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File 157729318088.jpg - (1.41 MB , 1200x1715 , c8901373210d0aac6b1449c32a6b8393.jpg )
14907 No. 14907 ID: 157959
So soon 501's story will most likely be over. I really doubt they will keep milking them beyond Berlin.

So what's next other than idol witches? Are we ever getting Pacific War witches? Or Korean War?

Or will they just move to AGA adaptation?
>> No. 14908 ID: 680f31
You could probably very easily get another season out of the 501st and Yoshika. Just end S3 on a cliffhanger that a another new hive shows up near Fuso. Though some side stories in the mean time animated would be best if they wanted to.

I'm sure AGA will get something like everything else Fumi's done has.
>> No. 14911 ID: 94a560
How early next year is Road to Berlin coming out?
>> No. 14914 ID: c1e244
Damn, you've been asking these same template questions for how many years now?
I'll just give the most basic answers possible, we don't know, we don't know and we don't know. All of these are something you need to call Kusokawa for, or just simply wait some years.
AGA has nothing to do with this franchise outside the one collab over at the game department thing but that's something every gacha does these days to have rein in boosted popularity and possible new users. That and the game is developed by Pyramid and published by COLOPL, Kusokawa has no affiliation whatsoever to those two as far I know.
If they plan to make anime adaption someday, they'll just contract some studio for it. Haven't seen really that many gachas get anime adaptions though outside Fate.

Winter season is starting in a week or so, so certainly not that, doesn't seem to be Spring either since they have bigger event held in March which will most likely reveal the airing season, they've held bigger events in the past on March as well so makes sense.
So at earliest it's going to be Summer most likely, befitting of how old seasons aired on summer too, or later into the year.
>> No. 14923 ID: b99f5d
There will need to be a stopping point some time. It's definitely a double edged sword though between not wanting it to end, and running it into the ground. I just hope a few more other stories can be told in animated form before that happens where this series does have the content and world to do so.

AGA will most likely happen just to have something else out there with Humikane's name attached with no bearing on the witches. It's bound to move product, and hey if it's actually good all the better.
>> No. 14931 ID: 13ae3f
I have the distinct feeling that Strike Witches may be akin to becoming an IP with a content release style like that of Muv-Luv; where the world is so vast, rich and full of potential that it's guaranteed to release some kind of regular or at least semi-regular content wither it be in light novels, manga, doujinshi, anime, ect.

Unlike Muv-Luv it seems that Strike Witches, aside from being tonally much more light hearted, is also a bit more consistent on the overall strength of it's story telling and being true to it's source material.
>> No. 14932 ID: 94a560

That's what keeps me in this franchise - the worldbuilding.

We definitely need something, doesn't have to be animated, on the 508th Joint Fighter Wing. I can see that the idea of a Joint Fighter Wing operating on a more mobile headquarters be refreshing.
>> No. 14933 ID: 13ae3f
It would be fascinating to see what the 508th would be facing on the Atlantic in the Neuroi war.

Though aside from than; the efforts of Mechanized Armored Infantry like the Patton Girls,4th Armoured Brigade - C Squadron, or the efforts of a Tiger I witch or any other Armored infantry witch unit would be fascinating to see. As of now, while it's cool that the Africa doujinshi shows us a bit in that department, and we see a few Land Battle Witches make a neat cameo in brave witches; it would be nice to see more of them and have a "magical boots on the ground" story here and there.
>> No. 14934 ID: 94a560

Thank you for that reply and I'm sorry to go off-topic with this but might I please know your e-mail address? I'm working on a fan project and I need the assistance of fans like you in the matter.
>> No. 14935 ID: 94a560

Back on-topic, another thing I wish that is explored is Anna Ferrara. I mean, all we know as that she, as a Witch, fought the Neuroi before Striker Units were invented and that for some reason, she can still use her magic despite her old age. We need something starring her.
>> No. 14936 ID: 680f31
>and we see a few Land Battle Witches make a neat cameo in brave witches; it would be nice to see more of them and have a "magical boots on the ground" story here and there.
While I have wanted it longer than Brave Witches that poor lonely static frame really pushed the same want further.

Also on Africa one of my favorite scenes is the artillery bit with them trying to help the witches. I know the human ground forces are not a drive for watching/reading, but seeing that they can still actually make a difference is a great sight to be seen. Also why I really enjoy the movie for the neuroi the tanks in the beginning take out, and the Yamato shot at the end. I just hope more future works work more of this in somehow. For me stuff like that really adds more to the world building, and seeing the war on a broader scale with everyone taking part.
>> No. 14937 ID: 781678
Well, it depends from general reactions towards LW..

And WW needs a new mobage which has all witches featured..
>> No. 14938 ID: 74e6a5
Witches don't lose their magic from age, just that the ones using strikers without abilities like Eilas, will be taken off duty because their shields no longer protect from attacks.
This was shown in the S1 of the anime, Mio couldn't even block a handgun bullet anymore.
>> No. 14939 ID: 13ae3f
If you need help with a fan project: your friendly neighborhood Tome Anon is here to help.

My email is bucue4@hotmail.com.

I also have something of a Strike Witches Lore discord channel but I haven't plugged it because I'm not sure if it's okay to self promote on the board or anything.
>> No. 14940 ID: e21fad

Thank you so much. For now, I've finished working on the setting notes for it but I just need to make a few fixes. I'll e-mail it to you when I'm done.

Back on-topic. Other than the African front, 508th Joint Fighter Wing, and Anna. I think the Hispania conflict needs some exploration.

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