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File 148119638663.jpg - (0.97 MB , 1920x1080 , Break trio key visual - fumikane.jpg )
12013 No. 12013 ID: 82a0ca
Break Witches episode, now with new member Hikari.
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>> No. 12014 ID: 640110
I tried a thing with the OP just for fun https://vid.me/yTP0

As expected lots of atrifacting in high motion parts
>> No. 12021 ID: 44a6c7
Seeing Yoshika & Takami in one scene is quite harsher in hindsight since both Kaneyoshi & Takashi were killed in Bungo Channel..
>> No. 12022 ID: de377b
Very, good thing this is an alternate history
>> No. 12023 ID: 8fdf4b
Awful CGI aside, I'm more and more enjoying the crazy Neuroi designs compared to the boring old "looks like a big plane"
>> No. 12024 ID: 144288
File 14813037073.jpg - (374.18 KB , 2778x475 , S1 neuroi.jpg )
Wow, that makes the cgi models and action look even worse than it already is. Like it comes out now really obvious how poor quality the models are. Also for opening, what they did is just why tier.

I'm sorry you feel that planes are ''boring old'' to you. Especially when the S1 neurois were the absolute best in design and historical references department and this is about real life aces as witches fighting them in aerial combat.
Episode 9 neuroi was the most why tier so far in this entire season. There's nothing good to its design or how it acted out as a foe.
>> No. 12028 ID: b66dee
File 148133146537.jpg - (67.18 KB , 1024x576 , strike-witches-review-screenshot-01.jpg )
Yeah, I find the neuroi that are designed off of real military aircraft (especially modern aircraft) look much more sinister. Something about that familiar, yet unfamiliar look. I have to agree, the neuroi this season are pretty 'meh' because of that.
>> No. 12043 ID: 44a6c7
Looks like Projekt World Witches needs to collaborate with Project Aces so we'll able to see a Neuroified heavy command cruisers & the UAVs..
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