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File 152127298781.jpg - (37.42 KB , 300x245 , KAXA-7121.jpg )
13754 No. 13754 ID: 3710ce
Hi everyone, I'm Selling my SW collection. This include Aurora no Mahou tachi, Fusou 1937, SW 1.5, and O.V.A. limited editon BD plus preorder bonus.

This merchandising are in Colombia, I'll wish this merchandising would be in the hands of someone who knows how to appreciate it.
>> No. 13755 ID: 98c9c4
Hello, why are you selling your SW Collection?
By the way, I'm from South America too.
>> No. 13756 ID: f86b8d
Well really I was organized and I need some space, but before to sell to any anime store I prefer offer to this wonderful community, people who really know the love for the Witches.

I pretend sell all for $50 USD ($150.000 COP)this for personal delivery.
>> No. 13757 ID: f86b8d
Tomorrow I'll up the offer to OLX, if any of you are interested for contact.
>> No. 13758 ID: 98c9c4
Do you have FB?
>> No. 13759 ID: 98c9c4
Did you up the collection in OLX?
Where is it?
>> No. 13788 ID: 98c9c4
Hi, did you put the collection in the OLX page?
>> No. 13789 ID: 6854e0
yes, here is the post (^.^)/

>> No. 13790 ID: 98c9c4
I'm interested. I'm a great SW fan. I'd like to talk about it, but I don't use OLX. How can I contact you?
>> No. 13792 ID: 6854e0
ok, respondi tu mensaje en OLX con mi número de WA (^.^)
>> No. 13793 ID: 98c9c4
Dónde, solo veo mis mensajes, pero no los tuyos.
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