know why, but I'm fine around you and Krupinski.
>> No. 12734 ID: 6f7561
File 150075027548.jpg - (384.50 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_08.jpg )
Is that supposed to be a compliment?
It's not like you're talking to some kinda roadside Jizo.


...Forget it.

Anyway, is it really that fun to interview us?

The war in Orussia is just plain and miserable.
[side of bubble]I don't get it.

If I were her I'd have left first chance I got.

Excuse me.
>> No. 12735 ID: 6f7561
File 150075031354.jpg - (428.69 KB , 1500x2125 , brave_witches_03_09.jpg )
Come in.
I was getting tired of staring at all this paperwork anyway.

[By Debbie's head]Hahaha
A desk job is a Witch's natural enemy, isn't it?

Every Neuroi means another dollar for the top brass,
And another set of papers for me to drown in.
It's really quite effective.

Do you have time to chat? I'd do anything to get away from this stuff.

Yes, and I brought a little thank you gift with me.

That's the ticket. Take a seat.
>> No. 12736 ID: 6f7561
File 15007503539.jpg - (377.13 KB , 1500x2117 , brave_witches_03_10.jpg )
What do you think of Orussia?

It's my first time here, but it's quieter than I expected.
Though it seems that's what Ensign Kanno likes about it.

It's only really been quiet recently. Afterall, this place used to be quite the battlefield.

And I wouldn't be surprised to see it turn into one again.

And here I thought Britannia's 501st were the ones with all the flashy battles.

By fighting in both Orussia and Britannia, we can breakup the threat of the Neuroi.
>> No. 12737 ID: 6f7561
File 150075038465.jpg - (391.08 KB , 1500x2117 , brave_witches_03_11.jpg )
So is that why headquarters created a joint fighter wing here?

I'm afraid that's classified.

There's a lot of Neuroi in Orussia,
We're running dangerously low on materials,
And the only supply line we have left is through Karelia.

I doubt even the Neuroi are idiotic enough not to take advantage of this situation.

Having the Neuroi at your neck is quite a different feeling, huh.
Back in Liberion all we have are those who half-heartedly support the war...
And those who have opposed it from the start.
>> No. 12738 ID: 6f7561
File 150075041248.jpg - (425.40 KB , 1500x2125 , brave_witches_03_12.jpg )
Not to mention the disinterested.

Peace is a wonderful thing.

I doubt Europe would appreciate that kind of Liberion.

But at the same time, Europe can't survive without Liberion's support.

So to garner their support we'll sell as much of the Witches' lives as we can.
I want them decorating the covers of magazines and appearing on billboards.
People from Fuso and Orussia would give off a more mysterious atmosphere.

I see, so that's why you approved of my interviews.
>> No. 12739 ID: 6f7561
File 150075044921.jpg - (411.95 KB , 1500x2117 , brave_witches_03_13.jpg )
...Pictures are much easier to understand, afterall.

Oh, by the way,

Does the 502nd have a nickname?

What's that?

I've heard some rumors about the 501st.
Apparently, in Britannia they're called the "Strike Witches".

"Strike Witches", huh? That's not half bad.

So you don't have one?
>> No. 12740 ID: 6f7561
File 150075047669.jpg - (448.26 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_14.jpg )
I guess...

We'll just need to think up one before you head back.

Alright! I'm heading out first!

Why do you get to go first, Kanno?
>> No. 12741 ID: 6f7561
File 150075050961.jpg - (387.95 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_15.jpg )
'Cause I'm the one that had to give the application to the Commander!
So just give up!

Wouldn't it be better to go in pairs?

About that...

I think I should go first.
Afterall, Suomus and Orussia are pretty close, Fuso is really far away.

Yeah, and I'm from that far away place, so?

I came from the closer place!

What the hell are you on about!?

Well, while you two are busy deciding, why don't I just...
[side of bubble]OUCH!
Ah, alright! We'll settle it another way!!

Aw yeah!

Just hurry up and go.
I'll go take a nap or something.
>> No. 12742 ID: 6f7561
File 150075054374.jpg - (408.78 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_16.jpg )
What're ya talkin' about? You gotta make sure to record every Neuroi I shoot down!
I'll make sure you get a good view from down here!

I don't wanna!

Speaking of...

It'd be a good opportunity to catch a glimpse of some sexy behind on takeoff.

I'm about to gouge your eyes out!
>> No. 12743 ID: 6f7561
File 150075057252.jpg - (477.27 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_17.jpg )
I gotta make sure to kick that bastard again when I get back.

Now then... Pull yourself together, let's look for some Neuroi.

I'm at an altitude of 4000 meters. On patrol. Heading south towards Moscow.
>> No. 12744 ID: 6f7561
File 150075059313.jpg - (370.81 KB , 1500x2125 , brave_witches_03_18.jpg )

>> No. 12745 ID: 6f7561
File 150075076575.jpg - (476.69 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_19.jpg )
I've been flying for awhile now and I haven't even seen a damn scout.
I guess it's nice that they seem to be under control and all, but...


This is Kanno! I've spotted a Neuroi over Orlino, engaging!
>> No. 12746 ID: 6f7561
File 150075079840.jpg - (327.88 KB , 1500x2117 , brave_witches_03_20.jpg )
Jackpot! It's even got attached craft!

You're all mine!
>> No. 12747 ID: 6f7561
File 150075082441.jpg - (426.31 KB , 1500x2117 , brave_witches_03_21.jpg )

You got a lotta nerve! I'll take you all down!
>> No. 12748 ID: 6f7561
File 150075087458.jpg - (388.38 KB , 1500x2125 , brave_witches_03_22.jpg )
You found some Neuroi, right? We heard it on the radio!

Just leave it to me!

You screwed up three whole times?

I got three kills! Three kills!! I SHOT DOWN THREE NEUROI!!

That's great! Just what I expected!
I'd love to hear all about it, so why don't we head over to the sauna and...

[next to Kanno]Are you an idiot.
I ain't goin'!
>> No. 12749 ID: 6f7561
File 150075089978.jpg - (379.71 KB , 1500x2129 , brave_witches_03_23.jpg )
By the way, it looks like you've been hit.

Must've been some debris...

It's not a big deal. I'm still raring and ready to fly.

I'm glad to hear you're not hurt, but aren't we all out of spare parts?

There's gotta be at least a few left.

I'll be back!
>> No. 12750 ID: 6f7561
File 150075093099.jpg - (367.00 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_24.jpg )
She seems relaxed.

She's a pretty well-known ace in Suomus, afterall.

She was telling me how shy she was, but I don't really see it.

That's unexpected.

>> No. 12751 ID: 6f7561
File 150075096051.jpg - (430.24 KB , 1500x2112 , brave_witches_03_25.jpg )

You've already broken it?
Sorry, but we'll have to go talk to the Commander about this.

Yeah, I know, but can't you just keep this repair a secret?

We'll get found out the second we use any of the spare parts.

Look, you know us Witches get to eat some pretty good food, right?

I can give you guys some of my fruit later,
[next to Kanno]C'mon!
So, how's about it?

...Leave it to us.

Let's get started!


[above Kanno]Phew...
>> No. 12752 ID: 6f7561
File 150075098467.jpg - (374.50 KB , 1500x2125 , brave_witches_03_26.jpg )
Witch incoming! Witch incoming!
All hands prepare to receive...

Looks like Nipa-kun is coming back.

Seems like it, but...

She's flying pretty wobbly.

Still, it doesn't look too bad.


She crashed!?
>> No. 12753 ID: 6f7561
File 150075101367.jpg - (344.37 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_27.jpg )
Hey! Are you alright!?

Nipa-kun! Are you hurt!?


Ahaha... I crashed.

What're you doing.

My Striker got damaged by a Neuroi counterattack.
But I was able to fool them and get back here.

Good going.

Are you OK? Do you need a hand?

I'm fine!
>> No. 12754 ID: 6f7561
File 150075105049.jpg - (385.86 KB , 1500x2117 , brave_witches_03_28.jpg )
That damage... It looks about the same as mine.

How many did you shoot down?


Are you sure you didn't make some kinda mistake!?

They were only small-types, but I definitely shot down four!
How many did you get again, Kanno?

Buzz off!!

Well then, I'm next.
>> No. 12755 ID: 6f7561
File 150075108262.jpg - (374.68 KB , 1500x2125 , brave_witches_03_29.jpg )
Make sure to watch. I know you girls are counting on me.

We're counting on Commander Rall, not on you...

[next to Kanno]What the hell is she saying...

I wonder if they can fix this.

The maintenance crew seems pretty busy.

You know, I broke my Striker back home a lot too.
They'd always prohibit me from sortieing and make me sweep up the hangar.

Aren't you supposed to be an ace!?
That's hilarious! Better hope that doesn't start happening here too!

Cut it out!
>> No. 12756 ID: 6f7561
File 15007511127.jpg - (415.90 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_30.jpg )
How'd your repairs get finished so much faster than mine?

That's cause they started on mine first.

Still, they were really fast.

I gave them the oranges from my lunch.

But aren't we betting the chocolate?
Wouldn't it have been a better idea to give them your dessert?

This is a matter of a Witch's appetite.
I'm not gonna sweat the details.

...I wanna grill some mochi.

What's that?
>> No. 12757 ID: 6f7561
File 150075115228.jpg - (482.33 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_31.jpg )
You take some mochigome and put it in the usu then you hit it and... It's kinda hard to explain...
It's a type of food we have in Fuso.

It sounds weird. You really eat that?

Usually just around the New Year.

Speaking of the New Year, it's almost time for Saturnalia. I can't wait!

If you said something like that in Fuso you'd get tons of complaints like,
"What's the point of a festival during a war?"

Don't say stuff like that! Are people from Fuso always that serious?

Finding faults with something isn't the same as being serious.

Jizo, mochi... Fuso is a pretty strange place isn't it?

If ya ask me, I think it's weird that people in Europe always complain about not having enough meat on their plates.

Ahaha, I guess that's just the local color.
>> No. 12758 ID: 6f7561
File 150075117576.jpg - (404.33 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_32.jpg )
...You know,
Back in Suomus, all us Witches were around the same age,
So I was a little anxious about coming here.

I got so nervous.

Y'know, you're pretty weird.

You fly pretty well, there's no reason ya gotta be nervous.
It doesn't matter if you're alone or not when you're in the sky.

[on bubble]Ahaha
That's why you're so easy to talk to.
>> No. 12759 ID: 6f7561
File 150075119537.jpg - (393.32 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_33.jpg )
Did you have a wingman back in Fuso, Kanno?

I never settled on one.
Well actually, I did, but we never got to fly together.
Our paths just never crossed right.

So you got rejected!

Don't make it sound weird!
Our timing just wasn't right!
We'll definitely fly together someday!

That sounds nice, I'm a little jealous.

What about you, did you have a partner back in Suomus?

Probably Illu... Ah, or maybe Hasse.
But neither of them are here right now...

...You shouldn't worry about it too much.

>> No. 12760 ID: 6f7561
File 150075135694.jpg - (420.97 KB , 1500x2118 , brave_witches_03_34.jpg )
Those guys have probably forgotten all about you by now. Just do your best on your own.

Aren't you supposed to say something more like "I'll become your partner"!?

I ain't gonna coddle ya! I already got a partner anyway!

Yeah, and I have Illu!
What do you mean they'll have forgotten about me!?

The mind is a fickle thing, y'know. It's poetic.

Kanno, you dummy!

Witch incoming! Witch incoming!
They appear to have been hit. Emergency medical team to the runway...

<<To be continued...>>
>> No. 12762 ID: 072374
Dat smug.
I love how this artist draws Nipa with light eyelashes. Makes her look somewhat elegant--or at least as elegant as a goofball like her could look.

Overall, it was another great chapter. Thanks again for the translation, anon.
>> No. 12764 ID: 1b4e80
>that last panel
I realize I'm supposedly looking at a seam but come on.

The difference between nudity and impossibly skintight white pants in manga is philosophical in nature.
>> No. 12765 ID: e1bf28
I really liked this chapter! Thank you for the translation.

How are people against the war? There's no politics or ideals involved, it's just 'defend the planet from aliens'.
>> No. 12766 ID: e1bf28
I love when eyelashes aren't drawn black, I want more of it in general.
>> No. 12768 ID: 8d7d0e
Economics perspective. Liberion seems pretty safe from the Neuroi, why get involved and have our tax money go towards having our boys and girls die across the ocean instead of putting it towards something like bridge building or getting ready for the interstate that Eisenhower will propose in a few years?

Something like that.
>> No. 12769 ID: 418de9
Cue the Neuroi attacking Pearl Harbor..
>> No. 12770 ID: e1bf28
People in Liberion expect the Neuroi to stop? And they're fine with them conquering all of the eastern world first?
I can understand people being against a war between people, but it's aliens god damn it, humanity #1!

I guess a lot of it comes from not understanding what exactly is happening, which is the point of said reporter.
>> No. 12777 ID: 8d7d0e
Well, some people are just short sighted like that.
Really, really, really short sighted.
>> No. 12778 ID: c3b9da
As expected from the Liberian. They're jealous because their best witches are fighting in the Europe..xD
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