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File 147690355574.jpg - (915.03 KB , 1920x1080 , Kanno key visual - fumikane.jpg )
11723 No. 11723 ID: 989c29
Naoe expects you to know the drill by now!
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>> No. 11725 ID: 989c29
File 147690444895.png - (70.09 KB , 460x300 , Time to shine.png )
Overall decent episode with nice Nipa and Naoe antics together with Hikari. But gosh, Hikari is so bad at this whole witch business it's not even funny and we're gonna spend the next episode TRAINING her to get good.
Also the CGI simply is shit, the neuroi beams are a joke visually as is the action, but the rest of the episode makes up for it at least.
>> No. 11726 ID: fc4e35
action scenes don't feel like action scenes, it's so flat
>> No. 11727 ID: 989c29
File 147691672868.jpg - (910.31 KB , 1905x2205 , Hikari and Naoe carrying Nipa.jpg )
This scene reminded me of a certain official art picture.
>> No. 11728 ID: 871eb8
Finally some Nipa! I'm sure some fans will be nitpicking about how Nao can't breathe in high altitude but EilaNya could in S2 Ep6, but I won't. Loved this episode, I just hope the next one wouldn't be a bore since it seems it will be training-centric.
>> No. 11729 ID: 989c29
File 147692463693.jpg - (603.10 KB , 2422x2756 , Naoe punch - manira666.jpg )
Retconning the whole not able to breath in high altitude thing was still really dumb.
Next episode does feel like borefest from the premise of it, just Hikari centered and Edytha gets the other spotlight as the mentor.

At least we got Naoe finally smashing a neuroi to hell with her punch, though it lacked so much needed impact to be a memorable scene visually.
>> No. 11734 ID: fc4e35
>though it lacked so much needed impact to be a memorable scene visually.
this shit is ruining this series for me, I hope this week delay forces them to realise just how much of a sham episode 3 was
>> No. 11742 ID: 87bc5a
After catching up with the recent episodes, I just have to say... I think they really fucked up bad on the quality. Like REALLY bad. I tried overlooking it at first, but I just simply cant. The CG isn't just ugly, it's fucking HORRENDOUS! Even worse than KanColle! Like... really!? Even in shots where they are barely moving, and its still using CG! Overall it feels like the whole show has been animated extremely lazily. I'm really not happy about this... at all.

I really liked the visuals of the Strike Witches series, but so far in Brave Witches there's no interesting looking shots or even anything good for making gifs. All the cool animations and movements from the previous shows? We'll never see that again. It's starting to sink in more and more. I'm sure I'll have fun with it of course, but this issue is gonna be extremely distracting for the rest of the series. That is an extremely huge letdown for me personally, especially considering that I'm an artist so anything like this is very glaring to me.

BTW, Japanese fans are complaining about this on Twitter too... like, a lot of them! lol, many of them are talking about the "CG", and when translating it doesn't sound like they are very happy...
>> No. 11743 ID: 4e6362
At least there seems to be a little less focus on constant fanservice.
>> No. 11746 ID: ad63c9
I didn't like the CG, that's all. (from the studio which gave us StB & Prillya, this is unacceptable)

>> No. 11747 ID: fc4e35
Havent seen the latest Illya myself but apparently the quality on that wasn't very good either.

They have 2 movies planned/being produced, no doubt that is eating budget away.
>> No. 11748 ID: ac610b
File 147724030358.png - (493.70 KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2016-10-23-11h26m57s221.png )

Naoe's breathing wasn't an issue; the issue lies with the atmosphere being too thin for her striker unit. Her unit is based on the Mitsubishi A6M Zero (at least that's what the wiki says) which has a service ceiling of 10,000m. Pic related.

I don't have S2 on this system to investigate the EilaNya flight. Sorry.
>> No. 11749 ID: c71750
File 147725393178.jpg - (81.70 KB , 1693x947 , wat.jpg )
>Naoe's breathing wasn't an issue

>> No. 11750 ID: 989c29
File 147725540125.png - (829.83 KB , 512x1500 , Hikari - homaredai.png )
I doubt the week delay has any impact on anything other than fixing some jarring mistakes they found out.

What's even more concerning about the fact how CGI indeed is horrendous, there are still people eating this up just fine and all. Truly they can and will get away with anything as long the otaku don't care and buy in.
There's really nothing that stands out in the production so far save for the backgrounds in first episode, but all pilot episodes are like that for the most part. I've seen some tweets too about the CGI, but it doesn't seem all that vocal to me so far.

But it was an issue as anon already shows above, something that doesn't make any sense now after the S2 magic breathing in stratosphere happened.
>> No. 11751 ID: c71750
File 147725560874.jpg - (151.55 KB , 938x412 , plot armor.jpg )
>I don't have S2 on this system to investigate the EilaNya flight.

They set it up and then dismissed it instantly.
>> No. 11752 ID: ac610b
File 147726087748.png - (366.82 KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2016-10-23-17h07m57s185.png )

It's translated to be a little less urgent in Eila's release.


So they're using the tried and true it's magic, we don't have to explain it tactic. Thanks.
>> No. 11753 ID: dbe310
The quality is really fucking bad. I can't put it any other way. It's not like the technical quality of SW was ever that great, but at least the action sequences felt like action sequences, this is just cheap and lazy.

But as always its the characters that are driving the show and its why I love the franchise. I'm liking Hikari more and more, even though she's all guts and determination it totally fits with the Brave Witches crew. Makes perfect sense why they want to keep her.

The setting is nice and its pretty much feeling like the kind of plot I wanted but holy fuck the series would benefit so much from better production values. Silver Link is really letting the side down. Everything else I'm watching this season looks better than BW.
>> No. 11754 ID: 5ae79b
If I can play a little devils advocate on the breathing thing. Naoe had already been out fighting and flying for an extended period where in S2 the mission was stated and completed over essentially the course of 5 minutes by the 501st. Can it not be left to already depleting a very good portion of magic where the 'protection' magic had already begun to fail? Not to mention in anime land timeline the idea of needing to ascend that high has yet to be treaded in. We never got any info saying actually how much magic if that much at all is used up by the boosters. It was also used very limited by each lift team. Eila using up the most in that case however sure maybe she's countered by never using her shield. The 501st seemed to have calculated all this in their plan. Naoe just crashed herself into her own plan.

Just figured I'd throw this out. Granted I still felt the same as most of you at first with what S2 did, but I wasn't bothered as much it seems.
>> No. 11755 ID: fc4e35
Was thinking about this. IIRC for the booster mission, magic was used to create their own little atmospheric bubble for them to breathe in, not magic simply allowing them to breathe in whatever and be fine.

Nao just came out of battle as the other anon said, and flying for what seemed like hours to find Nipa.
>> No. 11785 ID: 69a4e0
File 147762153855.jpg - (457.98 KB , 1280x720 , [Eila] Brave Witches - 02 (720p)_mkv_snapshot_02_4.jpg )
I only just got off my ass to watch the new stuff, I'm surprised that I 1) like the two new witches and 2) like where they seem to be going with this.

I also appreciate that this season takes place between time periods. Little nods to continuity or mentions of things like "Oh, gotta go to Europe" without explaining immediately why they NEED witches in Europe feel like they're testing my knowledge as a fan. So, like, hearing Onee-sama got an order to go over to Europe it was nice to think to myself "Oh, of course, because the fighting is the worst in that hellhole". It also feels more serious. Hikari doesn't feel like Yoshika, so I hope she doesn't have Yoshika's gimmicks (super friendly and also a serial molester). Not that I dislike Yoshika, but I don't need two of her.

I'm hoping that the series doesn't feel much like the format of S1 and S2 and focuses instead on a storyline, but I'm apprehensive. Surprisingly, I'm liking that the first two episodes were mainly just about building up the new new characters rather than thrusting Hikari into the 502nd immediately.
>> No. 11786 ID: 69a4e0
Also I completely agree with this post.

I just kinda wish it had a better budget, plain and simple.

I like the backgrounds, though.
>> No. 11787 ID: ba8b6e
Yeah, it's a shame the budget was almost non-existent, and it's likely going to be like that for the entire season.

We can only hope that the BDs are going to be better.
>> No. 11788 ID: 69a4e0
File 147762466353.jpg - (127.96 KB , 800x576 , SW_Naoe_awesome.jpg )
All I wanted to see was Naoe's punch gloriously animated. If I can get that even once I'll be happy.
>> No. 11789 ID: 69a4e0
File 147762471098.jpg - (428.30 KB , 1280x720 , [Eila] Brave Witches - 02 (720p)_mkv_snapshot_20_5.jpg )
This was pretty fucking awesome.
>> No. 11791 ID: 3f695a
File 147766819250.jpg - (64.03 KB , 491x713 , Hikari and Takami - renkonan.jpg )
As if you need to be a fan to know that Europe was the center of the war in ww2.
To me all of the director's genki shujinko's feel the same even if they play out a bit differently. Designs wise they are only small variations of each other with Miyafuji, Akane and Hikari. All share the same genki and mamoru qualities. Hikari is super friendly as far it seems to be now, at least she doesn't share the breast fantasizing, instead she's scarsexual.

Well of course the first two episodes were about building the new characters since that's literally copy pasted from S1 and 2 the exact same way. And now imagine having 502nd season without the creation of Hikari's character. Could've been something really fresh for once, but noo.

The backgrounds were gorgeous in the first episode, but that's given since it was the pilot ep and all shows try the same. 2nd episode had no backgrounds at all in comparison, being one of the ugliest episodes I've seen in ages in anime and 3rd one had a great shot with the city and then some woods in the end at least, but nothing spectacular. Well the city shot really was great but it was short.

With the current delay and Silver Link being Silver Link, I'm already pretty much prepared for the worst animated show of the year with this from the shows I've watched. Easily among the weakest shows so far from 8 shows I'm watching this season alone, which pains me greatly inside.
>> No. 11810 ID: 5ec15f
Reminder that Brave Witches continues tomorrow
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