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File 157324862115.jpg - (2.88 MB , 3235x4635 , 6250544cfc9d4cd48ecc3fa4244a6a0f.jpg )
14833 No. 14833 ID: 0eed31
Hello fellow Witches friends! My good PALS!!

I wanted to share something semi-important relating to the Witches fandom as a whole, potentially a way to have more content officially translated! Seven Seas Entertainment has recently put out a survey to ask fans for which Manga and Light Novel franchises they'd like to see published in English. This is a great opportunity for western Witches communities to voice their desires for more World Witches content! I encourage you to take this survey and vote for World Witches books such as: Suomus Misfits Squadron, Suomus Misfits ReBOOT, Noble Witches (LN), Brave Witches Prequel manga, etc! Let's fill this survey with Witches love and hope to get more official English releases!!

Here's the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSflZCMPrD6ciH_NXAY5pZPyvC2z293xWMoMnsIwqvghmN6hjA/viewform

Me and others are trying our best to spread this around to other areas of the Witches fandom such as Discord, Facebook, Reddit, and other websites where fans may be located. Helping spread the word on this would be extremely useful as well. Thank you for reading!

(Inb4 Eagle or certain others reply with bitching and whining, because I mentioned areas of the fandom outside Helma.us LOL!)
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>> No. 14834 ID: a84b1c
Well, getting the word out may help give more traffic, attention and translation of the Strike Witches series media we all know and love.
>> No. 14835 ID: a84b1c
also, sorry for the double post but this is your friendly neighborhood Tome Anon; currently using a new laptop since my old one is pretty much borked

>> No. 14836 ID: 0eed31

Ah I see, yeah I was told about this last night when certain individuals wanted me to announce it on the World Witches Discord server. I also noticed it was posted on a World Witches Facebook group, so I figured we should try sharing it to other places too! Gotta try our best afterall. Besides Discord and Helma.us, I've posted this on the Witches Subreddit. I'm up to suggestions if theres other areas of the fandom to look into as well.

Also, nice to meet you btw. :3
>> No. 14837 ID: 680f31
I'm guessing action is the correct box to fill witches in on?
>> No. 14838 ID: b734e1
File 157336999422.png - (46.05 KB , 498x819 , 9a4f577232521bf99b5454ee6c6dcf05.png )
Oh yeah, some people had confusion on what to fill in and such, so please go ahead and take a look at this example pic of how I did mine!
>> No. 14839 ID: 680f31
File 15733936918.png - (585.00 KB , 587x910 , 1418772673019.png )
Thanks I'll try and cram Aurora no Majo and Contrail of Witches as well.

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