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File 158587189286.jpg - (396.57 KB , 609x800 , __helma_lennartz_world_witches_series_drawn_by_tsu.jpg )
15035 No. 15035 ID: b8b2bc
In 10 days Helma will be shut down. It's been a good 9 years, but disinterest on my part, inactivity on the boards and the site no longer having a real purpose have lead to me making this decision.

In the next 10 days I suggest you save whatever topics/images that you don't want to lose. I will be backing up the whole site (so nothing will be lost forever) but I doubt it will ever make a return.

To everyone that enjoyed using the site over the years, or just found it useful- thank you.

-Anonymous Admin
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>> No. 15036 ID: ef9634
File 158589535226.png - (32.05 KB , 487x574 , 154457280561.png )
Thanks for helping to keep the love alive and well! This site was always comfy and I'm glad that people like you loved the Witches so much that this site even exists.

I hope you'll continue enjoying the Witches in the future especially with the upcoming release of a third season and the spin-off. Anyways, best wishes to any of your future endeavors, Helma Admin.
>> No. 15037 ID: f9e4af
File 158590341886.jpg - (219.24 KB , 600x833 , i_want_to_love_sanya_more_bonus_1.jpg )
Do good things ever happen?

Ah, well. You did a lot for us and I'm glad that you kept this site online for all these years. It's heartbreaking to learn that you're shutting it down, and for it to happen so suddenly as well, but I understand it must have been a hard choice. Thanks for everyone who posted here, too, for all the good times.

I wish you all the best, Admin.
>> No. 15038 ID: c662e3
File 158591111671.jpg - (163.45 KB , 1138x1200 , DFp5dgYUQAAq5xQ.jpg )
I work in archival irl, is there anything I can do at all that would be helpful regarding saving content? This is the end of a little bit of history with the closure of Helma, but while the fanbase has declined in the west, there's still some of us out there. I've already saved the 502 Prequel manga thread on account of having a soft spot for those girls, Krupinski in particular, and am planning on finishing off the abandoned typesetting and cleaning job once I'm free.

Regardless, it's been a very good run, thank you so much and may life treat you well!
>> No. 15039 ID: 68d7c5
Thank you for 9 years of hard work! I've been about for 8 years and even I only sporadically visit. I hope witch love is alive and well in all of your hearts!
>> No. 15043 ID: 1aac6d
I may not have been very active here, but I still always viewed this website as a part of the fandom. Thank you for everything you have done!
>> No. 15044 ID: f19fc3
Hi everyone. Was the one who started up the Lore Questions thread. I could have done something but I didn't know else to say here. Maybe I should have but other than promoting a fanfic, which I doubt's allowed here, I didn't have it in me to continue with this site.

I am so humbly sorry for this.
>> No. 15045 ID: f19fc3

>I will be backing up the whole site (so nothing will be lost forever) but I doubt it will ever make a return.

Where will the backups be located once you've finshed?
>> No. 15048 ID: b8b2bc
File 158596214092.jpg - (186.99 KB , 650x699 , helma1year.jpg )

Thank you! I had no idea this many people actually visited the board, lol.


I'm going to be raring up the site and storing it on my HD. If I can find a simple way to get rid of the stored passwords (for mods etc) I might upload it to mega. It might even be possible to import the posts/images to a new imageboard, if someone wants to go that far.
>> No. 15049 ID: 1d4deb
Would it be crazy to ask to reconsider at this point in? I'm honestly pretty devastated by these news, not gonna lie and don't know much else to say.
I'd be sad to see this lovely place go.. It's the perfect place for this stuff and has always been.
>> No. 15051 ID: 07d2e4
File 158598311238.jpg - (96.82 KB , 500x750 , 1406473968384.jpg )
Thanks for all your hard work, Helmadmin. Sucks to see the site go, but Helma will live on in some form, I'm sure. At the very least, the love will always be alive and well.
Love you guys!
>> No. 15052 ID: 54ff1a
File 158600451771.jpg - (215.26 KB , 1214x1720 , C15HpXlVEAIAVYR_jpg orig.jpg )
I've asked before and I will ask again, are you unwilling to take donations? I would be more than happy to pay for any hosting fees, even by myself.
>> No. 15062 ID: d8ea54
File 158611008376.jpg - (50.72 KB , 973x203 , saved.jpg )
Good news! Admin has had a change of heart.

I'm the anon who helped save the data through email after that mess with the host and I'm glad you changed your mind. <3
>> No. 15067 ID: b8b2bc
Thank you for the offer! But I will pay for it myself for now. Maybe next year I might think about taking donations, but I have to get my paypal account fixed before that happens.

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