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File 132110213113.jpg - (1.02MB , 2115x1511 , 1283034984741.jpg )
1370 No. 1370 ID: f03502
I was wondering this on my own, I know that the witches aren't a carbon copy of the pilots for a myriad of reasons, but how much are they at all?

The main reason I thought of this was Perrine's obsession with rebuilding Gallia. I want to say it's similar to Pierre's but he was off in the USA when the war started. He did fight in the Free-French Airfoce later but Perrine's devoutness borders on the obsessive and insane.

Also, does anyone else have similar opinions or ideas or am I just over analyzing yet another part of Strike Witches?
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>> No. 1389 ID: ffa5f6
Clostermann was rejected by the AdlA and went to the US to get a degree as an aeronautical engineer, since that degree and a good set of eyes would basically guarantee him a job as a pilot. after the war he used that degree to work at Cessna designing civilian planes, then became a politician, which is the closest to Perrine he got the entire time.

TBH the girls in the 501st adhere more closely to standard anime tropes than they do their archetypes in terms of personality. Erich Hartmann was more type A than Erica, Gerd Barkhorn was less Type A than Trude, and I somehow don't see any resemblance at all between Francesca and Franco.
>> No. 1396 ID: a60d46
what about Yeager?
>> No. 1402 ID: c219e9
Chuck Yeager really was a buxom redhead with DDD tits, so it's pretty spot-on.
>> No. 1403 ID: c75914
Maybe they got the name from Chuck and the bod from Bunny Yeager the 50's "pin-up Queen" turned Playboy Playmate photographer. (thence the "Glamorous Shirley" on her plane).
>> No. 1406 ID: c219e9
I'm pretty sure "Glamorous Shirley" comes from the name of all of Yeager's planes: "Glamorous Glenda."
>> No. 1498 ID: 9e9eac
File 132210655976.jpg - (339.45KB , 2938x1812 , Chuck_Yeager.jpg )

You mean Glamorous Glennis?
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