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File 147673506858.jpg - (82.46 KB , 750x750 , Hikari and the Break trio.jpg )
11717 No. 11717 ID: 989c29

Click 読む to read.
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>> No. 11718 ID: 989c29
Hmm, though past halfway it's not really 4-koma anymore. Oh well.
>> No. 11758 ID: 4655f4
Uploaded my chapter 1 translation to Batoto and Ex for those interested.

>> No. 11759 ID: 583b2c
Woah, thanks for the translations!
>> No. 11761 ID: ba8b6e
That was a nice read.
Any ideas when the next chapter is coming out?
>> No. 11763 ID: c82430
File 147740836344.png - (291.92 KB , 652x475 , capture.png )
Might be November 8, if the manga is accurate.
>> No. 11766 ID: f5fa08
Well I'm blind. Thanks.
>> No. 11767 ID: 3f695a
File 147742749657.jpg - (26.53 KB , 512x512 , Hikari - muro.jpg )
Thank you for the translation.
Mfw the chapter was more entertaining than the anime so far.
I'm not sure how to feel about removing the honorifics though. I like how Krupi calls Nipa a 'Nipa-kun'.

I find it amusing that Rall asked Kanno to do the 'danger assessment' report when SHE'S the danger herself as well.
>> No. 11769 ID: fc4e35
File 147742872811.png - (6.80 KB , 854x93 , 2016-10-25_21-51-35.png )
>> No. 11883 ID: 079078
File 147856849792.png - (86.55 KB , 276x259 , capture.png )
Aaaaand chapter 2 is up! Can't read runes, but next chapter is supposedly 29 Nov?

>> No. 11884 ID: d5ff6e
Yep. Wonder for how long they plan to run this manga.
It's bi-monthly at this point.
>> No. 14065 ID: 2a1ca9
I made a zip of the raws for easier access if somebody wants to translate the rest.

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