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File 152362556235.png - (298.67 KB , 617x853 , bw2.png )
13839 No. 13839 ID: 4ee60f
Brave Witches S2 confirmed.
>> No. 13840 ID: f5a932
From what I understand, that message is actually just saying they're rebranding the twitter account as the general World Witches account and dropping the Brave Witches focus. Could be wrong.
>> No. 13841 ID: ec0ccb
It's basically this. Lrn to moon OP or ask a friend if you don't know.
This is not what announcements look like and the response from users would be different on twitter too, it's another normal day for the nips on twitter.
>> No. 13842 ID: f5a932

This article makes things more clear, it's just about the twitter account management.
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