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File 150567658773.png - (508.41 KB , 626x890 , 1505650518814.png )
12896 No. 12896 ID: 4ee60f
Noble Witches manga is coming out for few weeks isn't it? Why are there no raws anywhere?
>> No. 12897 ID: 1fc53e
Not sure I understand your grammar right, but the manga started few months ago already.
I suppose you're new to the whole anime/manga hobby, but the simple answer is mostly because people don't really care to scan things in the first place for niche spinoff things unless they're really big and popular shows in the west. These things take time and as well few devoted fans along the long way.
Took a quick glimpse, but the Fuso Sea Incident vol.2 doesn't seem to be fully scanned either for piratefags and it's been over three years by now.
>> No. 12899 ID: 790e9a
Fuso sea incident is a bit different really since it got a western release and is cheap and still in stock, what incentive is there to translate something that's already been done.

At least there's an effort going on for the Mirage Witches manga
>> No. 12900 ID: b681fc
Fuso Sea was just one example to highlight, it took some time before the Aurora manga was fully scanned and translated too.
504th manga has still no scans past volume 1 unfortunately and it's been years. But maybe someday.
>> No. 12901 ID: a9a276
For what I understand, here in Asia, we do get raws almost in the first time, but they tends to got flushed away and deleted, usually a week or two, since their server will only hold a maximum of around 50 posted threads
>> No. 13142 ID: ef3690
Noble witches manga already came out for few months. here's the manga's latest RAW. it might get removed in few days.
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