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File 155447119191.jpg - (340.72 KB , 2000x1332 , SWWorld.jpg )
14407 No. 14407 ID: 2b0451
Hi everyone. I got questions on how the lore in SW works:

1. As shown in this map, some territories don't have names on them. Would they, as seen with how China and the Korean Peninsula aren't named as they were called "Desolated Lands" in the Zero: 1937 Fuso Sea Incident manga, indicate that the Neuroi absorbed them?

2. As mentioned in Brave Witches, there was mention of a fight in Libau, which is real-life Liepāja in Latvia that Rall and Takami fought in. Have the specifics been mentioned elsewhere?

3. If the magic engine mentioned to be invented by one Jamie Watt from the Official Fanbook is how we have Striker Units, would it explain how Michiko "Micchan" Yamakawa's grandfather has something he uses to move his carriage (I know, a nod to the "old geezer who still uses a animal-driven carriage" we see elsewhere) and how ships can travel from Fuso to Britannia in a month (Strike Witches episode 1)?

4. While it's not needed to mention a Witch's family unless it's really needed, how exactly would Mio's family situation work? I mean, Mio had been fighting the Neuroi since she was 12. She's already training new Witches for Fuso by 1944 and took Yoshika with her to Europe. How would Mio's family, if assuming she still has any, take it that their daughter's relationship with the daughter of Ichiro Miyafuji?
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>> No. 14408 ID: 8344b3
Well luckily I have been studying and chronicling the series since the release of the African Doujin and 2007 Strike Witches OVA back in 2007 so when it comes to Strike Withes lore so I might be able to help somewhat in this department.

1. Admittedly their isn't too much as far as definitive information goes in this regard; but from what is seen in the series in practice is that answer lies somewhere along the lines of "Some actually are named but aren't listed yet" and others indeed falling under the "Desolated Lands" or alternatively are regions that may be fully infested, overrun and occupied by Neruoi hoards that are declared 'here be Neruoi'. The reason for this thesis is due to a few factors; the first being that in the old Misfits light novels it's noted that Elizabeth F. Beurling owns a 'Gurkha knife' whos origions was from "the Gorka, which is what the in universe Kukri knife is called. This implies that an alternate version of Nepal exists and the implications and historical corollaries and contrast that come with this. One the other hand though the Fuso Sea Incident and other sources note that the Regiuon where most of China's Eastern regions would be is simply known as "The Empty Desert Region"; which is detailed, slightly shown but mostly implied to be a place where the Neruoi are so deeply entrenched and extensive in numbers that it is uninhabitable by humans by any safe, practical measure. Their exists only an arbitrary number of military bases inside the region, a possible multi-national military containment perimeter around the region and a single, heavily important but highly dangerous supply route though the region that connects with Orussia's Eastern territory serving as a supply rout to the war effort. some other sources outline that strike witches version of China may have existed here alongside the Mongel Empire but the cannon details on this part of the lore is still not fully fleshed out or fully confirmed so at best all we can go off of is some educated guess work and grounded conjuncture where the cannon leaves things unclear. The Mongol Empire still does exist though in cannon even up till the 1940's so it's likely filling the role of China proper in current cannon by this point. It's possible that some of these "un-nammed natons" may have names but are so small as far as players in the Neruoi War or outright not involved in the war that they are currently not named on the map for the sake of brevity for the more major nations, or alternatively are outright infested and at this time are regions that are not only unable to be reclaimed from the neuroi but may in fact be unfit for some period to occupy by humans and fitting only for neuroi to live in. For me as I see it; it's a little of column A and a little of column B; to various degrees.

2.As far as Libau goes I'm not sure they they are quite the details you may be asking for, and what few their are are limited at this time but from what can be gathered; Libau is strongly implied to have been a very difficult and fierce region to fight in during the 2nd Neruoi War. Use of artillery, both standard and railway artillery were implied to be heavily used and their were also implications and details from the Himeroku albums and official Twitter stories that make some momentary notes and offhanded references to the situation in Libau and the experiences the witches who served in Libau had. Admittedly their isn't too much that is directly and largely outlined, but their is enough information and implications that keed defensive actions too place in Libau and that their was a large causalities of conventional and witch soldiers on that front, with fighting from the Neruoi being very fierce, putting up staunch resistance against the allied forces, even with extensive use of artillery on humanities part.
>> No. 14409 ID: 8344b3

3. Not so much, at least not in a direct sense if it is in some capacity. Implications in the Strike Witches world historical timeline is that while seems that the industrial revolution began shortly before Jamie Watt's innovation and thus, the sparking of the Magic Power Revolution; seemingly overshadowing the industrial revolution itself as a consequence. As for Michiko's grandfather (Yamakawa Fujihiro), the device he is using actually isn't something unique to the witches world, nor a direct or indirect product of Jamie Watt's innovations. The vehicle that Fujihiro is using in the first season is a simple, small, combustion engine farm tractor known as a "hand tractor" to tow his trailer of farm goods to market and from market. In the second season he purchases a larger and more expensive farm tractor to replace his older model. These small far tractors were something of a investment for farmers and others at the time and served the same function as horses in pulling buggies and trailers but without need of animal care, animal upkeep or need of space the same way a horse would require, though they did cost a considerable amount on initial purchase depending on the specific model the individual was looking at. These devices are actually quite conventional and non-magical, though they may likely specialty farm equipment since they are able to operate as small, hand powered towing vehicles. As for the Akagi and other navel ships being able to Travel from Fuso to Britannia; this would be about right as far as time frame required for such ships to sail from Fuso to Britannia; as it stands their is no evidence that shows that the ships are power by magic; not to mention that magic doesn't seem to quite work in such a prolific way in Strike Witches. It's more likely that since Neruoi are noted as not liking water, nor being able to operate long, if at all, over water and requiring to be rather close to land typically, as well as needing to return to the Miasma for rest and replenishment of their energy (or so this latter point seems implied in the Fuso Sea Incident Manga), its more likely that without threat of an enemy that so far has no means of traveling or surviving a significant period of time very long or very far over open ocean or large bodies of water; Akagi and it's fleet of Fuso ships were able to for the most part safely navigate the seas without fear of Neruoi attack at a healthy speed to Britannia, at until they found themselves in the Straight of Dover where Neruoi would be able to engage in raid attempts and attacks over sea for as long as their flight time would allow without it being an outright abysmal suicide mission off the bat. though granted their may be the odd, occasional exception being found in what few islands may have a Neruoi infestation making a foothold to target and Ambush human ships and fleets, but even these would require a relatively close distance to main continents to accomplish

4.Honestly I'd imagine Mio's family taking comrade ship with Yoshika with, plausibly, a mix of surprise and a degree of curiosity/pride given the importance of Ichiro Miyafuji's accomplishments. As it stands, given Mio's rigorous and extensive training in Kendo earlier in her witch career, her stubborn desire to use her power to fight for humanity and protect everyone to a very staunch and focused degree than normal, and the fact that Nobility and Aristocracy exists in many nations Strike Witches and some other similar social, historical and cultural nods of such nature; I am under the strong impression that it's likely that Mio may be in fact a member of a Fuso Samurai clan/family. Or at the very least; I can see that being likely given some of the information and in universe contacts; granted it's not stated in cannon outright as being the fact and their is nothing but circumstantial evidence that forms conjuncture; but that circumstantial evidence does provide a compelling possibility that would not be surprising as far as Mio and her family origins and background go, so much so that I wouldn't be surprised if she was in fact a Samurai or at least has a family history closely tied to Samurai heritage. But that aspect is a diverging tangent from the main question at hand; though given that plausible thesis of information outlined; it may help in forming an idea for what Mio's family would feel about Yoshika and Ichiro Miyafuji; though given Ichiro's deeply important scientific accomplishments in magic engineering and how key it was in helping humanity fight the Neruoi; it would be reasonable to assume that their thoughts in regards to Yoshika would fall closer on the positive end of the spectrum.
>> No. 14410 ID: 8344b3
So I guess to summarize:

"Some Nations on the Atless probably have names but aren't major players and arn't lists (like the Gorka Kingdom implied in the Misfits series), and others are purely "Neruoi Country unfit for human living", Libau was a borderline nightmare for the allies that rivals the Fall of Ostmark and Karlsland's Small and Large bifrost Evacuations, Only Strikers can really be definitively and consistantly seen and viewd as magical technology that uses magic; everything else technological and mechanical is conventional, non-magical technology unless otherwise stated and specified, and Mio and Mio's family situation; unknown for sure but minor evidence leans towards suspected Samurai clan or at least descendants of one; Sakamoto families thoughts of Yoshika unknown... but likely probability leaning some degree positive
>> No. 14411 ID: 774ff4

1-2, 4. Thanks


a. But if aircraft carriers aren't operating on magic engines, how could a ship from Fuso make it to Britannia in a month? I mean, the real-life German submarine U-168 arrived at the Indian Ocean from Kiel in three months (March-October 1943).

b. Something I found odd with minor characters: Micchan and her grandfather's respective full names were given in the credits of Season 2 episode 1 but whenever they appear, Yoshika's mother and grandmother aren't credited with their full names (Sayaka Miyafuji and Yoshiko Akimoto) in the credits. Likewise with Kurt Flachfled in Season 1 episode 8. Where were their full names mentioned then?
>> No. 14412 ID: 8344b3
File 155458572125.jpg - (1.56 MB , 1700x2800 , Scan0123.jpg )
No worries.

Although the question that you have broached as far as how a ship from Fuso can make it to Britannia in a month mostly comes down to a few major factors. The first being that unlike in our WW2 where human Navies had to hunt, evade and destroy each other; ships and fleets had to often switch between ship speeds and navigational coordinates at a moments notice while trying to either avoid hostile ships or hunt enemy shits to destroy, which means if a ship and fleet had to go somewhere; it often took longer to do so do to initial plotting of sea routes having to be revised to avoid detection of the enemy or sweep a sector of ocean to find an enemy to sink. In the 2nd Neruoi War; since all humanity is united to figh the neuroi, and the fact that for the most part Neruoi cannot fly over or traverse open ocean and are implied in the fuso sea incident to need to return to the Miasma in order to replenish themselves, thus limiting their flight times and flight distances in general and over water in particular; it means that the Human Navies have much more safety and freedom to focus only on getting form point A to point B on their sea going navigation's; meaning they can sail the oceans at greater speed and leisure in relatively high safety in the open seas without much fear of Neruoi blasting them into Davy Jones locker. Granted the only exception to this is what feel neuroi who manage to infest some off shore islands as ambush points relatively close to shore but typically they don't appear to be very prevalent or numerous, and most ships seem to effectively sail much farther off shore in open ocean and putting them out of range in those cases.

The other facts is that, likely due to holding close to some arbitrary time schedule, the Akagi likely sailed with it's fleet either at full speed or close to it and only making a few small stops at ports to re-fuel and re-stock provisions, and doing so with a bit of haste; meaning that time out at sea wouldn't have been as long as it would normally have been.

In fact the Strike Witches Movie Official Fanbook that I own outlines the voyage of Yoshika from Fuso to Britania, which is likely a similar path that it made in the first season, whoch outlines the ship leaving fuso and making a journey across the Indian ocean, first seemingly making port briefly at the edge of the empty desert region (likely the only strategic port entrenched in a very dangerous location),before than moving along the waters off of the Kingdom of Siamro and crossing through a peninsula between Malaya and Siamro, than sailing close to or even making port breifly at the Commonwealth of India, than sailing to the Arabian Peninsula to make port for a bit, and than sailing south between Africa and Madagascar to make one final course correction around the south of Africa for the final (probably to briefly meet with a resupply ship briefly since it seems they don't make port here), long leg to Britannia. At full speed and with very short stops for supplies and fuel; it wouldn't take too long for the Akagi to take a route like this and arrive in Britannia in only a months time like it did. The use of magic not only isn't required to do this; but it seems that the use of any sort of magic engine and magic dynamos appear to be very expensive, labor and cost intensive and incredibly demanding to power without a witch; not to mention less effective without a witch. Why go though such absurd costs, manpower, time and painful effort to make a magical engine for a warship when a conventional ship engine is by comparison more sensible and efficient. Not to mention that magical technology tends to glow blue with the magic being activated; and the warships seem to lack this glow at all.

As for the your second question; thankfully their are are sources, source material and the aforementioned official fan books that contain all that sort of information as far as character names and world building; it's just that the only way we as the western fan-base can find this information first hand is if we go out of our way to seek these sources of said information ourselves. The official Fanbooks are the best and most comprehensively detailed as far as such sources go and has the names of nearly all the characters; including Micchan and her grandfather, as well as yoshika's mom, grandma and Kurt.
>> No. 14413 ID: 8344b3
Oh, and a detail before I forget; Jamie Watt's invention of the Magic engine (also at times known as the Sorcery Engine depending on source) seems to be nominally and chiefly tied to witch use and 99.99% of the time tied directly to Strike Unit development for use by witches in order to increase witch magical power, abilities and utility; which was quickly obtained by national military's for military applications. The invention of striker units and the magic engine in it's first and subsequent incarnations seem to directly play the role of allowing witches to bring magic wands and magic brooms into a new, modern age; as flight legs are hyperboliclly called "the modern magic broom" and tracked legs "the modern magic wand" respectively.

Interesting note though is that it was around the time Jamie Watt created the first magic engine; the steam powered magic engine: that the Neruoi suddenly shortly after began to become highly aggressive and their numbers quickly increased. Impression I get is that these two details are closely linked with each other...
>> No. 14414 ID: 287a88


New questions:

1. It was mentioned in the Official Fanbook that there when the Neuroi took Gallia, a government was established in Vichy. I know that's a nod to the Vichy Government in the real-life Second World War but how could that work if the Neuroi's Miasma made it harder for humans to stay anywhere?If that be the case, how much of Gallia was occupied by the Neuroi that enabled a government in Vichy?

2. I know much of Neuroi are mysterious but what's the difference between rendering land lifeless and occupying land that the Miasma is what makes humans evacuate? I mean, would the Neuroi have established Hives after around mainland East Asia or?
>> No. 14415 ID: 8344b3
No worries; as for the next set of questions I'll do my best to answer them.

1a. On this point their is a bit of a distinction in that Gallia at this point is more 'occupied' in the sense that it has a Neruoi Hive and garrision force presence having a major foothold and holding of most of Gallian territory while the rest of the nation may just merely be contested; with what remains that isn't held by the Neruoi is held; if by a thread: by Allied forces and the Free Gallia forces in particular.

1b. The other detail of this first question is a bit more complicated and nuanced; at least both from direct sources and reference material and the more indirect implications give context; which is that while Neuroi hives do have a protective Misama cloud around them surrounding and contained around the Hives actual structure; it's mostly contained around the hive itself and does't seem to be intended to spread. However their are some Neruoi who are outlined and noted as being able to actually produce and spread Miasma clouds; both for the rejuvenating benefit of miasma for themselves and their kin so it seems; but also for holding and controlling territory, although unlike a hive these Misama spreading neuroi may require greater effort and more regular maintenance of the Miasma they spread to maintain; which seems less of a problem and more easy to maintain for Hives. It's likely that the Free Gallian forces were able to hold and maintain what few pockets of Gallian land from the Neruoi with help of witches since only witches would be able to survive unscathed from Miasma thanks to their magic powers. It's likely what Gallian land that wasn't held firmly in Neruoi control was able to be maintained though a very staunch, and in all likely plausibility, ragged defensive line. While this is no direct or indirect sources to state or even imply; a highly plausible explanation of conjuncture is that witches tasked with Gallia's liberation outside of the 501st and defense of the Gallian Vichy government were in all plausibility were tasked with the defense of the terrirotry that the Free Gallian forces held that was left of the nation and possibly to directly neutralize any Neruoi units dedicated to the spreading of Miasma to prevent the spread of Miasma from getting out of control and spilling into Free Gallian and allied lines. As for how much territory was held by the Neruoi in Gallia, their is admittedly no exact figure but factoring in the Gallian hives size and operational range of conrol by extension; it would be fair to say that a large amount of Gallian territory in East Gallia would be under direct Neruoi control and the rest of the territory being easy to access under the Neruoi's ports that it may as well be; while the Free Gallain Vichy Government, while holding what was left; would likely have the proverbial sword of Damocles over their heads with the allied forces and the 501st being the only thing keeping that sword from lopping their heads off at the neck so to speak.

2. I honestly think that it's a distinction of wither any given Territory is merely taken and held under Neruoi control, or wither the Neuroi in said territory has so radically altered and maintained this alteration for the Neruoi's own needs that it has become more hostile an environment that human's wouldn't be able to live or realistically sustain human life in said territory for some arbitrary period of time at a minimum level even if the Neruoi in said region were eliminated. Although the full details around Miasma are not stated outright; it has been hinted at in Witch of Stuka (official/semi-official source material related to the Africa doujinshi) state that Miasma is harmful to humans and children especially being susceptible to toxic Miasma exposure; with only witches being immune to it. The exact symptoms of Miasma exposure isn't outlined or stated; but from the tonal implications it sounds seriously bad, even sounding rather horrific due to the fear and grimness that Miasma and the deadliness of it towards humans appears to be, and the end result is apparently death.So far the major hives of importance in Europe are the hives in Berlin, Black Sea's Coast, Elbe River, East Gallia (until destruction), Nuremberg, Ostmark airspace, Prauge, South Karsland (until destroyed by super hive), South Novogrov, Sphinx Airspace, Venezia super hive (until destroyed), White Sea Hive Grigori, Western Orussia hive's Anna and Vzsly. It's possible that their are other Hives and nests the Neruoi have in some regions possibly in East Asia, the middle east and for sure in the empty desert region to some degree but these seem to be lesser focused issues on the periphery if they do exist.
>> No. 14419 ID: 67f185

1. Thanks

2. With regards as to what happened to East Asia, could it be it was where the First Neuroi War took place as it mentioned in Zero IIRC that humanity lost that war?

3. New question: I can understand that it's because we, the audience, wouldn't see the magic "ears" but how would they interfere if a Witch chose to wear a helmet in battle?
>> No. 14423 ID: 8344b3
No worries.

As for your first question: their isn't any information, definitive, circumstantial or otherwise; to hint or gauge wither the source of the Neruoi's invasion originated from East Asia or not. It appears in cannon that Neruoi, to some extent, have wandered the continents of Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Asia and for a time Fuso and the Strike Witches version of Australia, although some (possible) sources indicate that a small number may have crossed the land bridge of Asia to North America behind the proto-first nations North and South Liberion; but the former is limited and the details are at this time nebulous and any determination to parsing actual fact merely being educated conjuncture and the latter being thus far unsubstantiated and dubious sourcing being only found in an unofficial strike witches comics a la cart that might not be a cannon corroborated source.
>> No. 14424 ID: 8344b3
To address your second question.

With a regular soldiers combat helmet the familiar features of the ears may be an obstruction to witches in the sense that unless there is a means for the witch to have her familiar manifest without being impeded.... it may serve as a minor degree of distraction, given that the familiar ears share similar senses that human ears do, apparently.

An important note is that mechanized armored infantry often wear such helmets, most of which modified for witch use; majority of the time by Mechanized Armored Infantry.
>> No. 14425 ID: 8344b3
Oh, almost forgot another detail: it seems most of these helmets that such witches wear are designed in such a way to allow the witches familiars ear features appear without hindrance, likely by providing small openings in the helmet to allow the familiar ears to manifest easily to prevent pain or discomfort for the witches and their familiar. There may be the odd exception here and there and some mechanized armored witches may use conventional infantry helmets with no opening for the familiar ears but they are few and it may be of minor discomfort, which would be a bit of a distraction for the witch in battle: though with time it could be negligible depending on an individual basis.
>> No. 14469 ID: 1ef11a
What is going on with Poland in SW world? Orussia has a very polish looking flag but most plumber aces are from Ostmark for some reason.
>> No. 14472 ID: 1ef11a
Where is it stated that Neuroi hate water? In S1 it seemed like UK is under constant threat of invasion. It would be a real shame if SW world don't have the equivalent of Pacific War.
>> No. 14473 ID: 8344b3
As it is it appears that Poland, in fact, does not exist in strike witches and it appears as a nation and culture hasn't existed for a long time, if even at all. It seems however that the region that would contain Poland is split up mostly between Ostmark and Orussia and to a rather lesser degree, Karlsland.

Also the Orussian flag is in fact inspired greatly by the Russian flag first flown in the 1700's, which ironically is the same Flag that is flown by our worlds Modern Day Russia. It seems however that what aces that are from Ostmarkian and based off of Polish aces is because most of the regional territory Ostmark holds happens consist of where Poland would happen to be; so most Polish Aces seem to be Ostmarkian Witches in the Witches World.

As for the sources that say that Neuroi hate water: the Official Season 1 fanbook contains notations directly on the subject outlining that while Neruoi seem to have an aversion to water in the sense that they don't like being drenched or submersed in water and cannot survive in water. Neuroi air units can flay over water but they can't sustain operational times very long over it and need to return to the miasma, or it seems, try to establish some beachhead on land to rest, refresh themselves and survive. In Brave witches a weather control neuroi needed to full freeze over large bodies of water to allow Neruoi ground units safe passage and the Fuso Sea Incident showed the Neuroi's final push as a sort of one way trip to try and occupy and invade Fuso itself in a last ditch effort. The examples we see of the Neruoi easily drowning in water or otherwise being distressed by water can be seen with in the Witches of Auroa manga where Aurora broke an ice covered lake with Neruoi pursuing her that made the Neruoi armor chasing her drown with ease and the XO-03 class Neruoi being distressed when a water tower was destroyed and dousing the neuroi with a steady waterfall of water respectively.
>> No. 14475 ID: 1ef11a
The thing is we saw Neuroi not really care about water few times. Like that one with Hanna and submarine. I do hope there is a Pacific War equivalent in SW universe without it it would be pretty boring outside Europe. It seem that China, Philipines and Indonesia are occupied by Neuroi.
>> No. 14477 ID: 8344b3
Well that's where the nuanced distinction comes in: Neruoi air units might be able to fly over water, but they apparently can't maintain flight over water for an extended period of time and need to return to Miasma and need the land for reasons that admittedly seem semi-nebulous outside of returning to Neruoi held territory for miasma recharge, and land units cannot stand water it seems; which is why Neruoi land units avoid water as much as possible if they can.

The case with Hanna and submarine is outlined due to the detail that many of the Neruoi were air units that could operate safely for a time over water

although another note some sources that their may in fact be something akin to a Pacific War equivalent in the SW universe but it seems to be a lower level theater of the war compared to the European and African fronts. As it is the African Front is still in considerable swing as well.
>> No. 14478 ID: 1ef11a
File 155997783874.jpg - (60.70 KB , 400x683 , ottilie_kittel.jpg )
I really wonder what they are going to do after Road to Berlin. Of course they could do prequels about other units forever but it would be nice if we got some other WW2 theater or Cold War/Korea.
>> No. 14479 ID: 1ef11a
U-boats were slow ships. Modern trade vessels reach Tokyo - London in around 40 days. And they are much slower than 40's warships.
>> No. 14483 ID: 8344b3
Well aside from Joint Fighter Wings dotted along both the Eastern Front, Western Front and Mediterranean respectively, alongside likely various other Mechanized Air infantry witch fighter squadrons and detachments and Mechanized Armored Infantry divisions stationed in all the European theaters, their are also a lot of units stationed on the African Front confirmed as contested theaters in the Neruoi war.

Their is also the Fuso Sea Incident, and the post Neruoi war engagements against Neruoi in Hispania and Suomus.

And who knows, it's plausible that their may be theaters in the Middle East, the Pacific and Asian theater that haven't been touched on yet depending on the exact details regarding the Neruoi war.

Not to mention their is also possibility of the First Neruoi War from 1914 and 1917 being touched on should the series decide to explore historical timelines in it's cannon before the 1940's.
>> No. 14484 ID: c9a13d
I'm sure there is a Pacific front they are just not sure what to do with it since Fuso is good guys.
>> No. 14516 ID: 663d1d
So here's something I came across that seems contradictory in the lore. SW Zero mentions that The First Neuroi War/The Great War happened 20 some odd years ago, as a WW1 replacement. But in Season 1 Episode 6 Mio mentions The Great War, using what I believe was the same word in Japanese as in SW Zero, as a conflict between humans. Speaking to Minna in the first few minutes of the episode they talk about how without the neuroi people would probably be fighting each other, like in The Great War.

Are there any other sources that mention WW1/The Great War/The First Neuroi war that might clear up or explain what actually happened? I remember Minnie Bishop being mentioned as a veteran of it, but can't seem to find that source now.
>> No. 14517 ID: 8344b3
Actually from what I gathered reading Strike Witches 1937: Fuso Sea Incident it is apparent that the implication of the Great War wasn't a war of humanity against each other; but rather it seems, given those implications of the official timelines outline: to have been "The Great Neuroi War: which was what this war was named and called at the time prior to the events of the Fuso Sea Incident, even The Fuso Sea Incident 1937 manga, the English translation, of Strike Witches Zero: outline and confirm that the Great War (I.E. The First Neruoi War) was a war of humanity against Neruoi in the first attempted world war level after the advances of the Magic Power Revolution. Hints and implications of the series setting and world history is that since when Egypt was at the height of it's power; the Neruoi always had a presence, and had harassed humanity regularly though it seems Neruoi didn't always make attacks and actions in mass very often against humanity and weren't as hostile and belligerent to the degree they are now in the setting's Industrial age and 1900's.

As it goes The 1937 Fuso Sea Incident Manga clears up things along side the official timeline. It's likely that Strike Witches Zero intended to convey this fact along those lines but probably left things even more vauge than it's English translation to the point of perhaps confusing. Minnie Bishop's service in the Great Neruoi War should also be somewhere on the Strike Witches wiki from what I recall, though I'm not sure if the sources were cited regarding that information.
>> No. 14606 ID: 9f4a7d
A question about people with magical abilities:

1. Where was it mentioned that there are males with magical abilities, albeit that they're rarities?

2. Regardless, how will someone with magical abilities be noticed? To be specific, while the story started with Mio seeing Yoshika using her healing magic, that was an isolated incident. How exactly do they look for girls with magical abilities if they're needed to pilot Striker Units to fight the Neuroi?
>> No. 14607 ID: 8344b3

1. Well as for this particular question: such information at this time is actually conformed as actually not being cannon; due to the specific mechanics and perimeters for how magic mechanically functions in the Strike Witches world and it's laws of physics: Men are, by all accounts of evidence, both from official sources and by observed implication, an outright impossibility. Boy's and men having ,magical awakenings is not merely rare but simply not physically possible due to the mechanics and implications of the setting. The question of where claims of alleged rarity is honestly not found or cited in any officially supported or reputable source so claims of such a thing being possible, even if rare, should be considered outright not cannon. If anything the series takes a great deal of emphasis that only girls and young women can awaken to the gifts of magical powers to become witches, and whom humanity and men rely on to defend against Neuroi and do good in the world with their gifts. As it is, the only real thing men can at this point do with magic is study it, develop striker technology and magic engineering to implement magic indirectly, but they themselves have no ability to awaken to using magical power directly like witches can. Becoming a witch is something that only girls in the setting could potentially awaken to, seemingly due to some possible semi-biological criteria.

2. As for the question of how a witch and her magical ability's being noticed: it's a nuanced question but not that difficult to explain. Simply put: a witch herself would be able to self identify as a witch when her powers awaken and manifest as her familiar features would be able to manifest when using her magic, To be fair, anyone nearby a witch when her magic awakens would be able to notice said witch's power glowing around her, and seeing the ear's and tail of her familiar manifest, though sometimes raising her shield can also be a factor for identification. As it seem witches are fairly common and accepted as a normal occurrence in their world so it would stand they might have a way to determine who is a witch or not. In Contrail of Witches and Witches of Andorra; we actually see instances of a normal human girl becoming a witch and actually awakening to her power in an obvious and noticeably observed fashion that would likely be similar for other witches to some degree; often times but not always when a witch to be crosses paths with an animal spirit who decides to be her familiar. That said, as seen in SW OVA3 and from Isabelle du Monceau de Bergendal's backstory, a witch could still appear outwardly like a normal girl without her familiar features appearing, but even without the obvious familiar features, a witch still has her magically enhanced strengthen to allow her to exceed a normal, adult man's physical abilities, so finding a witch though such factors can also be found. Their are likely other factors however...
>> No. 14608 ID: 8344b3
Oh and another example of a young girl awakening to being a witch and what her magical power awakening may look like; Aleksandra I. Pokryshkin's backstory in the Brave Witches series shows us yet another example of what a witches magic power awakening may also look like...

Than being said such examples are likely not the only such examples to expect.
>> No. 14611 ID: 0903d2


Two new questions:

1. Where was it mentioned that the idea of the Joint Fighter Wing was implemented in late 1941?

2. In relation to the previous question, the 505th were originally based in the Carpathians, which was deep in Ostmark. When did the Neuroi finish conquering Ostmark that the 505th had to flee across Orussia?
>> No. 14613 ID: 8344b3
No worries.

As for your other questions:

1). While the exact date of the JFW as a concept being implemented is outlined in the Strike Witches History page; the source of citation to corroborate this fact is likely found in both the official fan books as well as the Strike Witches Erica 1941 Manga.

2). As for the second question, it seems from the historical timeline that of 1939 September 1 Ostmark was invaded in mass by the Neruoi, and apparently during the same month that Ostmak had fallen, likely the end of the month given implications. From the information we have: Ostmark was hit hard and fast by massive neuroi hoards that likely massively overwhelmed Ostmark military forces and served to deaden the Neruoi advance across Europe for only enough time for other European nations Military's to mobilize a counter offensive against the Neuroi, and than finally have what remaining Ostmark troops remained evacuate their homeland along with the civilians; up till that point Ostmarks military was charged with a desperate delaying action. Upon Ostmark's fall; it served as a hub for a massive number of Neruoi hives and acting as boy Garrison, industry, FOB and buffer zone for the Neruoi to deploy across multiple theaters and fronts. Their is also the factor that the Eastern Front of Orussia was also heavily contested and Neruoi pushing deep into Orussia that it was only the efforts of the 502nd that helped instill a firm defensive line that kept Orussia's military from being completely rolled back into the Orussian heartland.

With all these factors; it is only reasonable that the 505th had to not only evacuate their original base location in Eastern Orussia but re-located to Absheron peninsula. Though by 1942 they are attempting to re-group against the Neruoi.
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