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File 157518721175.jpg - (1.74 MB , 3600x2000 , 1st.jpg )
14860 No. 14860 ID: 11b49b
That time of the year again with Yule knocking around the corner, marking the fifth year in a row for Helma's advent calendar.
Hard to believe it's been so long and never thought I'd be doing them here still for so long, but alas let's enjoy the wait together.
As per usual everyday around UTC midnight as the day changes, there'll be a festive witchy picture to warm up with into the holiday spirits.
Times may vary slightly but I'll try to keep it same. Now heat up the wine, dress cozy and prepare the presents.~

- Door 1 -
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>> No. 14862 ID: 378d48
File 157526641799.jpg - (55.08 KB , 536x771 , 2nd.jpg )
- Door 2 -

Uh oh, Naoe-chan's not too happy about her involvement dressing up for the occasion.
But I'm sure she too warms up later.
>> No. 14864 ID: 378d48
File 157533481219.jpg - (265.97 KB , 653x963 , 3rd.jpg )
- Door 3 -

Looks like Nipa has found herself to a really cute and pink dress too.
>> No. 14866 ID: e86ab8
Good stuff! Looking forward to more!
>> No. 14867 ID: af23af
File 157541760873.jpg - (115.67 KB , 447x642 , 4th.jpg )
- Door 4 -

Unlike Naoe, Miyafuji seems to be into her Santa costume and duties with the sweetest smile around.
>> No. 14868 ID: 516cc0
File 157550401265.jpg - (234.07 KB , 1070x1920 , 5th.jpg )
- Door 5 -

Lil Santa and her trusty strong flying reindeer get their presents delivered even in the worst hails.
>> No. 14869 ID: 516cc0
File 157559041284.png - (1.11 MB , 2377x2803 , 6th.png )
- Door 6 -

Festive fox Eila flying across the night sky wrought up in pretty stars is a sight not many get to see with how crafty the fox can be.
Today's guest art was drawn by Setzeri, whose wonderfully unique style can be found at https://twitter.com/Setzeri who also happens to draw interesting comic of his own around somewhat similar subjects ''Lotta Svärd - Women of War'' for those interested, it just so happens to be also Finland's independence day!
>> No. 14871 ID: 5566cb
File 157567681130.jpg - (328.52 KB , 1350x1770 , 7th.jpg )
- Door 7 -

Reindeer Countess in her firm princess carry hold has acquired a cute small silver-haired Santa it seems.
>> No. 14872 ID: 342f2e
File 157576320761.jpg - (797.79 KB , 1280x1856 , 8th.jpg )
- Door 8 -

Behind today's door shines forth unmistakably lovely elegance in the form of Perrine.
>> No. 14874 ID: 342f2e
File 157586403194.jpg - (268.45 KB , 2500x2500 , 9th.jpg )
- Door 9 -

Santa Sadako basking in the moonlight's embrace.

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