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File 147489215152.jpg - (331.84 KB , 1242x1794 , BW Prequel 1943.jpg )
11523 No. 11523 ID: 989c29

With Naoe in spotlight it seems during the winter of 1943 as she gets into the unit.
November 1st on sale.
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>> No. 11526 ID: 3001e5
Great news, sadly I have to admit it makes little sense buying these untranslated.

Good thing SW is still very popular in Nipland. Should we get an official translation, I'll make sure to buy it.
>> No. 11528 ID: c4b563
>mixture of moonrunes and slavrunes
>> No. 12501 ID: 7e2854
File 149296234476.jpg - (61.02 KB , 416x500 , denied.jpg )
Second chapter announced?

>> No. 12522 ID: 6b8dcc
File 149410626575.jpg - (266.73 KB , 828x288 , BWPre-bannar_828-288pix.jpg )
It's being put up on Newtype's website, looks like it's monthly.

I can dump a translation of the 0th chapter if anyone's interested.
>> No. 12523 ID: 3e2f2e
File 149410901664.jpg - (379.97 KB , 1920x1080 , 1480005625402.jpg )
>thinking you need to ask to post Witch translations
New English words about witches make me feel good.
>> No. 12524 ID: 6b8dcc
File 149410972714.jpg - (538.49 KB , 1500x2112 , brave_witches_00_01.jpg )
The Empire of Orussia.
Once, it was a country on the brink of being overrun by the mysterious Neuroi.

But their advance has been stopped thanks to the efforts of the Witches,
Girls who fly through the skies armed to the teeth.
Even with half of their land lost to them, humanity holds its ground.

4 years prior.
>> No. 12525 ID: 6b8dcc
File 149410983067.jpg - (217.51 KB , 1500x1060 , brave_witches_00_02.jpg )

What's going on!?
I hear some soldiers got into a fight.
Looks like one's from Fuso.
Has anyone called the military police!?

Now get lost!
Before I break your fighting spirit too!

"Destroyer" Kanno Naoe sets foot on the snowy land...!

Fuso Imperial Navy 343rd Flying Corps
Ensign Kanno Naoe
>> No. 12526 ID: 6b8dcc
File 149411000158.jpg - (397.49 KB , 1500x2113 , brave_witches_00_03.jpg )

Um... Excuse me...

[to the right of Nipa] What a huge crowd...

Sorry... Could I get through?
Uwa... This isn't good... What should I do?

Suomus Air Force
24th Aerial Squadron 3rd Company
Flight Sergeant Nikka Edvardine Katajainen
>> No. 12527 ID: 6b8dcc
File 149411013872.jpg - (419.81 KB , 1500x2112 , brave_witches_00_04.jpg )

It sounds like there's a fight going on...
Just my luck...

It's already so late!

If I can't force my way through here I won't make it in ti-

>> No. 12528 ID: 6b8dcc
File 149411020974.jpg - (450.03 KB , 1500x2110 , brave_witches_00_05.jpg )

Ouch... I did it again... Jeez...

Today's just not my... Ah!

You bastard! Whaddaya think you're doing!?

Waaa! I'm really sor-! Kyah!?

>> No. 12529 ID: 6b8dcc
File 149411028861.jpg - (441.28 KB , 1500x2114 , brave_witches_00_06.jpg )

Fellas, it's not nice to do that you know.
Can't you see you're scaring the poor lady.

When it comes to girls you've got to behave a little more like a "gentleman".

Karlsland Air Force
JG52 7th Company
Flying Officer Waltrud Krupinski
>> No. 12530 ID: 6b8dcc
File 149411041611.jpg - (422.25 KB , 1500x2124 , brave_witches_00_07.jpg )

Don't fuck with me you damn brat!

Who're you callin' a "brat"?

Clear the street!
Who's the one that started all this?

Uh-oh... This isn't gonna go over well.

[to the left of Kanno] I think I over did it.
>> No. 12531 ID: 6b8dcc
File 149411051627.jpg - (430.77 KB , 1500x2091 , brave_witches_00_08.jpg )

Petersburg, Empire of Orussia early winter, 1943.

In order to defeat humanity's mortal enemy,
To take Orussia back from the mysterious Neuroi,

[near the soldiers, bottom panel] What about this one?
I'm not really sure.
Let's just take her back with us...

These girls were assembled to this snowy battlefield.
>> No. 12532 ID: 6b8dcc
File 149411060418.jpg - (528.85 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_00_09.jpg )

At the same time.


Where is everyone!?

To be continued...
>> No. 12534 ID: 3f5e11
>Witches getting into fights.

How strange. Nao shouldn't have any issues with them.

Thank you for the translations, anon!
>> No. 12535 ID: 6b3f72
File 14941865207.jpg - (158.80 KB , 816x1111 , Break trio prison - haru-same.jpg )
Thanks a lot for the translation of this! Naoe sure was even more of a hothead before.

Naoe is literally based on a hothead known for rampant overly aggressive behavior, why would she not pick up fights?
Guess you missed, but the break trio also gets jailed briefly.
>> No. 12536 ID: e7171d
File 149443192865.jpg - (420.09 KB , 1500x2116 , brave_witches_01_01.jpg )
Time for Chapter 1.


Let me outta here!!


>> No. 12537 ID: e7171d
File 149443197513.jpg - (346.20 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_01_02.jpg )

The story begins with the hero in jail...!?
>> No. 12538 ID: e7171d
File 149443201740.jpg - (431.96 KB , 1500x2117 , brave_witches_01_03.jpg )


I guess it's not my imagination after all...
They sure are persistent

Whaddaya want?

Finally a response.

It's a... girl?

I'm getting bored, why don't we keep each other entertained?
>> No. 12539 ID: e7171d
File 149443207149.jpg - (1.26 MB , 2476x3498 , brave_witches_01_04.jpg )

So, why are you in here?

Buzz off.

Come on, you can tell me.

...I got in a fight.
The usual story.

When I came to Petersburg,
I saw some soldiers trying to make a move on a reporter.

I butted in to stop 'em, but the jerks weren't taking me seriously...

Hahaha! So that was you, huh?

I saw that big fight going on in the streets.
I was wondering who started it.
>> No. 12540 ID: e7171d
File 149443212121.jpg - (361.05 KB , 1500x2123 , brave_witches_01_05.jpg )

So anyway, what're you in for?

I got caught up in that fight.

[next to Kanno's head] Seriously.

I guess that's my fault.
Sorry about that.

Don't worry about it. It's been awhile since I've been in a place like this anyway.

Hm... Wait a sec...

The reason I'm always in isolation like this is because I'm a Witch.
So that must mean...

Are you a Witch?

>> No. 12541 ID: e7171d
File 14944321748.jpg - (467.81 KB , 1500x2126 , brave_witches_01_06.jpg )

You're Kanno Naoe from Fuso, right?

How'd you know?

Part of Fuso's European fleet, active on the Eastern Front, and cute to boot? You're downright famous.

Hey, is it true you're some kind of lone wolf without any sense of cooperation?

Who told you that? I'll send 'em flying.

I've also heard you've got some first-rate skills.
You're one of Fuso's proud ace Witches.
>> No. 12542 ID: e7171d
File 149443220337.jpg - (385.47 KB , 1500x2112 , brave_witches_01_07.jpg )

You can just forget about that.

How cold.

Our last operation was supposed to finally liberate Orussia, but it felt like we just regressed.
Because no matter how many you'd get rid of, the Neuroi just kept coming and coming.
It was useless - like pulling weeds.

"Ace Witch." What a joke.
>> No. 12543 ID: e7171d
File 149443223552.jpg - (489.31 KB , 1500x2112 , brave_witches_01_08.jpg )
>> No. 12544 ID: e7171d
File 149443227378.jpg - (460.39 KB , 1500x2116 , brave_witches_01_09.jpg )

That's why I swear I'll crush every single one of them next chance I get.
>> No. 12545 ID: e7171d
File 149443233116.jpg - (378.57 KB , 1500x2118 , brave_witches_01_10.jpg )

Hey, who're you anyway?


Waltrud Krupinski.
I've been fighting on the Eastern Front my whole life.
I'm a Flying Officer.

Never heard of you.
I'm an Ensign.

And here I thought I was doing a pretty good job out there.
>> No. 12546 ID: e7171d
File 149443238836.jpg - (391.04 KB , 1500x2129 , brave_witches_01_11.jpg )

I'm in the Karlsland Air Force, 52nd Fighter Wing.
You can call me Countess, if you like.


What kind of aristocrat has an accent like that?
Shouldn't your pronunciation be more crisp, more elocuted?

It's not an official title, it's just what everyone calls me. But hey, you're pretty smart, aren't you Nao-chan?

Wait a sec. Don't call me that.
Don't add a "-chan".

Anyway, I'd heard you returned to Fuso, Nao-chan.
So what are you doing back in Petersburg?

Don't ignore what I said.
Well what about you?
>> No. 12547 ID: e7171d
File 149443244831.jpg - (403.74 KB , 1500x2129 , brave_witches_01_12.jpg )

They told me I was needed in Petersburg and since they'd be treating it like a transfer I couldn't refuse.

Same here.
Just as I landed in Fuso ready for some time off, they shipped me right back.
What'd they say the Squad Leader's name was? Something like...

Squadron Leader Rall.

It was Squadron Leader Gundula Rall.
She's one of Karlsland's ultra aces.
>> No. 12548 ID: e7171d
File 149443250313.jpg - (415.05 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_01_13.jpg )

She's shot down over 250 Neuroi.
We got called here because she's forming a new unit.

Wow... Over 250.


You musta had a lot of time on your hands to add all those up.


The new unit is being formed in Petersburg.
We'll be the first members!

So that makes us comrades, huh?

I'm Nikka Edvardine Katajainen.
Everyone calls me Nipa.
I'm a Flight Sergeant.
>> No. 12549 ID: e7171d
File 149443255383.jpg - (455.60 KB , 1500x2116 , brave_witches_01_14.jpg )

With a weird last name like that you must be from Suomus.

I think Fuso's last names are a lot weirder.

Hey, why'd you get tossed in here?

I got dragged into a fight.


You're in Suomus's 24th Aerial Squad, right?
With Wind and Juutilainen and Magnusson.
You must've shot down a bunch of Neuroi together.

You sure know your stuff.

I heard it over the radio.
>> No. 12550 ID: e7171d
File 149443262462.jpg - (352.52 KB , 1501x2123 , brave_witches_01_15.jpg )

But you've never heard of me...

So, that Squadron Leader,
Why'd she choose us?


Why don't you try and ask her yourself?

How am I gonna do that? I'm stuck in a cell and...
>> No. 12551 ID: e7171d
File 14944326557.jpg - (399.67 KB , 1500x2126 , brave_witches_01_16.jpg )

Thank you.

The other two as well.


You're free to go, sir.
I can take care of the rest.


Now then...
>> No. 12552 ID: e7171d
File 149443268291.jpg - (408.93 KB , 1500x2123 , brave_witches_01_17.jpg )

Until just recently I had been waiting at the Suomuski Station.
Naturally, it was to welcome you.
But no matter how long I waited, no one showed up.

It was deserted, cold, and a stray dog kept pestering me for food.

That's great Sasha-chan, you're even popular with the dogs!
>> No. 12553 ID: e7171d
File 149443272138.jpg - (345.22 KB , 1500x2113 , brave_witches_01_18.jpg )

Then, as I was planning on heading back, I hear that 3 Witches got imprisoned.
So I hurry over to speak with the military police, who have me sign numerous papers.
And, after that was over, I had to make my way here.

But when I had heard why you were put in here I was surprised... A fight?
We Witches are supposed to fight the Neuroi, but you ended up fighting with a soldier?

[left of Kanno, 2nd panel] Uh...

You did well.


Orussia can be an intimidating place - enough to stifle a crying child.
Most would only go as far to say "excuse me" to stop a shameless man.
I'm glad, Kanno-san, that you know how to deal with such ill-mannered soldiers.

Ah, yeah...

Please refrain from doing it this way in the future. There is nothing to be gained from fighting with allies.
>> No. 12554 ID: e7171d
File 149443275444.jpg - (493.36 KB , 1500x2111 , brave_witches_01_19.jpg )


I've yet to introduce myself.
I'm Captain Aleksandra Ivanovna Pokryshkin.
Most people call me Sasha.

Where are we going?

To our unit's base of operations, Peter and Paul Fortress.

Our unit is called the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing.
We use Petersburg as a base to fight off the Neuroi.
>> No. 12555 ID: e7171d
File 149443279383.jpg - (502.21 KB , 1500x2124 , brave_witches_01_20.jpg )

So the idea is to bring a bunch of aces from different countries together to raise our results.
This Joint Fighter Wing thing, I mean.

After the test case of the Suomus Independent Volunteer Aerial Squadron,
And the Britannia-based 501st were considered effective, it was decided to increase the number of such units.

Illu got assigned to the 501st...

Are there going to be any Witches aside from us?

The Western Front has so many cute girls, it's a feast for the eyes.
[left of Krupinski] Haa
I think it'd be nice if this harsh Eastern Front had a few more cuties.
>> No. 12556 ID: e7171d
File 14944328225.jpg - (534.55 KB , 1500x2124 , brave_witches_01_21.jpg )

Calling Britannia "West" and Orussia "East"... Karlslanders can be quite presumptuous.
>> No. 12557 ID: e7171d
File 14944328836.jpg - (513.83 KB , 1500x2113 , brave_witches_01_22.jpg )

Excuse me.
I've brought Kanno Naoe, Waltrud Krupinski,
and Nikka Edvardine Katajainen back with me.

Good work.

I apologize for making you come here so late, but I wanted you all to arrive as soon as possible.
I'm Gundula Rall, commander of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing.
>> No. 12558 ID: e7171d
File 149443292042.jpg - (366.19 KB , 1500x2126 , brave_witches_01_23.jpg )

Because of your hastened arrival, your luggage and equipment won't arrive until tomorrow.
I've already sent out transfer orders for the other members.
Feel free to introduce yourselves when they arrive.


Were we appropriately chosen for this?

Well, I was the one who requested you from your respective units.

This is Orussia. The harshness of the struggle here far surpasses anywhere else.
I need Witches who are prepared for what lies ahead.
I decided that you all seemed suitable for the job.

I think you're overestimating...

You're all Witches who have survived in this landscape.
Do I need any other reason?
>> No. 12559 ID: e7171d
File 149443296481.jpg - (486.95 KB , 1500x2111 , brave_witches_01_24.jpg )

I expect the Neuroi to send a welcoming party this way soon.
Get some rest today, but be ready for battle starting tomorrow.

Do we have beds?

We've arranged that much.
Unless you'd prefer a tent or a trench like on the frontline?

A roof would be nice...
>> No. 12560 ID: e7171d
File 149443299899.jpg - (543.81 KB , 1500x2119 , brave_witches_01_25.jpg )


I think something found its way into my room...
Maybe it's a fox who wandered in to escape the cold.

Well, as long as they don't mess with my sleep I don't really...
>> No. 12561 ID: e7171d
File 149443303532.jpg - (495.75 KB , 1500x2120 , brave_witches_01_26.jpg )

Good morning, Nao-chan.

What the hell!?

Last night was so much fun.

You damn liar, you just came in here!
>> No. 12562 ID: e7171d
File 149443310143.jpg - (526.31 KB , 1500x2115 , brave_witches_01_27.jpg )

Your sleeping face was so cute, I just couldn't help myself.

Seriously, shut the hell up.

Just kidding.

Our equipment just arrived, we need to carry it over to the hangars.

Say that first next time!
>> No. 12563 ID: e7171d
File 149443313127.jpg - (436.51 KB , 1500x2117 , brave_witches_01_28.jpg )

Nao-chan, what about breakfast?

I'll do it later. I want to get used to this stuff first.

You're even taking a weapon with you?

If I don't I won't get used to it.

>> No. 12564 ID: e7171d
File 149443316336.jpg - (474.40 KB , 1500x2115 , brave_witches_01_29.jpg )

I think someone's here to see you!

At dawn? On the frontline?
It's not one of the new members, is it?

They looked like a civilian.

Then what do I care? Tell 'em to wait for me.


Alright, let's go!

Kanno, taking off first!
>> No. 12565 ID: e7171d
File 149443319618.jpg - (219.51 KB , 1500x1053 , brave_witches_01_30.jpg )


You guys decided to take off too, huh?

I figured we could use some practice.
>> No. 12566 ID: e7171d
File 149443324198.jpg - (351.03 KB , 1500x2110 , brave_witches_01_31.jpg )

I'm fine working alone.

Being alone in the sky with a cute girl, sounds nice.

Do you even listen when people are talking to you!?

God... I guess there's no danger in working together.

Hehe... You're up early.
I'm glad we get to meet so soon,


To be continued...
>> No. 12567 ID: 9d88ce
File 149443874422.jpg - (81.30 KB , 540x700 , Break trio - harukatron.jpg )
That was a nice introductory chapter, even if the panels are a bit unimaginative.
Thanks for doing this chapter so much!

Man these kill counts in witch verse seem arbitrary in relation to the aces.
>On 22 October 1942, Rall was credited with his 100th aerial victory.
Yet Nipa is saying Rall has already 250 kills and this is four years prior?

Krupi knows what's up.

Anyways what I don't like is that this is four years prior yet, all of them are exactly the same as they would be later to the war physically.
For girls their age, four years is a huge amount of time passing. Naoe is 11? She looks nothing like a person one year younger than Lucchini. Goddamn Nipa is Naoe's age too at 11 and even more ridiculous. Yet her nipas are as large as ever, did they suddenly pop like that at 9 when puberty hits earliest? Krupinski being 15 now and later 18 is something I can understand that she has hit her looks that won't necessarily change that much.
>> No. 12568 ID: e7171d
The specific time it takes place is given in >>12531 as Winter 1943, about one year before the anime. The 4 years prior is in reference to Orussia already being liberated and humanity fighting back - most likely in reference to the Strike Witches IF Cold Winter 1947.
>> No. 12569 ID: 9d88ce
Ah, naruhodo. Thanks for clearing that up for a fool like me. No wonder I was confused.
>> No. 12571 ID: 3f5e11

Picking up fights with random soldiers just seems like the sort of thing that normally wouldn't happen in SW media, though perhaps it's something more along the lines of what people were hoping for with Brave Witches. And yes, I don't recall hearing of the jailing before this thread.


I think Krupi belongs behind bars for something else entirely though.

Thank you once more for the translation, anon! You're doing God's work. I actually really enjoy the art in this manga and can't wait to see more.
>> No. 12572 ID: cef0aa
Thanks for the translation Anon! My Nihongo is far from being able to understand manga yet. And I noticed in >>12536 you translated "早くここから出しゃがれ" as "Let me outta here!!" instead a "Hurry up and let me outta here!!", skipping the 早く part which is basically simple urging. It's a little thing but as a non-native English speaker, can I ask you why is that?
>> No. 12573 ID: 6b8dcc
Mostly just for flow and impact.
If I wanted to be more literal/true to the page I would probably split it into two sentences like "Hurry up! Let me outta here!" or do what you had suggested, but I feel like "Let me outta here!" already carries a sense of urgency in English and the "Hurry up!" is understood, especially if someone is yelling.
>> No. 12586 ID: 148834
File 149567449340.jpg - (419.02 KB , 1500x2120 , brave_witches_02_01.jpg )
Chapter 2.

A Neuroi!

Could it be a scout?

What's it matter? I'm going in!


Stay back!
I can handle it myself!
>> No. 12587 ID: 148834
File 149567452058.jpg - (197.79 KB , 1500x1057 , brave_witches_02_02.jpg )
>> No. 12588 ID: 148834
File 149567459264.jpg - (433.71 KB , 1500x2129 , brave_witches_02_03.jpg )
Tch... Still too far away.

Are you really planning to take it on alone, Nao-chan?

Just watch and learn!

>> No. 12589 ID: 148834
File 14956746221.jpg - (322.94 KB , 1500x2122 , brave_witches_02_04.jpg )
>> No. 12590 ID: 148834
File 14956746922.jpg - (414.94 KB , 1500x2115 , brave_witches_02_05.jpg )
He's pretty tough... I barely made a dent.

Ah! Bastard!
>> No. 12591 ID: 148834
File 149567473138.jpg - (433.74 KB , 1500x2120 , brave_witches_02_06.jpg )
You're not supposed to take someone else's kill!

It doesn't look like it's your kill just yet, Nao-chan.

You ass!

She's an accurate shot... She wasn't kidding when she said she was an ace.
>> No. 12592 ID: 148834
File 149567478233.jpg - (423.00 KB , 1500x2115 , brave_witches_02_07.jpg )
He's too tough.
Looks like we have to get closer.

I'm gonna shoot it down, you guys pull back!

It's dangerous if you two go in alone, I'll go too!


Ahhhhhh! My kill!


You guys are just a bunch of thieves!
>> No. 12593 ID: 148834
File 149567484051.jpg - (434.76 KB , 1500x2122 , brave_witches_02_08.jpg )
Didn't I tell you guys to stay back!

But it looked like he was out of your league.

That's right, we should cooperate.

>> No. 12594 ID: 148834
File 149567489492.jpg - (471.44 KB , 1500x2120 , brave_witches_02_09.jpg )
You guys need to spread out!

You need to try and avoid him too, Nao-chan.

You two should really be more careful.

I'll gonna send him crashing!
You guys wait here!
>> No. 12595 ID: 148834
File 149567491873.jpg - (482.39 KB , 1500x2122 , brave_witches_02_10.jpg )
>> No. 12596 ID: 148834
File 149567494218.jpg - (438.65 KB , 1500x2122 , brave_witches_02_11.jpg )
>> No. 12597 ID: 148834
File 149567497773.jpg - (426.96 KB , 1500x2115 , brave_witches_02_12.jpg )
Looks like that worked.

Hurry and finish him off!

I'll help!

I said I can handle it!!

It's dangerous to charge at him head-on, Nao-chan.

Keep your head down!

Stop following me!

This guy is...
>> No. 12598 ID: 148834
File 149567500953.jpg - (210.15 KB , 1500x1060 , brave_witches_02_13.jpg )
My kill!!

Crash and burn!!
>> No. 12599 ID: 148834
File 149567504899.jpg - (360.10 KB , 1500x2120 , brave_witches_02_14.jpg )
How's that! My shots were on-point!

Huh? I'm pretty sure those were mine.
[above Krupinski] Wahaha

You both missed, didn't you?

What the hell! Are you two trying to take my score!?

You can't measure your skills by score alone, Nao-chan. I can, though.

Why are you two being so greedy?

Because you guys are trying to steal my kill!

>> No. 12600 ID: 148834
File 149567508645.jpg - (450.96 KB , 1500x2112 , brave_witches_02_15.jpg )


Do you guys hear


I've heard the report.
>> No. 12601 ID: 148834
File 149567512825.jpg - (465.72 KB , 1500x2115 , brave_witches_02_16.jpg )
An observation post was able to witness the battle.

I suppose congratulations are in order for shooting down a medium-type Neuroi,
Although I was surprised to hear that three Witches had engaged a Neuroi in the first place.
This victory will be shared amongst yourselves.

Huh? It's not mine?

I told you it was mine.

I thought it was mine.


Now, to the problem of your Strikers.
Originally, they weren't supposed to arrive until the day after tomorrow, but I pulled some strings for you and they arrived early.
>> No. 12602 ID: 148834
File 149567516068.jpg - (415.98 KB , 1500x2118 , brave_witches_02_17.jpg )
That was just this morning, but you've already broken them before breakfast.

We don't even have all of our Witches assembled and already three of our members can't sortie.
In all my experience, this is a first.

What do you think would happen if a Neuroi were to attack right now?

I don't think I need to explain, do I?
I'm sure it would be a real treat.


In any case, until your Strikers are repaired please keep out of trouble,
And try not to break anything else.
>> No. 12603 ID: 148834
File 149567524918.jpg - (445.10 KB , 1500x2115 , brave_witches_02_18.jpg )
I haven't had anything to say until now.
You're all veterans with repeated experience in Orussia.
An attack by the Neuroi shouldn't come as a surprise.

Sometimes your equipment will break, and sometimes we'll run out of spare parts, these things happen.
But the fact is, we can't afford any losses in fighting strength.

I mean, taking off and engaging in a battle without any orders?
Sasha nearly fainted when she heard.

I somehow managed to stay standing.

Now let me be clear,
Preparing the papers to request spare parts and the like is tedious.
I wish I could just make a single phone call and be done with it, but the military doesn't work that way.
So I would appreciate it if you didn't give me any extra work in the future.
>> No. 12604 ID: 148834
File 149567528927.jpg - (449.65 KB , 1500x2120 , brave_witches_02_19.jpg )
It appears breakfast is ready.
Now then, let's eat.

Wait a moment.

Before you go, I'd like you girls to run two laps around the base.


It's a punishment for taking off on your own and for losing your Strikers.
A rather mild one at that.

That makes sense, but...

But why do we gotta do it before breakfast...

Would you prefer three laps?

Two is fine!
>> No. 12605 ID: 148834
File 149567532588.jpg - (383.99 KB , 1500x2115 , brave_witches_02_20.jpg )
Ha... Finally, time for food.

Huh? Commander?
Were you waiting for us?

Good work. As I said earlier, let's eat.
Sasha went to go pick up the other members.
She said she would eat over there.

Japanese Menu:
Buckwheat porridge (Kasha) and Shchi with plenty of vegetables
>> No. 12606 ID: 148834
File 149567535366.jpg - (431.21 KB , 1500x2116 , brave_witches_02_21.jpg )
Feel free to keep eating, but listen up.

The damage to Krupinski and Katajainen's Strikers was less than we had expected.
The repairs should be pretty easy. They'll be fixed by tomorrow.
But the damage to Kanno's unit was pretty severe.

Are you saying I can't sortie?

No, in fact the repairs are already finished. It's just that we've run out of spare parts faster than we expected.
So, if you break your unit in the same place again you won't be able to sortie for quite some time.
>> No. 12607 ID: 148834
File 149567540312.jpg - (458.27 KB , 1500x2120 , brave_witches_02_22.jpg )
Well why don't they just send us a resupply on parts sooner?

The military is a bureaucracy, it's not that easy.
By the way, the maintenance team mentioned the damage was only that bad because it had been flown so close to the enemy during a battle.

If I didn't do it I couldn't have beaten him.

I commend your fighting spirit.

But if you keep breaking your unit there won't be anyone here left to protect.
In that case, the entire Western half of Orussia would be under their control.
That'd make Sasha pretty mad.

I'll be talking to Sasha about the spare parts when she gets back with the new members.

Waiting for that, huh...
Now that you mention it, how many more are coming?

I'm expecting one from Karlsland, one from Gallia, and two from Fuso.
>> No. 12608 ID: 148834
File 149567543911.jpg - (409.21 KB , 1500x2115 , brave_witches_02_23.jpg )
One of the Witches from Fuso might be an acquaintance of yours, Kanno.
Oh, one more thing,

[next to Kanno] I can't think of anyone I'd know...

Because we have to give priority to the spare parts,
Some luxury items for the next supply, like sweets, had to be postponed.


We don't have a choice.
At least not until we can defeat the enemy and secure a supply line, or as long as you don't break any more Strikers,
Or both.

I know what the Commander just said, but there's still some chocolate in the warehouse from the last supply.
I saw it last night.

You're starting to sound like a thief.

So, I've got a proposal.

What is it?
>> No. 12609 ID: 148834
File 149567549757.jpg - (438.44 KB , 1500x2120 , brave_witches_02_24.jpg )
Why don't we wager that chocolate?
Whoever shoots down the most Neuroi gets it all.

Sounds like gambling.

As long as you keep quiet, no one will know. Do you not like gambling, Nao-chan?

No, I'm in.

And after my victory I'll take all of Nao-chan as well.

Hey, Nipa, come get in on this.

Hm? Gambling?
Is it alright?

Don't be so formal about it, you in?

I want chocolate.

It's decided, then.

To Be Continued...
>> No. 12615 ID: 4c6264
File 14958419035.jpg - (16.43 KB , 341x341 , Nipa happy 4.jpg )
This was fun chapter, thanks for the translation anon.

Naoe-chan so cool.
Rall is so refined and charming but goddamn Rall's ralls are humongous tier in this manga.
>> No. 12642 ID: 3f5e11
File 149625854311.jpg - (927.50 KB , 957x1354 , 61116462_p0.jpg )

Apologies for my late response, but thank you very much for your work, anon! I can't quite tell you how glad I am that there's still work being done for translations.

Between this and some other things like the 1941 Manga, we could really use a typesetter around these parts.
>> No. 12658 ID: 637fe3
There is surprisingly many to be translated even still (Aurora etc), but it's nice that media is still being made even with the age of the franchise.
>> No. 12659 ID: 327422
Aurora no Majo?
It was completed somewhat recently.
>> No. 12726 ID: dac60b
File 150067725874.jpg - (65.92 KB , 800x800 , Eila finds her picture from Nipas pocket - patchim.jpg )
Well, that was fast. So fast that Nipa jinxed the last page.
Eagerly awaiting for the dump here TL anon!
>> No. 12727 ID: 6f7561
File 150075003241.jpg - (473.26 KB , 1500x2112 , brave_witches_03_01.jpg )
Chapter 3.

Whoever shoots down the most Neuroi wins.
And the wager is our next ration of chocolate.

Hehe... Sounds interesting.
But don't come crying to me when you lose.

This'll be like taking candy from a baby!
>> No. 12728 ID: 6f7561
File 150075009165.jpg - (459.21 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_02.jpg )
Would you happen to be Ensign Kanno Naoe?

Never heard of 'em.


You must be Ensign Kanno.
A Witch from earlier told me you'd say that.

...I'll bet it was that damn Flying Officer.
>> No. 12729 ID: 6f7561
File 150075012281.jpg - (433.61 KB , 1500x2129 , brave_witches_03_03.jpg )
Who're you?

Debbie Seymour. I'm a cameraman.


I'm with the Liberian magazines.
I'm here to cover the situation in Orussia.

It'll be getting cold here soon, so good luck with that.
>> No. 12730 ID: 6f7561
File 150075015687.jpg - (520.23 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_04.jpg )


That's the person who was looking for you earlier, Kanno.

The one you were talking about before we took off?
Are you sure?
I've never met her before in my life.

You saved me the other day at the port.

Ah, you're that reporter.

I wanted to show my gratitude.
Thank you for helping me.
>> No. 12731 ID: 6f7561
File 150075018412.jpg - (410.47 KB , 1500x2125 , brave_witches_03_05.jpg )
So that's what this is about, huh?

And, while I'm here, I was hoping for an interview.

Suit yourself.
But just so you know, most of the unit's not here yet.

So I've heard.

Even so, you've already shot down a Neuroi, haven't you?

News travels fast.

It's my job, afterall.
So, did it feel any different fighting the Neuroi out here?

I dunno...
Neuroi are Neuroi.
>> No. 12732 ID: 6f7561
File 15007502157.jpg - (459.87 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_06.jpg )
Well, how do you feel about the significance of the 502nd's formation?

I haven't really thought about it. Go ask Commander Rall.

Then, have you gotten close with any of the other Witches at the base?

[next to Kanno]Ha...

Y'know... I'm a Witch.
I didn't come all the way to Orussia to mess around.

None... huh?
[beside Debbie's head]Aren't you lonely?

Can't ya just put down I like fighting alone?
Ah, no,
>> No. 12733 ID: 6f7561
File 150075024066.jpg - (366.38 KB , 1500x2125 , brave_witches_03_07.jpg )
I mean, I have thought it'd be nice to fly with someone, someday.
But that's it.

I see.

I'll be in Petersburg a while longer, maybe you'll let me do a follow-up sometime.

Pick a more private place next time.

Thanks for keeping me busy.

Is it over?


What're you still doing here?

I was hiding until she was done.
I get a little nervous around strangers.

You seem alright around me.

I don't know why, but I'm fine around you and Krupinski.
>> No. 12734 ID: 6f7561
File 150075027548.jpg - (384.50 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_08.jpg )
Is that supposed to be a compliment?
It's not like you're talking to some kinda roadside Jizo.


...Forget it.

Anyway, is it really that fun to interview us?

The war in Orussia is just plain and miserable.
[side of bubble]I don't get it.

If I were her I'd have left first chance I got.

Excuse me.
>> No. 12735 ID: 6f7561
File 150075031354.jpg - (428.69 KB , 1500x2125 , brave_witches_03_09.jpg )
Come in.
I was getting tired of staring at all this paperwork anyway.

[By Debbie's head]Hahaha
A desk job is a Witch's natural enemy, isn't it?

Every Neuroi means another dollar for the top brass,
And another set of papers for me to drown in.
It's really quite effective.

Do you have time to chat? I'd do anything to get away from this stuff.

Yes, and I brought a little thank you gift with me.

That's the ticket. Take a seat.
>> No. 12736 ID: 6f7561
File 15007503539.jpg - (377.13 KB , 1500x2117 , brave_witches_03_10.jpg )
What do you think of Orussia?

It's my first time here, but it's quieter than I expected.
Though it seems that's what Ensign Kanno likes about it.

It's only really been quiet recently. Afterall, this place used to be quite the battlefield.

And I wouldn't be surprised to see it turn into one again.

And here I thought Britannia's 501st were the ones with all the flashy battles.

By fighting in both Orussia and Britannia, we can breakup the threat of the Neuroi.
>> No. 12737 ID: 6f7561
File 150075038465.jpg - (391.08 KB , 1500x2117 , brave_witches_03_11.jpg )
So is that why headquarters created a joint fighter wing here?

I'm afraid that's classified.

There's a lot of Neuroi in Orussia,
We're running dangerously low on materials,
And the only supply line we have left is through Karelia.

I doubt even the Neuroi are idiotic enough not to take advantage of this situation.

Having the Neuroi at your neck is quite a different feeling, huh.
Back in Liberion all we have are those who half-heartedly support the war...
And those who have opposed it from the start.
>> No. 12738 ID: 6f7561
File 150075041248.jpg - (425.40 KB , 1500x2125 , brave_witches_03_12.jpg )
Not to mention the disinterested.

Peace is a wonderful thing.

I doubt Europe would appreciate that kind of Liberion.

But at the same time, Europe can't survive without Liberion's support.

So to garner their support we'll sell as much of the Witches' lives as we can.
I want them decorating the covers of magazines and appearing on billboards.
People from Fuso and Orussia would give off a more mysterious atmosphere.

I see, so that's why you approved of my interviews.
>> No. 12739 ID: 6f7561
File 150075044921.jpg - (411.95 KB , 1500x2117 , brave_witches_03_13.jpg )
...Pictures are much easier to understand, afterall.

Oh, by the way,

Does the 502nd have a nickname?

What's that?

I've heard some rumors about the 501st.
Apparently, in Britannia they're called the "Strike Witches".

"Strike Witches", huh? That's not half bad.

So you don't have one?
>> No. 12740 ID: 6f7561
File 150075047669.jpg - (448.26 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_14.jpg )
I guess...

We'll just need to think up one before you head back.

Alright! I'm heading out first!

Why do you get to go first, Kanno?
>> No. 12741 ID: 6f7561
File 150075050961.jpg - (387.95 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_15.jpg )
'Cause I'm the one that had to give the application to the Commander!
So just give up!

Wouldn't it be better to go in pairs?

About that...

I think I should go first.
Afterall, Suomus and Orussia are pretty close, Fuso is really far away.

Yeah, and I'm from that far away place, so?

I came from the closer place!

What the hell are you on about!?

Well, while you two are busy deciding, why don't I just...
[side of bubble]OUCH!
Ah, alright! We'll settle it another way!!

Aw yeah!

Just hurry up and go.
I'll go take a nap or something.
>> No. 12742 ID: 6f7561
File 150075054374.jpg - (408.78 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_16.jpg )
What're ya talkin' about? You gotta make sure to record every Neuroi I shoot down!
I'll make sure you get a good view from down here!

I don't wanna!

Speaking of...

It'd be a good opportunity to catch a glimpse of some sexy behind on takeoff.

I'm about to gouge your eyes out!
>> No. 12743 ID: 6f7561
File 150075057252.jpg - (477.27 KB , 1500x2121 , brave_witches_03_17.jpg )
I gotta make sure to kick that bastard again when I get back.

Now then... Pull yourself together, let's look for some Neuroi.

I'm at an altitude of 4000 meters. On patrol. Heading south towards Moscow.
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