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File 154366921092.jpg - (197.23 KB , 1800x1000 , 1st.jpg )
14266 No. 14266 ID: cda6fe
It's December which means it's time for a festive Helma advent calendar, so dress up cozy, warm up the mulled wine and get in the mood for Christmas.
As usual everyday around UTC midnight as the day changes, there'll be a festive witchy picture to warm up with into the holiday spirits.
Times may vary slightly but I'll try to keep it same, on top of that there's going to be a few surprises along the way so look forward to them!

- Door 1 -
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>> No. 14267 ID: cda6fe
File 154370880728.png - (669.79 KB , 1000x1000 , 2nd.png )
- Door 2 -

And on the advent leads us a cute genki Santa Miyafuji with her warm festive strikers and gifts.
Today's guest art was drawn by Orenji so be sure to check him and his funposting out on twitter; https://twitter.com/OrenjiPiiru
>> No. 14269 ID: 6d9883
File 154379520685.jpg - (251.64 KB , 1182x1418 , 3rd.jpg )
- Door 3 -

Looks like Naoe has called for some reinforcements for the present rush.
>> No. 14272 ID: 347643
File 154388162752.png - (1.40 MB , 2039x2092 , 4th.png )
- Door 4 -

Very fast fox reindeer flying at incredible high speed. Delivering the fastest subsonic EES (Eila Express Service) gift to Sanya directly.
Today's guest art was drawn by Couch, whom you can find at https://malofantastic.tumblr.com
>> No. 14273 ID: 77d2db
File 154391514280.jpg - (92.52 KB , 1000x1000 , 1512942015770.jpg )
Thanks for doing this again!
>> No. 14274 ID: 1af917
File 154396800629.png - (337.84 KB , 456x720 , 5th.png )
- Door 5 -

Minna getting into the festive mood during Pikkujoulu party.

It's my pleasure, best I can do for now with the help of dear guests.
>> No. 14275 ID: 63602e
File 154405440915.png - (1.30 MB , 980x1439 , 6th.png )
- Door 6 -

A very cute holiday spirited Lucchini appears, acting as proper she can to avoid getting nasty coal for Christmas.
Today's guest art was drawn by Fanku, whose amazingly wholesome art I implore to be checked out at https://twitter.com/LaBn1K0
>> No. 14279 ID: b79e05
File 154414440668.jpg - (196.65 KB , 800x1136 , 7th.jpg )
- Door 7 -

Don't stare too much else your heart might give out upon the cutest Trude enjoying the holidays.
>> No. 14280 ID: 1ffa1e
File 154422721143.png - (2.21 MB , 2203x3018 , 8th.png )
- Door 8 -

Lynne's thoughtful and warm present this year to Miyafuji seems to be.. herself. Which also happens to cover presents vice versa, how fortunate.
Today's guest art was drawn by Squish with little bit more of his health hiding in https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=31139823
>> No. 14281 ID: 43579a
File 154431360921.jpg - (87.94 KB , 676x1000 , 9th.jpg )
- Door 9 -

The ever so cute and soft Santa Nipa with her beaming smile.
>> No. 14283 ID: 749368
File 154440000812.jpg - (1.34 MB , 1400x1600 , 10th.jpg )
- Door 10 -

Ursula Santa readying up for a gift spree with the newest state of the art experimental gadgets and toys a kid could ever wish for.
Today's guest art was drawn by 髭侍㌠ msgtkurage, more of his tanoshii creative variety can be found at https://twitter.com/msgtkurage
>> No. 14284 ID: d1abff
File 154448641199.jpg - (52.15 KB , 596x701 , 11th.jpg )
- Door 11 -

Festive Erica patiently waiting for snow to come with the company of dachshund reindeer.
>> No. 14285 ID: 8a0fba
File 154457280561.png - (32.05 KB , 487x574 , 12th.png )
- Door 12 -

Advent without the cute poster girl would be unheard-of, for being such a good girl Helma gets all the presents a growing witch needs.
Today's guest art was drawn by Helmadmin, and like a little tonttu he can be seen silently watching over this haven.
>> No. 14286 ID: 3ed555
File 15446019234.jpg - (226.24 KB , 788x788 , TheBestPresent.jpg )
Thanks for all of this it's really appreciated.
>> No. 14287 ID: de312c
File 154465921684.png - (1.24 MB , 1378x2039 , 13th.png )
- Door 13 -

Halfway there now, and onwards cheers us Perrine posing and showing off her cute Christmas fashion.
Today's guest art was drawn by 青橋 雨 amefre, who I believe needs no introductions, but if by some odd chance she's not familiar then be sure to follow her lovable art at https://twitter.com/iosonopioggia

⁽ ´ᵕ`⁾ノ
>> No. 14289 ID: 4e4018
File 154474561671.jpg - (217.15 KB , 2025x1350 , 14th.jpg )
- Door 14 -

Santa Marseille in a high speed hurry with very fashionable dress as well.

Which is a good time to ask if any ya'll folks have taken part in /ss/ this holiday?
Tomorrow is a fine day to still send your well crafted cards and presents, although mine's probably going out on Saturday. Gotta hope it'll make it in time.
>> No. 14290 ID: 9cc23a
File 154483201217.jpg - (528.54 KB , 680x963 , 15th.jpg )
- Door 15 -

Going with bit of a different take on previous years, today starts a cute short Christmas story till the eve.
Stick to end of it and enjoy.~
>> No. 14291 ID: b6b749
File 154491844449.jpg - (645.03 KB , 680x963 , 16th.jpg )
- Door 16 -

A game like that just has to be GOTY material.
>> No. 14292 ID: 05bebc
File 154500480669.jpg - (557.50 KB , 680x963 , 17th.jpg )
- Door 17 -

Ah, but she wants Animal Crossing instead..
>> No. 14294 ID: d878aa
File 154509120679.jpg - (541.64 KB , 680x963 , 18th.jpg )
- Door 18 -

Shirley's in a slump, but no worries. Looks like Mio has a plan.
>> No. 14300 ID: 18972f
File 154517762987.jpg - (525.25 KB , 680x963 , 19th.jpg )
- Door 19 -

Just what will it be? And so a new day begins for Lucchini.
>> No. 14302 ID: dbac49
File 154526400846.jpg - (453.22 KB , 680x963 , 20th.jpg )
- Door 20 -

The sock is empty..
>> No. 14307 ID: 95187a
File 154535041080.jpg - (547.63 KB , 680x963 , 21st.jpg )
- Door 21 -

Oh no, Lucchini's been all forgotten?.. But then..
>> No. 14310 ID: d8edb7
File 154543681110.jpg - (414.82 KB , 680x963 , 22nd.jpg )
- Door 22 -

Shirley and friends had been muscling away all night for a big surprise!
And so only few days remain now.
>> No. 14315 ID: 4267fe
File 154552320848.jpg - (609.97 KB , 680x963 , 23rd.jpg )
- Door 23 -

Everyone worked so hard to create the best homely Christmas present Lucchini could ever ask for.
Looks like the Witch Crossing village was a success! With that tomorrow's the eve.
>> No. 14320 ID: 43c24a
File 154560960786.jpg - (553.42 KB , 680x963 , 24th.jpg )
*- Door 24 -*

Eve's finally here, Merry Christmas!

And so our warm little Christmas-Birthday story that started rough ends on a happy note for our lil Lucchini who's all smiles and joy from having her own snow village now where she can spend time and play in snow with her friends.
Hope you enjoyed following it as much I did.
These days with the calendar around I feel like December always flies by so fast it's cuhrazy.
And alas, Christmas day itself is left for the last.
>> No. 14322 ID: 2a1ca9
File 154573579847.jpg - (76.93 KB , 800x800 , santa hikari.jpg )
Thanks for doing this every year.
>> No. 14323 ID: 3001e5
Thanks a lot Eagle! Especially for getting so many artists to draw for us.
>> No. 14324 ID: 223417
Good stuff Eagle.
>> No. 14325 ID: 2de792
File 15457644068.png - (800.17 KB , 1000x900 , Christmas Day.png )
*** Christmas Day ***

Merry Witchful Christmas 2018 Helma!

And here we are at Christmas Day, with Christmas peace declared. Our lil cute witches opening their presents this morning all genki of whom Lucchini got spoiled a ton, for being a very good girl this year no doubt.
It's been a long decade with the franchise turning ten years anime wise this year and what a year it has been. I'll refrain from bashing on company who-shan't-be-named and hope that whatever is coming our way in animated form will be as fun and well done like the older seasons were. With that we have the first appetizer TV short coming up in Spring as a prelude to the season three for the nice dubs year 2020 and even further in the distance we got the odd idols arrangement looming up ahead. Still few Christmas seasons in-between to enjoy so let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet.
Many mango released this year and continue being released in the future as well no doubt and even the Misfits novel series got a reboot so things couldn't possibly look more merrier.

This advent calendar I tried something new for the sake of anniversary and what started as asking few of my friends to make art, somehow turned up to half a dozen of collaborating artists on a whim and many others who unfortunately couldn't make it due to time restraints and for that I'm sorry that it really became quite hectic with the arrangements. It became a lot of day by day case on what art I could use for daily art almost so it was stressful as well fun in its own way, haha.. But I think the outcome was beautiful and we were blessed with lots of beautiful art in the end.
And so I want to thank our artists one last time who took part in this and found time to provide festive witches; Orenji, Couch, Fanku, Squish, 髭侍㌠ msgtkurage, Helmad and 青橋 雨 amefre, many thanks/ありがとう!
Also thanks to Orenji and Couch helping with Rikizo's amazingly cute Christmas story with translation and typesetting. Don't forget to follow these artists on their media pages if you haven't already!

Last but not least, it's time to post /ss/ gifts if you took part and got any this Christmas for being good children and or in general share holiday greetings and blessings for now is the time.
Peaceful holidays till the end of year to everyone.~
>> No. 14326 ID: f5a932
File 154579396941.jpg - (81.99 KB , 728x374 , 40467890.jpg )
Merry Christmas everyone, I love you all. 2019 is the year of witch rebirth.
>> No. 14337 ID: 1a5879
File 154595163757.jpg - (98.63 KB , 541x730 , __sanya_v_litvyak_world_witches_series_and_etc_dra.jpg )
I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas this year. Here's to 2019 being even more fun and witchy.
>> No. 14348 ID: d2f2bb
File 15474227772.jpg - (2.13 MB , 5303x2825 , SS5.jpg )
Fashionably late but finally felt like sharing what I got for Christmas from my /ss/ if anyone even cares at this point.
Nonetheless my Santa managed to make me really happy despite all the shit going on lately.
>> No. 14349 ID: d2f2bb
File 154742311736.jpg - (2.09 MB , 5310x2955 , SS6.jpg )
And the presents themselves of course opened. I still haven't gotten time to even open them but I'll get to them real soon.
Might do a collection image later since I don't think I ever shared one in the merchandise thread. Starting to have hard time to what really wish for next time now hahh.
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