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File 132009628151.png - (23.42KB , 400x400 , that-feel1.png )
1222 No. 1222 ID: fa1e9d
>that feel when this time last year season 2 was airing
>that feel when movie is taking forever and never has news
>that feel when there is shit loads of non anime media and you can't read it all
>that feel when nothing Strike Witches related that isn't the anime will EVER come to your country
>that feel when there are more Strike Witches characters than Touhou characters
that fucking feel when [Underwater] and .mkv
>> No. 1223 ID: b52217
>that feel when movie is taking forever and never has news
>never has news

The mystery character was just revealed few days ago
>> No. 1227 ID: fa1e9d
>appearance revealed
>14 year old student of Mio
Doesn't matter until we get real info
>> No. 1243 ID: fa1e9d
I can't believe how much material this series has. I hope the dropbox is updated often because I've got a lot of shit to download. Are the light novels still getting translated or did britfag give up? The wiki hasn't updated the translation page in quite some time.
>> No. 1246 ID: 235328

>I hope the dropbox is updated often

It's not, not much happens actually so there isn't much need for it.
http://www.mediafire.com/mangafoxlite should have most of the stuff that's marked as translated on the wiki, if not mediafire most likely removed it and you should bitch about it somewhere on this board so it can be uploaded again.

As for the light novels - britfag seems to be working on them, at least he updates the wiki every few months, so he might still be alive. No actually new material though.

Also, as >>1134 mentioned, this isn't 4chan, let's try to express ourselves without
>> No. 1247 ID: fa1e9d
>It's not, not much happens actually so there isn't much need for it.
Didn't the new Zero chapter just come out? And isn't Isle of Wight still getting translated?
I'm not sure I'm just asking.

Has anyone else tried translating the light novels? Are the character CDs, Starlight Streams,OA radio show(what does OA even stand for?) video games, and spin off manga canon?
>> No. 1248 ID: 235328

not much ≠ never
It gets updated when new stuff gets posted here (Zero, Wight, Radio), but it's mostly raw, so not much of interest for the average non-Japanese person.

As for the Wight manga, the translator is busy with other stuff, so only the first two chapters are done.

Don't know if there are other TLs working on stuff because I stopped following 4chan.

As for the canon questions, sort of maybe yes until specifically otherwise stated.
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