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File 157518721175.jpg - (1.74 MB , 3600x2000 , 1st.jpg )
14860 No. 14860 ID: 11b49b
That time of the year again with Yule knocking around the corner, marking the fifth year in a row for Helma's advent calendar.
Hard to believe it's been so long and never thought I'd be doing them here still for so long, but alas let's enjoy the wait together.
As per usual everyday around UTC midnight as the day changes, there'll be a festive witchy picture to warm up with into the holiday spirits.
Times may vary slightly but I'll try to keep it same. Now heat up the wine, dress cozy and prepare the presents.~

- Door 1 -
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>> No. 14862 ID: 378d48
File 157526641799.jpg - (55.08 KB , 536x771 , 2nd.jpg )
- Door 2 -

Uh oh, Naoe-chan's not too happy about her involvement dressing up for the occasion.
But I'm sure she too warms up later.
>> No. 14864 ID: 378d48
File 157533481219.jpg - (265.97 KB , 653x963 , 3rd.jpg )
- Door 3 -

Looks like Nipa has found herself to a really cute and pink dress too.
>> No. 14866 ID: e86ab8
Good stuff! Looking forward to more!
>> No. 14867 ID: af23af
File 157541760873.jpg - (115.67 KB , 447x642 , 4th.jpg )
- Door 4 -

Unlike Naoe, Miyafuji seems to be into her Santa costume and duties with the sweetest smile around.
>> No. 14868 ID: 516cc0
File 157550401265.jpg - (234.07 KB , 1070x1920 , 5th.jpg )
- Door 5 -

Lil Santa and her trusty strong flying reindeer get their presents delivered even in the worst hails.
>> No. 14869 ID: 516cc0
File 157559041284.png - (1.11 MB , 2377x2803 , 6th.png )
- Door 6 -

Festive fox Eila flying across the night sky wrought up in pretty stars is a sight not many get to see with how crafty the fox can be.
Today's guest art was drawn by Setzeri, whose wonderfully unique style can be found at https://twitter.com/Setzeri who also happens to draw interesting comic of his own around somewhat similar subjects ''Lotta Svärd - Women of War'' for those interested, it just so happens to be also Finland's independence day!
>> No. 14871 ID: 5566cb
File 157567681130.jpg - (328.52 KB , 1350x1770 , 7th.jpg )
- Door 7 -

Reindeer Countess in her firm princess carry hold has acquired a cute small silver-haired Santa it seems.
>> No. 14872 ID: 342f2e
File 157576320761.jpg - (797.79 KB , 1280x1856 , 8th.jpg )
- Door 8 -

Behind today's door shines forth unmistakably lovely elegance in the form of Perrine.
>> No. 14874 ID: 342f2e
File 157586403194.jpg - (268.45 KB , 2500x2500 , 9th.jpg )
- Door 9 -

Santa Sadako basking in the moonlight's embrace.
>> No. 14875 ID: 342f2e
File 157593600799.png - (1.24 MB , 1181x1748 , 10th.png )
- Door 10 -

What would calendar ever be without its namesake poster witch Helma-chan! Dressed up in especially cute fashion and striped socks for the month and winter to come.
Today's guest art was drawn by 青橋 雨 amefre with art that just exudes softness as ever. By the rare chance you're not following her already, twitter's at https://twitter.com/iosonopioggia
>> No. 14876 ID: 342f2e
File 15760224056.jpg - (139.44 KB , 816x1112 , 11th.jpg )
- Door 11 -

Bold and ever so slightly risque Liberian Santa Shirley showing off the meaning of speedy present deliveries to good children all across the globe.
No need to leave milk for this Santa, cookies will do just fine.
>> No. 14877 ID: 342f2e
File 157610884567.png - (3.28 MB , 1540x1600 , 12th.png )
- Door 12 -

Santa Lucchini in red no matter the heavy snowing sticks out like the cheeky lil witch she is up to no good, and be careful for she's holding a giant candy cane.
Today's guest art was drawn by donzo317, who can be found lurking Helma like the little helpful tonttu they are.
>> No. 14880 ID: 342f2e
File 157619883564.jpg - (376.16 KB , 1600x1232 , 13th.jpg )
- Door 13 -

Behind today's door peeks out the.. Red Pants! Staying true to their name as always.
>> No. 14882 ID: 5baff3
File 157629242175.jpg - (1.17 MB , 1800x1400 , 14th.jpg )
- Door 14 -

Santa Rudel and her trusty red-nosed companion reindeer Adelheid preparing for the presents sortie. Only ten days to go.~
Today's guest art was drawn by 髭侍㌠ msgtkurage, more of his great mixture of witchy art can be found at https://twitter.com/msgtkurage
>> No. 14883 ID: 5baff3
File 15763680094.jpg - (203.06 KB , 800x800 , 15th.jpg )
- Door 15 -

Cute lil snuggly and warm red scarf Sanya heating up her mittens in the snow.
>> No. 14884 ID: 5baff3
File 15764544177.jpg - (1.15 MB , 700x900 , 16th.jpg )
- Door 16 -

Uh, Eila?.. Where are you taking Sanya around like a snow princess in your arms?
>> No. 14887 ID: 5baff3
File 157654080733.jpg - (240.23 KB , 1360x1040 , 17th.jpg )
- Door 17 -

Speedy bird Marseille soaring across the skies, so fast that she misspells English words with her Deutsch accent.
>> No. 14888 ID: 5baff3
File 157663080949.png - (1.27 MB , 1500x1500 , 18th.png )
- Door 18 -

Santa Lynne seems to have bit of centrifugal issues with weight distribution of presents and few heavy spherical bumpers combined.
But I'm sure Miyafuji Santa is there to assist with that in need always with couple of helpful hands.
Today's guest art was drawn by tricky, whose wonderfully soft and healthy cute witches await to be gazed upon at https://twitter.com/tricky_46 and today happens to be their birthday too!
>> No. 14889 ID: 5baff3
File 157671360535.png - (129.73 KB , 640x480 , 19th.png )
- Door 19 -

Trude can transform into a cute Santa as well and not only just a flying reindeer! ..But why the cat ears?
>> No. 14891 ID: 5baff3
File 157681080768.jpg - (58.99 KB , 562x800 , 20th.jpg )
- Door 20 -

Erica in cute Santa outfit for the occasion.. Hey wait a second, those are Lynne's clothes.. Get back here!..
>> No. 14892 ID: dddf86
File 157688641041.png - (1.57 MB , 1417x2000 , 21st.png )
- Door 21 -

To seal the deal of Karlsland trio, Santa Minna's here too all dressed up.~ Better be on your toes as this red Romagnan sun's tanned Santa has a gun for naughty boys and girls.
With that only few days remain.. one can practically hear the tonttu's sneaking around.
Today's guest art was drawn by BookmarkAHead, with his reinvigorated spirit to drawing cute witches be sure to check him at https://twitter.com/BookmarkArtist
>> No. 14897 ID: 79ed70
File 157697281331.jpg - (311.82 KB , 1138x1706 , 22nd.jpg )
- Door 22 -

I told she would mellow out eventually and look at that, the fierce Naoe-chan turns out to be the cutest Santa around. Cute!
A blush so sweet it could produce honey on its own, this Santa's presence is a gift in itself.
Today's guest art was drawn by Fanku, with more hnngh-inducing art to be enjoyed at https://twitter.com/LaBn1K0 just be careful about your heart conditions.
>> No. 14899 ID: 28270f
File 157705920459.jpg - (145.91 KB , 1000x750 , 23rd.jpg )
- Door 23 -

And with that only one day remains.. All the reindeer and Santas are on standby, ready to roll.
>> No. 14901 ID: 00919e
File 15771600141.png - (3.60 MB , 2894x2500 , 24th.png )
*- Door 24 -*

Merry Christmas!

Five long years of advent calendars, the speed this particular month flies by doing it like this thus far hasn't failed to surprise me each year now.
But now's the time to wind down, relax and truly enjoy good foods with hopefully good company, free from any worries even if it's just for a few days.

Albeit how troublesome, our sweet birthday girl Lucchini has to be working even on her important day to bring smiles to others, but I think by the smile she has going, she's really enjoying what she's doing. Shirley and friends surely have a party set up for her later waiting anyways..~
Eve's guest art was drawn by always helpful tonttu Couch.
>> No. 14906 ID: 43c24a
File 15772860079.jpg - (0.98 MB , 4096x3057 , Christmas Day.jpg )
*** Christmas Day ***

Happy Merry Witchmas 2019 Helma!

Christmas day has landed safely and Lucchini's party awaits after a long night of being a good responsible lil witch.~ Half a decade of calendars later, Christmas stays the same as ever. I can only wonder for how long this tradition will go on.
This year brought us the anime adaption of the comedic slice-of-life manga and what fun it was, even with the poor quality, the basically voiced manga panels slightly animated was tanoshii thanks to its other fortes. And past that we got plenty of fresh mango and lots of it even translated thanks our resident translator and as well Misfits group's efforts. Manga really is the gift that keeps giving and still more to be translated. Next year we finally get to see what sort of market product the third season is going to be after so long and what new do they got under their sleeves to present or only to repeat same old formulas for good measure.

This advent calendar continued the collaboration of guest artists for which I am always grateful for, those who were able to partake and those who even considered it but couldn't make it. Here's to another year of more witchy art and hopefully even more filled out calendar next Christmas! Hopefully everyone enjoyed this one.~
I'd like to thank all our dear artists again who took part in creating festive spirit; Setzeri, 青橋 雨 amefre, donzo317, 髭侍㌠ msgtkurage, tricky, BookmarkAHead, Fanku and Couch! すべてのアーティストに感謝します!
Be sure to follow them on their media pages.

Let the mulled wine flow and chocolate fill our taste buds as we open our presents, if you happened to be a good boy, be sure to share what you got from /ss/! That or even just seasonal greetings or whatever you might have on your mind.~
>> No. 14909 ID: 4f80e6
File 157730337365.jpg - (3.33 MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_20191225_092803707.jpg )
Merry Christmas everyone and to you Eagle! Thank you, artists, who contributed to the calendar and to you Eagle for organizing it. I love Christmas Witches!

I was lucky this year's /ss/ to actually receive gifts from the organizers. Got an artbook and a mango for Strike Witches and a nendo for GuP. Of course, I can't forget the tasty cookies, spices, and even the single noodle I also received. Overall very solid gifts; I was very well spoiled.
>> No. 14910 ID: 4f80e6
File 157730362571.jpg - (3.26 MB , 6000x3909 , Christmas Gifts v2.jpg )
Let's take a closer look at the gifts. I found some funny reaction images from the Strike Witches manga and of course there were also some lewd moments as expected. As for the Strike Witches art book, I found some amusing pictures and a very /c/ute Helma-chan! Moving onto the Saori nendo, I took pictures of her posing with the noodle I was also gifted. The first picture is her embarrassed (probably because she doesn't have a boyfriend) and the second picture is her doing her duty as the radio operator. Overall very good gifts and definitely a Christmas to treasure. I hope everybody else is having a wonderful Christmas.
>> No. 14912 ID: dc3850
Merry Christmas! Thank you for the calendar, and thanks to the artists too. I enjoyed all the pictures!
>> No. 14916 ID: c1e244
File 15773664323.jpg - (1.98 MB , 3555x2000 , 2 - Copy.jpg )
Well time to share what I got from /ss/ this year.

Ah that was you. Such luck getting the organizers, looks like they knew how to please you well.
Cute Seal nendo too.
>> No. 14917 ID: c1e244
File 157736672274.jpg - (1.69 MB , 3555x2000 , 3 - Copy.jpg )
And under the wrapping paper shines through floof Yukari, Akane on her hoverbike and a Galko (onee-san) doujin with some Kusmi tea.
My Santa spoiled me again this Christmas, but thankfully I've been on a spree of spoiling my Santas as well for past few years so now I can feel just pure happiness. Unfortunately no witch related items, but I spoiled myself by ordering like five of the Alter witches earlier and I need to just go and pick them up one of these days from postal office.
>> No. 14918 ID: aca73c
Yeah, that's me. I'm pretty pleased with what I received. I just finished reading the mango and I thought it was enjoyable.
>Unfortunately no witch related items
What I did on my wishlist was just list my favorite animu on a primary, secondary, tertiary tier and I put Strike Witches at the top. I also said anything was fair game.
lol just noticed that Furby in the background. Pretty good stuff.
>> No. 14930 ID: 0e1ddb
File 157765300736.jpg - (713.86 KB , 2016x1134 , 1577330041456.jpg )
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas this year! I guess I should share what I got for /ss/

I didn't get anything witch related this year, but I instead got this cute and cheerful Anchovy, as well as some other neat goodies, including the cute Alpaca pin. Overall, a really nice gift this Christmas.

Thanks for doing the calendar again this year, as well as to the guest artists who drew the nicest holiday witches.

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