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File 158606595616.jpg - (288.93 KB , 685x900 , __francesca_lucchini_and_helma_lennartz_world_witc.jpg )
15055 No. 15055 ID: b8b2bc
After being persuaded via email and through various posts I have decided to keep the site open.

I'm sorry about this whole situation, I set about it fully intending to shut the site down because of inactivity and various other things because I thought only around 3 or so people actually used the place.. The posts here, on /c/, and the emails I've received have shown me that many more people use the site than I originally thought.

Once again, I'm sorry for getting everyone worried. The site will remain open for now.

-Anonymous Admin
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>> No. 15056 ID: 84d271
File 15860670277.png - (41.47 KB , 350x150 , helma_banner.png )
This is great news!
And, like EMT said in the other thread, if you ever need help paying for server costs in the future I'd be more than willing to help too - especially given how much I've used this place over the past 8 years and how much of my stuff I've left here.
>> No. 15057 ID: f7a3bc
With all that's going on in the world, this is some very welcome good news! Especially since the new anime series are coming out, there should be some more activity. I find a lot of witchbros (and witchgals) aren't even aware of the site. Hopefully more populate soon. I've been a lurker for a few years, posted a couple times, but could always count on Helma for fun discussions. Keep up the good work, sergeant!
>> No. 15058 ID: 56ee46
I'm so truly happy to hear these change of events. Such a relief. There's no need to be sorry over anything, and never be afraid to ask for support, if such case arises, as seen many would love to help. Thank you.
>> No. 15059 ID: febd0d
Well, since RtB will be broadcasted on Fall, shutting this site down would be devastating for non-Japanese World Witchers..

Thanks for keep this open..
>> No. 15064 ID: 30f739
Very happy with this announcement. Love is alive and well!

This site could use more awareness somehow. I only knew of Helma through /c/.
>> No. 15066 ID: 0c0530
File 158614657467.jpg - (43.12 KB , 600x600 , 551314_10151461757368464_2114801590_n.jpg )
Good to hear. Maybe it'll prompt more on-site activity too.
>> No. 15071 ID: 2352b9
File 158624840147.jpg - (26.69 KB , 518x292 , Smile.jpg )
So glad to hear this.

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