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File 148429704765.jpg - (89.28 KB , 960x523 , C2B-b44UUAIy1hS.jpg )
12227 No. 12227 ID: 43a29c
They released some screenshots on Twitter. I thought about making some comparison pics.
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>> No. 12323 ID: 0255c8
Nebber 5get

All they really need to fix is stop the beam from sliding with the pan, and make the explosion more immediate (with the same initial pause we're used to).
>> No. 12325 ID: ba4aa0
This is by far the best part.
>> No. 12360 ID: 6f7e53
I tried to make the cg conversion a bit better by trying to get rid of the low fps motion.

>> No. 12361 ID: 3e2f2e
File 148814938592.jpg - (76.27 KB , 476x870 , 1479948521832.jpg )
>Motion Interpolation
This never works well with standard anime. CGI maybe in some cases, but not something that is already at a low frame count. With that bit you're adding in way too many interpolated frames between what actually exists unfortunately making a worse product.

It won't be perfect.
>> No. 12362 ID: 6f7e53
Yeah I tried but it's so low. A straight up double looked meh too, but I don't think vidme supports 48fps
>> No. 12391 ID: 43a29c
A few comparison clips

>> No. 12392 ID: 3e2f2e
File 148941745616.jpg - (897.29 KB , 1920x1080 , [Eila] Brave Witches 02 [BD 1080p][9B0FB13B]_mkv_s.jpg )
>not posting the most important change

Before: https://files.catbox.moe/utqzce.webm

After: https://files.catbox.moe/h6uisb.webm
>add shrapnel
>wait explosion effect is utilized twice just one is shifted over a bit
>splashes go through smoke
Kishinami has a hard life.
>> No. 12393 ID: 461a5a
File 14894198693.jpg - (46.69 KB , 543x650 , Naoe scar - makaze (t-junction).jpg )
Not sure how to say this but, just with the most of CGI removed for improved traditional visuals, don't really improve the scenes and how they play out and are orchestrated. This frustrates me.
Did the director just somehow go senile after all this time?

Christ, talk about going from where the fence is lowest. At least the water's improved all around.
>> No. 12394 ID: ce923d
File 148945233213.jpg - (205.41 KB , 1280x1440 , ep1diff.jpg )
I've had a shot of compiling a list of differences between the bluray and tv versions of episode 1. I'll get to episode 2 in a day or two.
Please forgive any mistakes.

>> No. 12395 ID: cffa82
File 14894585519.jpg - (113.41 KB , 1027x643 , __eila_ilmatar_juutilainen_nikka_edvardine_katajai.jpg )
Even with some of the CGI replaced, the scenes are mostly janky as the originals. Something of a disappointment.
Sheesh, at least the water looks better.
>> No. 12397 ID: d9e18b
File 148953244655.jpg - (120.21 KB , 2048x544 , erwaszrew567u.jpg )
Great work!

Was there an official explanation for why much of the show was so poorly done?
>> No. 12398 ID: ce923d
Episode 2 done. See you guys next bluray release.
>> No. 12399 ID: ce923d
No idea. I'd guess budget, they'd just finished animating Series 3 of Prisma Illya, and I hear that doesn't sell too great.
>> No. 12402 ID: 0de731
Does it has Himegoe disc..??
>> No. 12404 ID: e0f111

It's simply the curse of the third season.
>> No. 12420 ID: 43a29c
File 149026257519.png - (427.15 KB , 847x474 , 008_2017032221352797c.png )
Petersburg OVA
>> No. 12421 ID: 43a29c
File 149026259845.png - (484.68 KB , 846x475 , 009_20170322213526276.png )
>> No. 12422 ID: 43a29c
File 149026263346.png - (687.29 KB , 848x476 , 010_20170322213525d70.png )
>> No. 12423 ID: 43a29c
File 149026265963.jpg - (196.73 KB , 800x449 , 011A.jpg )
>> No. 12424 ID: 43a29c
File 149026267554.jpg - (176.15 KB , 800x450 , 012a.jpg )
>> No. 12425 ID: 43a29c
File 149026272224.png - (451.70 KB , 845x475 , 014_20170322213544817.png )
>> No. 12426 ID: 43a29c
File 149026275614.png - (410.14 KB , 845x474 , 015_20170322213543d65.png )
>> No. 12427 ID: 43a29c
File 149026277764.png - (598.07 KB , 846x475 , 016_20170322213542760.png )
>> No. 12428 ID: a31956
Where the FUCK is Aurora
>> No. 12429 ID: 8ce7fc
File 14902894115.jpg - (623.27 KB , 700x1250 , Eilanya visits 502nd.jpg )
Oh look, one of the best character interactions imaginable gets on screen now.

You must be fucking joking.

Not in the OVA I guess, maybe just another short cameo. Synopsis after all doesn't speak of her at all. Lame.
>> No. 12430 ID: 43a29c
Towels could be for theater version only.
>> No. 12431 ID: 8ce7fc
Now that would be just silly, because in theatres you're supposed to get the best 'final quality' experience. SW OVA2 had Marseille and Raisa as is in theatre version that came to BD as well.
>> No. 12434 ID: b2388d
Moe intensifies..!!
>> No. 12436 ID: cffa82
So cute!
>> No. 12456 ID: 3f5e11
File 149110387465.jpg - (587.03 KB , 2048x1536 , C8XrfksUwAAlIGZ_jpg orig.jpg )
Sort of unrelated, but everything about this image is deeply saddening.
>> No. 12458 ID: 29a7f2
So.....it's the Japanese equivalent to a Nickelback concert?
>> No. 12468 ID: 2a8722
File 149142659776.jpg - (1.53 MB , 1200x1600 , 3da7bec459bb79ce45e4b918e588bf3a.jpg )
This OVA has a lot of potential.

Rosmann is just punching Krupinski because Krupinski is flirting with guests again right?
Or does Rosmann have some specific reason to be defending Eila?
>> No. 12469 ID: 655df4
File 149144065933.jpg - (34.82 KB , 600x500 , Krupi and Edy familiars 1 - patchimlikit.jpg )
Flirting yes, duh, and her own tsundere feelings towards Krupi seeing her do such things.
>> No. 12471 ID: ce923d
File 149159659952.jpg - (90.08 KB , 1280x720 , tv-09186.jpg )
Just finished going through episode 3 of the blu-ray. Sorry for the huge number of images, they made quite a few small changes.

I'll get to episode 4 probably early next week, I'm busy with work over the weekend.
>> No. 12472 ID: ce923d
Sorry bad link, my bad, final slash shouldn't have been there.

>> No. 12473 ID: 5bff0f
File 149162114345.jpg - (52.57 KB , 482x455 , 1475705597692.jpg )
Omg, you could make a career out of cataloguing all the mistakes they let through.

Have you noticed if the staff changed between the tv show and the blu-ray?
>> No. 12474 ID: 43a29c
>> No. 12475 ID: ce923d
Yeah, they really dropped the ball on the broadcast version, didn't they?

Not sure about any staff changes, I just had a quick check of the OP and ED sequences and didn't see anything immediate, I'll have a proper look back when I do episode 4.
>> No. 12476 ID: ce923d
Episode 4 done. Not as crazy difference heavy as episode 3 was, thank god.

Didn't find anything different with the sauna scene. I checked three times just to be sure. Sorry.
>> No. 12477 ID: 5bff0f
File 149178850065.png - (270.29 KB , 316x460 , derp.png )
my sides

great work btw
>> No. 12614 ID: 4c6264
File 149584170236.jpg - (421.80 KB , 995x1600 , BD and DVD frames.jpg )

Well, looks like the towels will be gone for the OVA's saunas scene BD/DVD release.
Still weird they didn't bother to do that with the TV anime BD's. Sure is inconsistency for whatever reason.
>> No. 12626 ID: d4d373
Very odd indeed.. And I feel sorry with the 502nd because we're unable to see them naked..(for now, at least)..
>> No. 12628 ID: b009a1
Speaking of, still no word on Vol.3 raws online huh? Stopped seeing new updates ever since Nyaa went down... FeelsBadMan
>> No. 12629 ID: ce923d
The person who uploaded the vol 1 and 2 raws says they'll keep at it.
>> No. 12630 ID: 6a6edd
They probably exist on other video rip sites right now. There's no vol. 3 on the alternative nyaa's at the moment (si or cat). Just be patient. Eila will essentially bee the only one that will do them anyway since Bloatgirls and UW are dead.
>> No. 12631 ID: ce923d
Comparisons guy here, I'm now retiming Eila's TV subs to match the BD's, releasing under [Sanya] on Nyaa.si, Pantsu and the front page of my site. Since it's only a quick fix, they should be out within a day or two of a volume being uploaded.
>> No. 12668 ID: 4e6724
File 14973913703.gif - (1.55 MB , 358x318 , chew.gif )
BD3 dropped a few days ago, here's the comparisons for episode 5.

>> No. 12670 ID: 6f7561
That is a great gif.
>> No. 12679 ID: 4e6724
File 149773050453.jpg - (125.00 KB , 1280x720 , bd-19762.jpg )
Episode 6

Sorry for taking my time, this was a really long one. I was going to have some embedded webm's as some of the new stuff is pretty cool but the page already has issues loading on low end hardware and I didn't want to make it any worse.
>> No. 12803 ID: 1b0d83
File 150386438113.jpg - (157.11 KB , 1004x668 , still looks crappy.jpg )
There is a crappy but watchable raw rip up of the OVA. It's uncensored and nsfw.

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