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File 147924672850.jpg - (726.12 KB , 2000x1003 , 4e70f0f1c74c95945bc55a01177b344a.jpg )
11918 No. 11918 ID: 98636b
4chan /tg/ here, trying to run a game, looking for any setting info I can get. It's a pain in the ass trying to piece it together with what little I can find on my own. Any help would be nice. Thanks.
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>> No. 11919 ID: cbd422
File 147924823165.jpg - (404.73 KB , 870x1200 , Amelie - fumikane.jpg )
Could you be more specific on the setting info, what exactly is needed to know more about?
>> No. 11920 ID: 98636b
Details about the various countries (specifically the Balkans, as that's where the campaign is going to be set, but about other areas is good too), neuroi, big events that happen, etc.
>> No. 11924 ID: b9255e
Well, I assume you already use the SW wiki for information about the countries which pretty much have the rough information written out.
As for Balkan region, I don't think that has been covered ever in the franchise.

The first big thing to know I guess is that Ostmark was the country that got hit hardest by the neuroi in the early stages of war and eventually fell into ruins and rubble with millions dying and the rest evacuating elsewhere. And other countries didn't really give a shit about them till the neuroi advanced to west and east.
Also China is a huge uninhabited wasteland for some very Japanese reason. There's also a huge fantasy island in the Pacific full of resources and shit for the Fuso empire to be the world police.
>> No. 11936 ID: 98636b
I don't suppose you lot have translated humikane's tweets?
>> No. 11941 ID: 3f5230
There are translated tweets in the Fumikane twitter thread; >>406
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