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File 148798237263.jpg - (124.80 KB , 983x674 , ComEAJbWAAEoVTA_jpg orig.jpg )
12351 No. 12351 ID: 15e0a9
Contrail of Witches is now being scanlated by "The Misfits Squadron"! Chapter one is out now! They claim a weekly chapter release schedule.

They claim they're working on translating the Misfit books further as well.


This is their download link:

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>> No. 12352 ID: 3e2f2e
File 14879842567.png - (2.05 MB , 1920x1080 , 1485678312710.png )
>> No. 12354 ID: 78e801
lol, I like how the download doesnt even work~
>> No. 12355 ID: 15e0a9

It doesn't? I didn't check myself, so I apologize. Swear I'm not trying to pull a fast one on anyone. I'm not affiliated with these people at all.

You can read it online here and other manga reupload sites, so it is real. And you can see the updates listed on mangaupdates.

>> No. 12356 ID: 43a29c
Fantastic. Thanks.
>> No. 12377 ID: 57a2d9
Looks like the first 3 chapters have already been translated.
>> No. 12416 ID: f5867f
And chapter 5 starts the much anticipated antics of Yuno Inufusa.
>> No. 12478 ID: 0c0717
God bless witch translators.
>> No. 12505 ID: 662cba
Chapter 6 is out now. The 505 seem really interesting so far.
>> No. 12521 ID: 38c5b9

I can't believe we finally have a face for Adelheid
>> No. 12578 ID: 6f7e53
Any word on updates?
>> No. 12580 ID: 41d7cf
The 7th chapter raws can be found on https://comic.webnewtype.com/contents/world_witchies_cow/7/

Hopefully the next chapter gets translated soon.
>> No. 12625 ID: 6f7e53

7 is now out!
>> No. 12676 ID: 25cd14
CH8 RAW here
>> No. 12678 ID: 8d7d0e
So the extras for chapters 2 and 4 are on Batoto, but I'm not seeing download links in the folder. Is there somewhere else to pick those up?
>> No. 12696 ID: b98967
We have files for the bonus chapters, but we are going to compile all of them into one folder once completed before putting it on our drive. After all the CoW volumes are released that will be our final upload.

-Misfits Squadron

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