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File 147628418872.jpg - (79.48 KB , 600x900 , IMG_20160925_151722.jpg )
11679 No. 11679 ID: e5c4e1
Have any of you ever given thought to what the witches' faces would look like irl? Open for discussion. Have an irl Erica
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>> No. 11680 ID: e5c4e1
File 147628425194.jpg - (67.00 KB , 1024x640 , IMG_20160925_145137.jpg )
>> No. 11681 ID: e5c4e1
File 147628433334.jpg - (37.90 KB , 500x598 , IMG_20160925_150102.jpg )
This one seems the most accurate imo. Katharine O'Hare
>> No. 11682 ID: 989c29
File 147628544353.jpg - (237.72 KB , 734x1100 , aryan waifu.jpg )
3DPD and all that aside, uh yeah, I have given thoughts and even seen rare glimpses of people who look like an over exaggerated anime girl perfection amazingly. Well as close it can get at least pretty much.
Don't really have pictures around of people who would fit the bill for being a witch though, save for actual cosplayers already doing the cosplay, that just don't happen to be as close to the witches they try to look like, compared to some random people in the world.

Well, this lady definitely would be Perrine if you just give her the glasses and uniform.

Pretty gud.
Yeah that'll do.
>> No. 11683 ID: e5c4e1
What helps is we're going by who has an American face, British face, etc. Also going by trying to imagine a female version of the aces and what they'd look like genderwapped.

You have a better idea of Shirley?
>> No. 11684 ID: 38f501
File 147628751025.jpg - (167.66 KB , 1920x1080 , 1476086593973.jpg )
3D Women are NOT important!
>> No. 11686 ID: 989c29
I guess, though Asians are trickier since Miyafuji and friends look the same as their peers because it's anime.
And no, I do not.
>> No. 11687 ID: e5c4e1
True. Then again Asian think our features look the same so :/

Well shit, I mean you can just google red head American girl and you're bound to find one that's similar
>> No. 11690 ID: f9ea7d
File 147631130560.jpg - (129.42 KB , 508x439 , 1368998803758.jpg )

>> No. 11691 ID: 75df7f
How you think she'd look?
>> No. 11693 ID: 5c61e3
File 147631372176.jpg - (46.21 KB , 400x535 , 1419209186849.jpg )
Actually stop fucking posting.

Please stop this thread.
>> No. 11695 ID: f9ea7d
No 3D nudity on /sw/, please.
>> No. 11698 ID: 66fef7
Excuse me, I'm gonna laugh at how ridiculous that statement is for 3 hours
>> No. 12724 ID: 95072c
peanus weanus XDDDDD
>> No. 14519 ID: 91dba8
File 156090829914.jpg - (143.08 KB , 1259x713 , bitch pls.jpg )
>watching today's pbs newshour while doing a fresh windows install
>coverage of the trump rally so i glance over my shoulder to gawk at the bumpkins
>see this
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