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File 157042126139.png - (1.68 MB , 848x1200 , 1.png )
14798 No. 14798 ID: 7ec557
New project!
I'll upload the pages here later.
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>> No. 14799 ID: 7ec557
File 15705897638.jpg - (728.80 KB , 900x1352 , N1.jpg )
Also, Vol.2 of the 504st manga was uploaded
>> No. 14801 ID: 98c45d
Nice to see it's not completely dead around here.
>> No. 14825 ID: 7ec557
Chapter 2 clean. Waiting for TL.
>> No. 14846 ID: c46b73
Happy to know my favorite page of the manga will get translated eventually. Cheers a ton as always.
>> No. 14852 ID: f2ebfa
I'm not dead. TL just finished but I've been working on other things like Loli boss. https://mangadex.org/title/29174/

Which chapter? I can skip to do it.
>> No. 14858 ID: 11b49b
File 157509808849.jpg - (293.34 KB , 1500x2129 , Dogeza trio 4-koma manga.jpg )
Not sure what chapter this is from actually but it's just this page really.
>> No. 14863 ID: bc0af1
I'll do that one next
>> No. 14944 ID: 3fd60c
File 157859485076.png - (1.04 MB , 848x1200 , m1.png )

Chapter 2.
It was pain to typeset.
>> No. 14954 ID: 1142fa
File 157957544611.jpg - (899.43 KB , 1700x1000 , 77492367_p0.jpg )
Thanks for all your hard work! It's very much appreciated!
>> No. 15134 ID: 42388b
File 15914193132.png - (15.73 KB , 220x342 , yamadahanako.png )
I'm gonna try to release another chapter this month. It's already clean but needs TL.

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