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File 147629459659.jpg - (506.67 KB , 1280x720 , Takami key visual - fumikane.jpg )
11688 No. 11688 ID: 989c29
Opinions, thoughts, etc.

Discuss this week's episode and the rest here.
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>> No. 11689 ID: 989c29
Subs are out.
>> No. 11694 ID: 69146d
File 147631794998.jpg - (37.29 KB , 570x369 , 1476299096974.jpg )
Episode 2 of Brave Witches is streaming in 10 minutes (20:30 UTC-4). Anyone who's interested, hop on in.

Link: https://streamchan.org/#bigblackflutes

Raw link: https://streamchan.org/player.swf?streamer=rtmp://stream1.streamchan.org/live&file=bigblackflutes.flv&autostart=true&controlbar=none
>> No. 11702 ID: 989c29
File 147635852453.jpg - (363.18 KB , 1920x1080 , Hikari 03.jpg )
I'm disappointed in the opening familiar transform frames.
Miyafuji got it all so much better in hers.
>> No. 11706 ID: 7a59ea
Miyafuji has it better in a lot of ways tbh
>> No. 11722 ID: fc4e35
File 147690232866.jpg - (160.87 KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Can't be bothered making a new thread for ep3, but this is just pure fucking laziness, come the fuck on SilverLink
>> No. 11724 ID: ea2dc8
A-at least we haven't seen them in T-poses yet.
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