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File 147993992392.png - (1.46 MB , 1280x720 , 2016-11-23_22-24-14.png )
11953 No. 11953 ID: 640110
An OK episode IMO, went by a little fast, loved the little cameo though.
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>> No. 11954 ID: 34335d
File 147995459353.jpg - (822.22 KB , 1920x1080 , Santa Eilanya to the rescue.jpg )
Very warm and soft episode.
Nipa is an angel that radiates tanoshii everywhere with her smile and presence.

Having a slice of life kind of episode like this was really nice, I didn't care enough for the neuroi fight at all, it was there, it was meh but good thing it was over so soon this time. Then the Eilanya cavalry to give best fanservice possible. So much fun. Still, not gonna forgive SL for not doing an OVA for them and this 4 minutes of screen time and few lines is saddening.
But at least this is gonna spawn forth lots of Santa related Eilanya's!
>> No. 11958 ID: 3001e5
File 148011828763.jpg - (82.27 KB , 625x1000 , ClassyKrupi.jpg )
Very comfy episode indeed.

Nipa was great as always, and so was Sanya's and Eila's appearance. I'm glad they didn't portray Sanya sleepy this time. Here's hope they actually stay longer than only this episode, because as Eagle has said it, this short clip with them doesn't make up for them not getting their own OVA.

My favourite part of EP7 has to be Krupi and her shenanigans though, the signs around her neck were a nice history-fanservice and the portrayal of her being a womanizer and drinker doesn't go over the top.

These last two episodes really raised my satisfaction with BW so far.
>> No. 11964 ID: 0c6c9f
File 148024373297.png - (1.06 MB , 753x1063 , __eila_ilmatar_juutilainen_nikka_edvardine_katajai.png )
This was indeed a comfy episode.

Plenty of fun slice of life action made this episode really good. The neuroi fight seemed kinda forced in there, but the amount of Nipa screentime and the Eilanya (especially Sanya) cameo more than made up for it. Like you guys, I hope they get more appearances this season, or even their own OVA.

This was my favorite episode so far.
>> No. 11970 ID: bbeb32
Finally got over the initial disappointment and watched latest 6 episodes.

I just can't enjoy this, no matter how much I want to. Overreliance on CG, poor animation, worse fight scene direction than ever before and the shoehorned MC will never stop feeling out place. Kill me.
>> No. 11971 ID: b67d11
File 148042619910.jpg - (66.50 KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Brave Witches - 07 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
One more day until the next episode.
I think I love Edytha's reactions to Krupi's antics as much as I love the antics themselves. Next ep should be great.
>> No. 11972 ID: 0ad0f3
File 14805001275.jpg - (1.33 MB , 1920x2094 , Krupi with a tree.jpg )
We just gotta do what we have and enjoy the little bits there's to it, while accepting the negatives.

That Edy face is really amusing at least.
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