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File 153103061292.jpg - (211.46 KB , 1477x1108 , Dhj1vRNUcAAr3Uh.jpg )
13939 No. 13939 ID: 0651b3
Are you ready for any possible announcement?
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>> No. 13940 ID: 0651b3
File 153103758451.jpg - (116.42 KB , 960x720 , DhkVyOtVAAApKPo.jpg )

ストライクウィッチーズ ROAD to BERLIN


⭐️ワールドウィッチーズシリーズ 501部隊発進しますっ!

From: https://twitter.com/w_witch_anime/status/1015869481946451969
>> No. 13941 ID: 0651b3
File 153103907315.jpg - (154.17 KB , 1160x652 , DhkZPL8U8AEuULq.jpg )
>> No. 13943 ID: 7ebd6c
>Animation by david production
>> No. 13944 ID: f5a932
What a glorious day.
>> No. 13945 ID: 25a078
Expecting Jojo-esque quality, which is gureato daze..
>> No. 13946 ID: 8913c0
And the problem is, where's (s)Kotori(/s) Shizuka & Heidi..?
>> No. 13947 ID: 1e317c
Not one but three TV series? Jesus Christ.
>> No. 13950 ID: 0ebdc7
File 153105715990.jpg - (796.51 KB , 1151x2048 , IMG_20180708_223024.jpg )
That was worth the trip.

I don't think I'll forget everyone cheering when Yoshika appeared on screen and the build up to the RtB trailer. The way they set it up it they showed the trailer after a drama about 501 and 502 working together. They had static backgrounds projected throughout that and when the trailer started it seemed like it was going to be an extension to the drama before it became obvious what was going on.

Also there's going to be new Missfits book and drama CD in October. Not sure if that news came out, I'm just catching up with things.
>> No. 13951 ID: cbca29
>new misfits book
Hey maybe the old one will get a finished translation now.
>> No. 13958 ID: 2025e1
>david pro is made up of former gonzo employees
Welcome home to the 501, tears were shed during the pv, because mah girls are back. all the crotch was glorious too.
>> No. 13959 ID: bd2f98
The love is alive and well!

I'm sad I misscheduled some stuff I did in Japan so i couldnt go but all this news is hyyyyyyype!!!!
>> No. 13960 ID: 105f61
File 153109145035.jpg - (93.01 KB , 1920x1080 , zero.jpg )
We'll finally get to see Mio fighting in a zero, right?

>> No. 13962 ID: 846fec
Heard the same from a friend who was at the event. He said crowd was going batshit insane during RtB and 501 Butai Hasshinshimasu reveal. I would've screamed like a girl too
>> No. 13963 ID: f5a932
Is there any chance videos of it have made their way around?
>> No. 13964 ID: 846fec
Unfortunately, we don't know anyone that has/took a video. No pics/vids were allowed to be taken inside the hall
>> No. 13965 ID: 1e317c
I hope not. It's just silly and she should die almost instantly like male pilots do.
>> No. 13966 ID: 7ebd6c
>> No. 13967 ID: a67c53
I hope that too.

The reboot that starts this October could be good.
>> No. 13968 ID: 5198df
And as always, the 501 will solve everything while the others squads are just a bunch of idiots
>> No. 13969 ID: ecc219
Mio is officially the 501's papa, providing training and fatherly encouragement, as well as air dropping supplies and extra strikers in emergencies.
>> No. 13970 ID: 5d6428
I'm just hoping that Yoshika didn't get another power up, her shield is already big enough..

Still waiting for Yoshika x Hikari x Nao..
>> No. 13971 ID: ff24fe
My love is alive and well!
>> No. 13975 ID: 0464f9
Why can't I hold all these strike witches series?
>> No. 13977 ID: d2706e
Can someone translate what Yoshika says at the end of the trailer?
>> No. 13984 ID: 07540c
Althought that..... I still wants to protect!
sounds like something big will happen
>> No. 13992 ID: 8344b3
Except that other witch units have been shown as being just as competent as the 501st are.

The 501st however is merely noted in universe as consisting of witches who are either the most veteran of combat experience, the most magically gifted and high potential, the most tactically savy and the most talented military witches.

It dosen't mean that the other witches of other units and JFW's are "idiots", just that whole the other Joint fighter wings consist of some of the best witches in the ranks: the 501st are the best of the best, the most experienced and veteran witches and the most talented of their peers.

The claim and deriden that other witches who aren't the 501st are "idiots" is frankly a projection not based or grounded in reality or truth, or of objective fact.
>> No. 13994 ID: 846fec
>> No. 13995 ID: 846fec

LUL. My sides. Other witches have shown that they are competent as 501? Sure bud. Let's see

502: Take away Krupinski and you got fodders. You seriously expect Georgette and Shimohara to be any useful when Kanno will charge in brainlessly?
503: 0 info about them
504: Ah yes. A unit that got wiped out by trying to make contact with Neuroi and reformed after 501 free'd Romanga. My my, such stronk witches
505: "The reason they were being call the "Mirage Witches" is because of how good they were in retreating battles.". Grete turned out to be a decent tactician but rest, especially Constantia, and Inufusa turned out to be fodders to showcase Grete
506: Yes,yes, bunch of witches fighting themselves and not neurois k
507: The only group who actually can be compared to 501

Before you write your second bible, please go and explain how those are " just as competent as the 501st are" in your exact words
>> No. 13997 ID: ce4759

Don't forget the 502's trump card: Takami. Who's brilliant strategy for using the power that leaves her incredibly vulnerable was to fly in alone with no support.
>> No. 13998 ID: 9aa494
>502: Take away Krupinski and you got fodders. You seriously expect Georgette and Shimohara to be any useful when Kanno will charge in brainlessly?

Well, SadaJo are basically a 502nd equivalent of YoshiLynne..
>> No. 13999 ID: d2ef11
That's why I didn't like "501st are better while the rest of JFWs are shit" things..

All witches are the best..
>> No. 14000 ID: b1d23a
>502: Take away Krupinski and you got fodders.

Rall is the #3 ace of the war, Sasha is #2 Russian ace of the war and Russians fought Germans not farmed Il-2 formations for inflated scores.

501 generally has the highest concentration of top aces but other wings are not significantly weaker.
>> No. 14001 ID: 246754
And Sadako was mentored by Mio during the Libau campaign..
>> No. 14005 ID: 8344b3
Clearly your not being objective, either that your your simply not well informed about each of the witches, as all the witches of the JFW consist of commendable witches in their own right.

How are the witches outside of the 501st just as competent, in my own words? Because each and every witch has had either a sufficient degree of practical combat experience, extensive training experience, extensive educational tutelage, impressive raw talent, high magical potential or some combination their of, and more to the point, have both as individuals and as a unit, both prior to serving in Joint Fighter Wing's and after serving in Joint Fighter Wing's; have made great accomplishments and faced many tribulations and gained a great deal of learning experience and honed themselves as witches in the 2nd Neruoi war against great enemy threats and tactics and participated and fought in some of the most intense, desperate or challenging battles and conditions in the war. Actual knowledge of the various witches of thee JFW's would show this clearly.

The 502nd has witches still has not only Karlslands 3rd Greatest witch ace:Gundula Rall, as it's commander, but also Aleksandra I. Pokryshkin magical photographic memory that can remember fine details of anything she uses her magic on to remember experiences and events and objects; which from a mechanical engineering and tactical aspect is highly valuable, not to mention that she's one of Ourssia's top aces. Waltrud Krupinski herself is a veteran ace witch with many shoot downs of neuroi air units under her belt and rich combat experience. Georgette meanwhile is a witch of stated and shown tenacity in battle, exceptional defensive fighting technique, and her healing talents and how they work make her valuable in colder theaters like Orussia or winter ops. Sadako meanwhile has nigh vision magic, had fought in battle since Libau under Mio Sakamoto and is a witch who is skilled in air crew survival training and not only is learned in literature and history she also has learened how to essentailly improvise in combat and has a knowledge gunpoweder and archery; hell she was able to make bows and arrows from scratched, the latter improvised with arrow head tips made of bullet casings and gun powder and magic mass to kill a neuroi in winter.Edytha Roßmann is also not only a veteran combat witch of lengthy experience but a skilled witch instructor well versed in magical theory, both academic and practical application, and is a master and teacher of magical control, to the point she can easily walk on water using her shield as a stepping stone or using said shield to climb up 90 degree angles with ease and without hand holds and is a clever tactical witch. While Nipa is assuredly an unlucky witch;she is far from cannon fodder given she has had combat experience fighting in her native Suomus sure she has bad luck in destroying her strikers quite regularly: she is never the less a excellent ace; because hey; even the best aces have crashes and runs of bad luck sometimes. Plus she has magic that heals any wounds she sustains in battle. And then their's Naoe: took part in Operation Barbarossa. Assigned to the ground units, she provided inland support for the Petersburg Invasion Operation. Afterwards, she took up the duty of defending Petersburg. Not to mention she is not only a ferocious fighter; she can freaking punch neuroi to death with her magically encased, bare fists. And Tamaki is assuredly also a experienced and veteran witch who also fought in Libau to the point of being a well known war hero, especially back in her home town. Hikari may have the lowest amount of overall experience in battle and low amount of magical potential, and that is merely a statement of fact, she dos however have with her a great amount of physical endurance and raw gumption and stubbornness and courage to push herself, even though admittedly it can at time get to the point of being self destructive, but it cannot be denied that she has a lot of potential for being a raw recruit of somewhat greater limitations compared to her peers.

Just from the 502nd alone: what part of any of that or any of these witches say's "cannon fodder witches". Such a claim does not come across as either truthful, factual, objective or accurate. Hell, we actually see the 502nd accomplish a great amount of victories against formidable neuroi units, some of which would be a match for the 501st and give the 501st a run for their money.
>> No. 14006 ID: 85284b
> 506: Yes,yes, bunch of witches fighting themselves and not neurois k

Umm, Heinrike & Marian are basically 506nd version of Trude & Shirley.

Trude & Shirley often arguing each other and Perrine being jelly to Yoshika, nobody cares..
>> No. 14007 ID: 85284b
That's why I'm quite torn with RtB & BandoWitches announcement. I mean, why they make a 4-koma based anime instead of BW S2 & NW OVAs..
>> No. 14026 ID: fec80d
I'd like to see WW x Granblue event..

Yoshika & Georgette as the healer would be epic..
>> No. 14045 ID: 657da5
I wonder if the rest of 501st will call Yoshika with her given name..?
>> No. 14046 ID: a7b530
I highly doubt that
>> No. 14047 ID: 2f4209
Why, because they put Yoshika in high regard due to she being Prof. Ichiro's daughter and having the largest magic power..?
>> No. 14049 ID: 1d1022
With certain exceptions, the Witches are primarily referred to by their last names (much like the actual military) and they've been pretty consistent about that

You really think that's gonna change anytime soon?
>> No. 14050 ID: 0ba933
It doesn't have to be the rest of them..(probably only Perrine & Minna when not in battle)

I'm quite spoiled with the fact that 502nd & Eila are gradually called Hikari with her given name..

BTW, I wonder if YoshiLynne will get Shinden 2/3 & Meteor..?
>> No. 14059 ID: 846fec

JFC. Lots of words there but all fluff. All you did was literally state each of 502 member's magic power. But how is that relevant to fighting Neurois again? What does Nipa's self healing ability have to do with how strong 502 is? If Nipa's bad luck gets her one of her leg blown off and makes her lose striker unit. You think Neurois will wait for her to regenerate her leg? LOL

Gundula Rall: Yes she was one of top witches in Karsland and I knew that but she was also injured making her incapable of battling Neurois. Or at least unable to battle consistently.

Pokryshkin: Yes. She has photographic memory that is great for repairing units. But remember, these witches are part of JFW, an Air Force. Ground units are different units as shown by Aurora and mankind's tank&troops. So other than once in a blue moon camouflage flying Neurois who happen to invade a empty town (LUL) what can she do that's so special compared to others

Krupinski: Yes. As I mentioned previously, one of best witches in their world. Nothing to write here

Georgette: LOL. Man YOU even had hard time writing any value she can offer for 502. That says a lot about her. So she's a typical common healing witch except that gets fatigued/hot easily. Even 506's Malvezzi would be better than her

Sadako: I was wrong about her I admit. I forgot she was with Mio in Libau so she's fully capable of taking herself.

Roßmann: She was a prodigy teacher just like you said, but however her limit was shown by Hikari that even a prodigy can't turn shit into gold. In addition, we are talking about 502 and other UNITS not just members. Other than teaching, she's still too small to do any real battle like Sanya. She can literally be put in a other Unit and 502 wouldn't change. At least if you put Sanya out of 501 then they wouldn't have a Night Witch protection.

Nipa: Middle of the pack Suomus witch that gets shafted everyday. Often feels like her "bad luck" is part of her magic power. As I mentioned before, it's great you mentioned her self healing ability but that's fucking useless when your legs gets blown off and striker unit falls off. She's a typical common military that is nothing special compared to all other witches

Naoe: Sorry but CQC is meant for ground units. EX. Aurora & OVA 3. Air Force relying on physically contacting Neurois is on verge of autistic. Hence, such reaction when Mio cut laser beam with sword because no one is stupid enough to try such thing. Except Mio was FORCED to use Reppuzan cause she was almost sapped out of magic and not by choice.

Hikari: Fucking LOL. Her character itself is retarded to begin with but she's useless too. Miya Misumi (yes, that extra capable witch in the academy at ep1) would have been a far better choice. At least she knew how to fucking fly plus Roßman would have fixed up her fine.

Takami. Well, I didn't really count her in 502 as she chose not to say in the end. But she's one of top ace as mentioned

"502nd accomplish a great amount of victories against formidable neuroi units, some of which would be a match for the 501st and give the 501st a run for their money."

Yes, sure we totally saw how 502 were LITERALLY SPOON-FED MAGIC ATOMIC BOMB AND FAILED. Holy fucking shit man, how do you fuck up that badly. They only did it by Hikari's lucky one bullet. LOL

Meanwhile 501 not only had to battle Neurois but mandkind and their latest tech. They kept getting shafted in S1 due to Maloney and S2 Captain thought he was a badass thinking crashing a ship into the core was a great idea. But at least they managed to do it unlike 502 who couldn't even crash anything on to the core.

Imagine if 501 only had to deliver a magic bomb instead of facing 1v2 every damn time. Or a better question is, would 502 be able even able to take out Warlock in first place not even counting other Neurois and its den.

You can go on praise how great 502 is but when looking at the Unit as a whole, then they are nothing more than common witches just like all others. Meanwhile 501 is on whole different level and that's due to cream of the crop aces, elite of elites and nearly everyone is a prodigy of somekind. Yes comparing 501 to any other is like comparing man to an ant
>> No. 14060 ID: 846fec
That also reminds me of Humikane's tweet when BW was broadcasting; That 501 cannot be compared to other JFW units such as 502.
I remember him saying along the line of 501 being first JFW thus only top aces were recruited to represent their homeland country (aka muscle flexing military power) meanwhile other JFWs were average people born with special ability serving in the military thus they should be compared with each other and not 501.
>> No. 14062 ID: 250d66
> Even 506's Malvezzi would be better than her

Hang on, I'm quite triggered with that statement xD. Even Lucchini says that Fer's healing magic feels weird comparing with Yoshika..

Except for Lynne at first, because she's a rookie by the time Yoshika arrived (Minna could scouts Wilma, but she's about to past her prime).

I think Humi said that we can't comparing any JFWs because all JFWs are unique in their own ways..

BTW, did anyone noticed that Yoshika is using the Shiden during the B-17 launch..?
>> No. 14070 ID: 8344b3
Fluff how exactly? I'm outlining each and every one of the 502nd's abilities, and thats not even including the fact that each member of the 502nd aside from Hikari has had extensive military training and experience and by all accounts they are more than fairly competent, experienced and capable. As for how the witches magical power relate to fighting neuroi: maybe fact that the witches that use these powers use them to fight Neruoi, because as witches they are magical air infantry soldiers who make use of these abilities? Also as far as we have seen striker units getting destroyed or blowing up don't cause witches to loose their legs; we have been shown evidence of this when Sanya's striker was destroyed by a Neruoi beam attack and despite one of her strikers being lose: she still had her leg. Clearly this shows that the pocket dimension that witches stick their legs in, as well as some possible intended safety feature, prevents this hypothetical situation from happening. So to bring it up is a red herring and has no bearing on the subject at hand.

For Rall while she is wounded and may not sortie as much as she has in the past, that doesn't mean that she is unable and incapable of fighting if need be since she has even despite her injury, or the fact she is clearly a very competent and shrewd strategist, tactical and a strong leader; which is just as vital in military life as anything else; not all officers and commanders lead from the front after all.

Pokryshkin:: her magical photographic memory is able to be applied to so much more than just for repairing striker units; she can use it as a means of remembering details about any given specific battlefield and battlefield details or mission objective, or for being able to store and remember information about any given Neruoi unit she fights so she knows best what it's strengths it and units like it has and the weaknesses it may have to exploit. This is a valuable ability and the fact thatshe is in fact Orussia's top ace witch (which implies that she has a lot of experience and a lot of enemy kills under her belt)has made textbook tactical execution of the evacuations of Karlsland and Orussia and is apparently highly valued as a combat instructor. All this implies that she is no slouch in the slightest.

Georgette:Just her being a healing alone is considered valuable given that Healing witches are implied as being a bit uncommon but highly coveted for their healing powers.Even considering the sorts of drawbacks she has to face while trying to use her power: because it's better to have a witch that can heal and stabilize people then to not have one at all. Plus as it is: Georgette isn't considered, treated or shown to be a bad, or useless witch, just different, ad apparently for her healing magic is a blessing in winter environments like we see in the Brave Witches Anime.Not to mention that she also fought during Gallias battles when the Neruoi first invaded her country so she has practical combat experience, and intensive practical combat experience at that; escorting Gallian ships and having confirmed kills of Neruoi aircraft under her belt.

Roßmann:Except for the fact that Roßmann was able to at the very least greatly improve Hikari's ability and acumen as a witch and made her grow and work towards working within her limits to net better results. Also I don't take the claim that Roßmann's small size means she isn't able to do any kind of direct fighting or be able to fight at all seriously.... especially when you look at Lucchini from the 501st who is a 12 to 13 year old child and the size of a 12 to 13 year old child, yet is not only a child prodigy: she is able to actually fight barrel to beam port with Neuroi in direct combat. And when looking at Roßmann's history and biography: she is an outright stated Veteran with a lengthy military service record,and being stated to have ace level ability.

Nipa: This kind of ignores her combat experience fighting in her homeland of Suomus against, tough, numerous and powerful neuroi units, ergo she has had considerable experience, or the fact that witches are shown to actually be much tougher then a normal human thanks to their magic.As it is you keep trying bring up the alleged scenario of "legs blown off and units fall off" ect, but they are frankly at this point a red herring. Also as it stands; there's no evidence that Nipa's back luck is related in anyway to her magic: for all we know Nipa was unlucky before her magic in anyway awakened.

Naoe:Air infantry witches are still infantry despite flying in the air; so they have infantry training.Not to mention that it's seen that use of blades like knifes and swords in battles against Neruoi have managed to focus a lot of magic mass into said blades to provide more destructive power and potential in breahing tough neuroi armor that conventional bullets might not be able to provide or alternatively to fall back on when a witch runs out of ammo. All Naoe has done is do a slimier thing but instead using her fists by condensing hr shield into her fists to punch the crap out of neuroi; she is basically the one punch witch. Also, as someone who IS autistic; don't use autism as a projective slur and insult; it's ignorant, abalist and offensive.

Hikari: You haven't done anything to outline how or why she isn't a viable witch outside of insults that aren't actual logical, rational, critical or valid arguments; they are just banal insults and Argumentum ad hominem; in other words a logical fallacy. She has low magical potential but she is a witch who is able to perform the basics and has a lot of endurance, gumption and a willingness to better herself and learn and that's an important trait. Plus her magic eyes, while different from Tamaki's; still prove themselves valuable.
>> No. 14093 ID: 2a1ca9
>> No. 14094 ID: 896358

After so many years imagining how she would sound, finally I can hear Tomoko's voice.
>> No. 14095 ID: 2a1ca9
Was it as you imagined?
>> No. 14097 ID: 896358

Tomoko: Yes, it's perfect.
Haruka: A little bit high-pitched, but it's okay.
Elizabeth: I didn't think she'd have such a mature voice, but it fits her.
Katharine: Her voice is weird.
>> No. 14102 ID: 83451c
The time has come.
Suomus Iranko Chuutai ReBOOT v01 is now officially on sale.
>> No. 14103 ID: bc11f9
File 153846410775.jpg - (596.53 KB , 2543x1777 , DoaS877UwAA-1K4.jpg )
Official illustrations by Tukinami
>> No. 14104 ID: bc11f9
File 153846412255.jpg - (2.67 MB , 3276x2201 , DoaS_QaVsAAlxKv.jpg )
>> No. 14130 ID: 4184c9
>> No. 14131 ID: 4184c9
File 153869327789.jpg - (2.26 MB , 3968x2976 , IMG_20181004_152054.jpg )
I liked Katherine's voice. She's never really been one of my favourite witches, but with this voice she stood out a little more for me. Hanamori Yumiri as Haruka was interesting; I'm not sure it suits her 100%, but I liked Yuru Camp, so it's nice to hear her again.
>> No. 14246 ID: 1aac6d
Any chances of audio CDs of Misfits reboot being shared online anytime soon? Just wonderin'!
>> No. 14295 ID: e8f9d6
>10 years
holy shit
>> No. 14296 ID: fb589e
File 154510508839.jpg - (135.77 KB , 1280x1024 , 36cf8a18d3918a2b83fa2ab2b2da3c8a.jpg )
>10 years

Unbelievable right? I remember saving SW images all the way back in 2006.

On a side note I really need to fix the timestamp on this goddamn site one of these days.
>> No. 14297 ID: e8f9d6
what are those extra digits even?
>> No. 14298 ID: 7c7c7f
What digits?
>> No. 14301 ID: e8f9d6
the extra numbers on the timestamp
>> No. 14308 ID: 2a129a
I don't know if it's because something's broken in your browser or what, but the way it's currently setup is like this:

Year - month - day - time - post number - and user ID. And the below it, the servers filename and the uploaded filename.

If you're seeing something besides those something must be broken.
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