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File 153106681249.png - (292.68 KB , 794x590 , mainvisual.png )
13952 No. 13952 ID: bc11f9
Now we've got real idols.
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>> No. 13953 ID: bc11f9
File 153106687320.png - (129.58 KB , 794x504 , Jeannie.png )
Virginia Robertson, based on Scottish folk singer Jeannie Robertson.
>> No. 13954 ID: bc11f9
File 153106691650.png - (92.02 KB , 794x516 , Inorin.png )
Shibuya Inori, based on Japanese "Queen of Blues" Awaya Noriko.
>> No. 13955 ID: bc11f9
File 15310669665.png - (100.78 KB , 794x558 , Milasha.png )
Lyudmila Andreyevna Ruslanova, based of Russian folk singer Lidia Andreyevna Ruslanova.
>> No. 13956 ID: b536e5
If 501st=Muse & 502nd=Aqours, then this=PDP..??
>> No. 13957 ID: 364eba
File 153107986748.jpg - (222.18 KB , 956x1350 , IMG_20180708_140624.jpg )
Ahem T H I I I C C C C
>> No. 13961 ID: 3f413f
It says Music Witches in the image and Idol Witches on the site for the title and there's Band Witches as well.
Sure is triangle of words.
Glad the MC is not Fusoan for this one, not so glad they're actually gonna go for idols approach with the franchise in the future.
Still though curious to see what the rest of the idols will look like from Liberion, Suomus and Romagnia at least.
>> No. 13973 ID: 521a62
I wonder if some of LL VAs will join as well..?
>> No. 13974 ID: bc11f9
File 153135662849.jpg - (76.39 KB , 593x838 , DhuZkKPVAAEH1n2.jpg )
Looks like they're taking suggestions for the project's name and the name of the unit. Anyone got something good?
>> No. 13976 ID: 8d6c85
Is this just me or Virginia is basically teen Alice..?
>> No. 13985 ID: 8f1e93
File 153161319046.jpg - (93.67 KB , 956x1350 , IMG_20180712_162831.jpg )
What a good cat.
>> No. 13986 ID: 3f4968
Thicc witch is good witch
>> No. 13987 ID: 5061d9
I love that they based them on folk singers. I wonder what the songs will be. I'm flashing to things like Katyusha from GuP.
>> No. 13988 ID: 316e43
Well, Lidia Ruslanova was singing Katyusha..
>> No. 13989 ID: 8f1e93
File 15316848161.jpg - (606.11 KB , 1754x2480 , IMG_20180715_152135.jpg )
>> No. 13990 ID: 8f1e93
File 153168507374.jpg - (187.45 KB , 1300x900 , IMG_20180715_094232.jpg )
Also using a Jet Striker as an amp yelling at the neuroi to listen to your song.
>> No. 13991 ID: 8344b3
To be fair, it dosen't appear that the "Idol Witches" are going to be the only thing that the strike witches/world witches series will be doing; other projects are also apparently slated in the future.

What's more, given how Strike Witches showcased Minna singing her worlds version of Lili Marleen, it's likely that we will see the idol witches singing their worlds versions of 1940's era music and songs of the Second Great War, given that each of the idol witches are based after 1940's wartime singers and war idols who sang in that time period.

It would also make for some interesting world building and expansion as well as seeing what non-infantry witches would be doing in the 2nd Neruoi war. I mean in other media witches exist in other aspects of life other then in your standard rank and file Mechanized Air infantry or Mechanized Armored Infantry; we have night witches, high altitude flight witches, and in supplemental materials witches also are responsible for creating magically treated specialty witch clothing for most witch soldiers or creating magically enhanced witch combat rounds for armored infantry and Witch PR and war photography units; so seeing what it would be like for witches working as wartime singers and idols and how that would look like and would influence people would actually make for some interesting storytelling and world building.

Plus, knowing how the series tends to focus on character building, character development and the relationships of character interaction of it's cast; it's likely they will make things rather interesting and engaging.

Granted I'm not really a fan or have much interest in idol series in general since, well, it dosn't really tickle my fancy as a genre.... but I'd be lying if I said that the idol witches didn't interest me or if I didn't have decently good hopes that it would be a good watch.

Plus the concept has been hinted at for a few years now what with official art showcasing the 501st and 502nd in idol attire: so for me at least it would be interesting to see the Idol witches and their journey/story as characters.
>> No. 13993 ID: 8d7d0e
Dancing Witches?
>> No. 13996 ID: 653dbb
>knowing how the series tends to focus on character building, character development and the relationships of character interaction of it's cast; it's likely they will make things rather interesting and engaging.

I think you're being slightly overly hopeful into this as you mentioned considering where we're coming from with BW anime and its terrible character building, development and the relationships focus on top of animation despite same old staff making the anime. They can make things interesting but at the same time it doesn't mean they will, since anime has become this incredibly conveyor belt style product to do in the industry and tons of Kadokawa produced anime tend to be quite meh with lowest bar approach past several years. The staff can't do magic with goodwill budget alone.
Obviously money is the biggest incentive here that they're going with idol spin-off approach and not something else, since it's a market to be tapped into where they can have concerts, billions of merch and sponsor deals, let's just hope the end product is good.
>> No. 14013 ID: 8344b3
While Brave witches was an installment with a few of it's flaws compared to it's predecessor: I earnestly don't think it isn't nearly as bad as people may think it is. The World Building in Brave witches was good. The characters were perfectly decent and engaging in terms of character building and interactions and relation ships. At least as far as those factors of Brave Witches it wasn't all that bad, and while the pacing was slightly rushed in a few parts and moments in Brave witches: it wasn't too rushed at least from what I saw overall.

The skepticism also dosen't account for the rest of the Strike Witches installments from the Strike Witches Season 1, Season 2 and Movie, the OVA series and the other non-animated source material and stories of the series and some of the talented, quality folks behind the over site of those series. Strike Witches may assuredly be a multi-media franchise series; but it is far from being a "conveyor belt style product" given the overall quality and attention to detail and compelling world building and characters of the series compared to other franchises; and to claim it as being a conveyor belt style product is both inaccurate and really not fair or giving the series credit.

Now if one were to criticize the CGI quality being, even for a die hard fan of the series, indefensibly bad in it's TV release and the hand drawn animation being merely average then that would probably be an understandably set of points. But even with that in mind: it still decently okay, or at worst simply serviceable.
>> No. 14016 ID: f9af58
You're responding to someone who feels his opinions are law for the series and fandom. You aren't going to get through his thick skull.

With that you aren't alone with your thoughts either. The CG and production value were the weakest thing to me as well. There was nothing wrong with the characters or Hikari. Takami maybe but that's another argument. I enjoyed Brave Witches and would like more some day.

The idols could be good. I think the best thing going for them is that they're original so no one can throw the ruined characters argument into the mix. As for what the show itself is like we have three years to guess. Hell I thought Uma Musume would be a really dumb idol show for two years, but it turned into one of my overall favorite series. Hopes like >>13990 and thicc cat will keep me going.
>> No. 14017 ID: 4a8255
Well, respectful, nuanced discourse never hurt right? Besides, it's a little tiring hearing uncritical nay-saying.

Each of the characters of Brave witches: I will agree: are still very good or at least decent to watch and listen to and seeing how they interact and how their stories play out.

In defense of Tamaki: I don't think she is really that bad, and for her behavior and actions in the second half; it does make some sense even for an other wise warm, friendly, caring girl like her to act as she did if you consider the following:

1. Tamaki was originally supposed to be assigned to the 502nd while her sister was to be assigned to a reserve unit not assigned on the front lines. When she was informed of Hikari being assigned to the 502nd in Tamaki's stead: she likely had something of a stressful reaction, specifically given that Hikari is a witch with low magical potential being assigned to a front line unit. Given that Tamaki fought in hectic battles in Libau in her service; she likely worried that Hikari would have been sent into conditions far beyond her limits.

2. Tamaki was out of action and in a coma for a bit of time recovering, so upon waking and hearing that Hikari was filling in the 502nd in Tamaki's stead; that also would have been extra anxiety on Tamaki's mind. Especially considering that the 502nd is going to be scheduled and tasked with attacking and destroying a neuroi hive, which is difficult.

3. Tamaki likely knows that Hikari is stubborn, given that they are both sisters and Tamaki knows how her little sister behaves. She likely would initially have thought that Hikari would have listened to her older sister, given that Hikari has some major hero worship towards her older sister... though granted it's shown that when she's told she can't do something: Hikari tends to stubbornly try to prove them wrong. So Tamaki likely believed that failure at just telling Hikari to go to her originally assigned unit: she had to double down herself and display that for hard missions like hive busting; a veteran witch would be needed for a mission like that.

4.Command likely wanted Tamaki because she was a veteran witch who proved her mettle in combat in Libau; so it's likely even then Tamaki had little choice in the matter. Granted if Rall could in someway prove to command witch witch would be best for the mission against the hive; she would request for Hikari to be in the JFW for the hive busting mission instead of Tamaki.... but as seen in the combat trial; it didn't happen and frankly it was probably for the best. Hikari managed to grow a lot and come pretty far despite her handicaps as a low magic potential witch in a frontline unit, and as much of a fan and how much I like Hikari and am proud of her journey up till that part: but in all honesty she would likely not have been able to manage, if not survive, the early moments of sortie against thee hive when the 502nd and the allied units went in against the hive.

Tamkai has gotten a bit more hate from some fans more then I think she deserves; given those contexts: I can see and understand why she had the reactions she did.

But yeah: Brave Witches was still good for what it was and even with a few of it's small flaws; it was still a good series worth watching. Plus it's DVD release will receive a face lift and better production quality.

As far as the idol witches themselves: it may not be my normal interests, but I'm more then willing to give it a chance and see how it turns out. To be honest it's already established that witches aren't JUST soldiers in the world of strike witches; you have witches as teachers, as weapons, clothes and striker manufacturing, reporters and photographers and several other roles: honestly witches serving in Idols and PR and morale boosting unit isn't that big a stretch. Plus it will be cool to see some world building and hearing some period 1940's music.
>> No. 14019 ID: 601f56
File 153270701766.jpg - (330.00 KB , 2048x1989 , IMG_20180724_101431.jpg )
Tome anon you're something else, but it's good I'll take it. Not to keep at this in the Idol thread, but for me I was hoping with how far Hikari got in that time whether a hug followed by a quick stern disappointed action then back to being proud type trope would have worked better. Also maybe saving some time to give to Rall. Though yeah I get the overly protective sister deal too. Still though nothing too awful to detract my enjoyment.

Cute idols to try and get back to where we need to.
>> No. 14020 ID: 2c7957
Having discussed Front Mission 3 with a few people in the past, I'll say the same thing about Takami as I did about FM3's protagonist:
It makes a lot more sense if you have a little sister.
If my little sister was kidnapped and I had access to a mech, you better believe I'd raise hell with it to rescue her. On that same page, if I was supposed to be assigned to an elite unit and my little sister, who is capable but definitely lacking, was filling that slot for me, I'd have her sent home so fast it'd make her head spin. So in that sense, I don't really take issue with Takami.
>> No. 14022 ID: 8344b3
Or at the very least make sure she was properly assigned to a unit she was intended to fill and ensure her assignment was within her capability of fulfilling.

And from that angle ; Tamakie's actions are understandable.

But all that said; I digress from that detour to the topic subject at hand.

Idol witches stuff now officially back on track. They will be an interesting witch unit to say the least.
>> No. 14024 ID: f9af58
File 153287958488.jpg - (1.07 MB , 2170x1645 , 69805095_p0.jpg )
>Idol witches stuff now officially back on track.
>> No. 14025 ID: fec80d
The LOL moment when Virginia's nickname is basically her real world counterpart's name..
>> No. 14058 ID: f9af58
File 153506975961.jpg - (158.30 KB , 1200x1695 , IMG_20180823_141206.jpg )
>> No. 14252 ID: bc11f9
File 154182810736.png - (356.64 KB , 794x590 , mainvisual2mcusa.png )
Official name: League (of Nations) Air Force Aerial Magic Band - Luminous Witches.
>> No. 14253 ID: bc11f9
File 154182814539.png - (98.58 KB , 794x550 , Ayla.png )
Ayla Päivikki Linnamaa, based on Finnish ace Aarre Linnamaa.
>> No. 14254 ID: bc11f9
File 154182816972.png - (102.04 KB , 794x558 , Ellie.png )
Éléonore Giovanna Gassion, based off French singer-songwriter Édith Giovanna Gassion (better known as Édith Piaf).
>> No. 14255 ID: c54ed8
Marion Cotillard as her English VA please..
>> No. 14256 ID: 2a1ca9
I think it's supposed to be spelled "Aila".
>> No. 14257 ID: bc11f9
File 154183211398.png - (98.30 KB , 794x550 , Aila.png )
You're absolutely right, fixed.
>> No. 14621 ID: 4002e4
So what is the whole point of just hyping up the full cast reveal which they've done on twitter and the anime not coming for another two years? Are they doing lives or some shit next year?
>> No. 14624 ID: 7ec557
i belive there's gonna be a live event soon
>> No. 14625 ID: 4002e4
File 156368784074.jpg - (234.47 KB , 1200x733 , D_6LwUGU8AEs3ou.jpg )
I mean I dont know why they can just have both anime in 2020 instead of waiting 2 years for this one. It seems like witch media is hyping up the idol one more than the actual witch Berlin season.
>> No. 15025 ID: 59cf2c
File 158543608362.jpg - (214.11 KB , 1440x2048 , EQvcGdzU4AAnP-6.jpg )
Translated PV
>> No. 15026 ID: a61c76
>> No. 15027 ID: 59cf2c
File 158543921721.jpg - (1.84 MB , 1788x1323 , ERH5GwlUwAApz8A.jpg )
I wasn't sure if I should use Aila or Aira only because when I looked it up the most recent "official" localization was Aira, and according to a quick google search it looked like an actual Finnish name.
>> No. 15029 ID: e60b64
>(better known as Édith Piaf)
Judging on how some character songs are based on existing songs such as some Air Force songs, I hope they do the same thing with Piaf's "La Vie en Rose" for this character. It would surely be interesting.

Thanks for the translation.
>> No. 15032 ID: a61c76
Common Finnish names: Aila, Eila, Eira. Never saw anyone named Aira, and I have read a few phonebooks trying to fall asleep.
>> No. 15065 ID: 700fc7
Resident Tome Anon, formally, known as No. 1401 - ID: 4a8255, dropping into say: Luminous Witches hype is looking very promising.

Just from the recent proportional video of the Idol Witches alone has gotten me outright right excited now from my initial cautiously optimistic and hopeful thoughts before.
>> No. 15076 ID: 366518
Just going to drop this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbe5jUgzDDo

I just hope the songs are good.
>> No. 15124 ID: 700fc7
Anyone know what happened to the older, longer video introducing the Luminous witches?
>> No. 15127 ID: c3ced1
Do you mean >>15025 ?

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