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File 148142282512.png - (1.90 MB , 1920x1080 , 001240rducq.png )
12032 No. 12032 ID: b66dee
Now that the movie has finally been released, I thought we could talk about the dub. I'm sure i'm not the only one who here is a fan of the dub. If you liked the dub, what stands out to you?

Honestly, I was pretty disappointed in the film. Most of the characters didn't seem to fit back in their roles. In the original dub, Leigh Cherami played Yoshika as a lovable spaz, which made her pretty endearing. But in the film, she just sounded so generic. Erica, Perrine, and especially Minna really didn't fit. I still don't know if I should blame lazy acting or bad writing (yes, the film itself is also poorly written). On the other hand, the Trude and Shirley VO's were solidly on point as usual. And Lucchini, who was my least favorite during the series, somehow was one of my favorites in the movie. Go figure.
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>> No. 12033 ID: b66dee
Oh yeah, and most annoying of all: somehow 'Neuroi' became 'Neeeroi'. I mean, come on.
>> No. 12034 ID: bf6e62

Oh right, the movie dub was a thing that happened. Can't say I'm very motivated to watch it. Haven't ever been able to stomach more than five minutes of the dub, mostly because I always remember vid related

>"It divided!" Mio says in her best little boy voice.

Erica's english VA is just weird to me anyways, knowing she wouldn't sound anything like that in reality.
>> No. 12035 ID: bf6e62

Vid embed seems to not be working?

>> No. 12036 ID: 900fd5
While I'll always respect FUNimation and what they do, Strike Witches was NEVER one of their best dubs, the entire dub was ALWAYS a mixed bag.

And the results of the movie maybe due to the fact that it had been years since FUNimation dubbed season 2 and Justin Cook took over for Scott Sager as the voice director......which surprises me since Justin's usually a decent director, but then again like I said, the dub's always been a mixed bag.

Doesn't help that they mispronounced Eila's name, and them not attempting accents was another misfire especially knowing that FUNimation gave the characters accents in Hetalia.
>> No. 12038 ID: 640110
the dub would be fun if they had people from the witches native country dub them
>> No. 12039 ID: b16515
File 148148088614.jpg - (3.40 MB , 3063x2000 , 501st in old national uniforms.jpg )
This so much, then I'd gladly would watch a dub for the fun factor.
Why are producers so unimaginative?
>> No. 12040 ID: d0068c
It's also one of the reasons I decided to watch the sub instead. IMO Shirley's English VA is okay but I much prefer Japanese VA because her voice is so much more gentle, friendly, and soothing. Plus she sounds mature. Maybe I'm biased, idk, but I just personally don't like Shirley's English VA as a person. :/
>> No. 12042 ID: 53a26c
File 148151272046.jpg - (272.84 KB , 1920x1080 , ss+(2016-11-24+at+01_06_59).jpg )
>Strike Witches with a dub like Infinite Stratos
Comedy Gold
>> No. 12046 ID: 43a29c
They still mispronounce Eila, right?
>> No. 12047 ID: b66dee
>Erica's english VA is just weird to me anyways, knowing she wouldn't sound anything like that in reality.

In reality she would speak Japanese? I actually really like Erica's VA. She usually gets type cast as the giggly bubbly type, but she has a much larger range than that. She was great as Birdy.

God no! Everybody says this, but never thinks it through. Whenever American VAs try to do foreign accents, they sound terrible. Like unwatchable. It particularly bugs me when they try to speak German. They just have no clue how to pronounce words.

It didn't occur to me that the director could also have had something to do with it. The whole things just has this attitude of "OK guys, we gotta crank this one out or we'll lose the license. Let's just get it over with so we can all go home."
>> No. 12048 ID: b66dee
>> No. 12049 ID: d0068c
IMO Shirley would have her Japanese VA's voice, but it's changed up a bit, like she speaks English and has an Appalachian accent.
>> No. 12050 ID: bf6e62

In reality she would be speaking English with an authentic German accent, and probably just German in the scenes with other Karlslanders. I'm not saying they should have made the dub that way, but it's the case none the less. Basically we can assume that we don't know most of the witches' 'true voice'.

Regarding the second point, American actors doing bad foreign accents would appeal to most people for the comedy aspect, which would set it apart from normal boring dubs at the very least.
>> No. 12051 ID: 640110
>Whenever American VAs try to do foreign accents, they sound terrible.
Not what I said
>> No. 12057 ID: 8fdf4b
It kind of annoyed the hell out of me that Shizuka kept switching between calling superior officers "Sir" and their rank.
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