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File 148313614498.jpg - (1.14 MB , 800x1131 , 33270247_p0.jpg )
12173 No. 12173 ID: d7434a
Alright, since I'm starting to upload doujinshis I'm going to need some help translating them. Does anyone know a type of service I can use? Also there are old ones I need translated. If there's a service is it cheap or free? Would they translate lewd pictures?
>> No. 12174 ID: 3001e5
Again, sadly all I can offer is the advise to not use Fandom Services.

I hired them once to translate a lewd Witch doujin. It was not worth the high rate at all, they hardly did any research.
>> No. 12175 ID: d7434a

Do you know any decent ones?
>> No. 12180 ID: e0f111

Can you post the doujin? Maybe we can edit it to some semblance of readability.
>> No. 12184 ID: d7434a

Here's the first one. Yearning for speed.

Here's the second one. All I need is the Shirley section of this one translated.
>> No. 12187 ID: bc11f9
Heads up: you posted the same link.
>> No. 12189 ID: 89c37f

Crap. My bad. Here's the second one I was referring to: https://exhentai.org/g/611287/a97298e20d/?p=3
>> No. 12191 ID: f4c758
Anyone can translate this doujinshi?
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