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File 13232392263.jpg - (1.35MB , 1500x1200 , pearl-harbor_sw.jpg )
1662 No. 1662 ID: f03502
Apparently without the Neuroi, the powers return to normal.
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>> No. 1664 ID: 899b0e
File 132324504036.jpg - (19.54KB , 438x599 , 13533245.jpg )
Your move, Fuso.
>> No. 1665 ID: f03502
File 132324606310.jpg - (571.61KB , 1000x1179 , but_yeager_never_flew_in_the_PTO.jpg )
>> No. 1666 ID: 6ba10b
cue glorious witch on witch combat
>> No. 1668 ID: f03502
File 132326060520.jpg - (467.36KB , 768x1024 , dammit.jpg )
It even continues into the 21st century.
>> No. 1672 ID: 7b207e
That was the grand plan of Aiza Bin Laden. Which prompted Georgina Bush to conduct the global war of terror against the axes of evil something..
>> No. 1674 ID: f03502
File 132331347366.jpg - (123.90KB , 803x669 , Mig-21.jpg )
Georgina was accused of being a draft-dodger by flying the F-102A strikers in the Air Guard while her primary opponent flew the A-4 strikers and was shot-down over Indo-Chine.
>> No. 1678 ID: a91b92
File 13233792007.jpg - (31.14KB , 500x313 , 1726009-shut_up_and_take_my_money_super.jpg )
What a spinoff that would make
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