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File 132342055643.jpg - (100.40KB , 480x446 , 1321860848009.jpg )
1679 No. 1679 ID: 899b0e
Let's hear the spinoffs of SW you've come up with. Don't lie, I know you've all made up at least one.
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>> No. 1681 ID: fed9ee
File 132344255565.jpg - (13.56KB , 375x269 , KY-pzl_p11c1.jpg )
Polish Witches. I'm practicing drawing so I can draw one of them. The Strikers are probably going to be P.11c.
>> No. 1682 ID: 15c7fe
I did some shitty modern jet based witches back then. It was like a series of random drawings..

I'm no longer continuing with it it though. Since it was shitty and not really faithful to the Strike Witches universe.
>> No. 1683 ID: 26a179
File 132347963831.png - (61.84KB , 749x1427 , ddddddd.png )

Yeah I was writing a grim-dark (but not grim-DERP) spinoff that took place in Poland. I had an artist, and we got about 12 characters drawn up, but the whole thing kind of stalled out.

Here's the main Polish character. Please excuse the half-assed tracing, coloring, and shading. I never actually bothered to finish shading it, and it was pretty much just a color reference for the artist.
>> No. 1684 ID: f03502
I made the terrible photoshops of Yoshika and Mio bombing Pearl Harbor.
>> No. 1685 ID: 61e5a8
Could you please post them?
>> No. 1688 ID: f03502
In this thread
>> No. 1692 ID: e22380
Witches 1967

Neuroi incursions have always been defensive operations.. untill now. With new Magical Reactor technology, submarines, able to avoid neuroi lasers by hiding underwater are deployed to launch witches directly near all major hive locations, on deft missions to elminate the Neuroi from the Earth.

In space, witches are launched from new Orussian and Liberion rockets, deployed down to take down Neuroi from miles above the Earth itself.

On land, new advanced reactive armor makes tank Witch forces able to withstand and even outright deflect the enemy's energy beams.

More or less, a tactical witch universe where 1960s technology was involved with advanced strikers, and using the fact that Witches can STVOL and can handle space to their advantages.

One side story I had penned was one where a Warlock was escorted from Space down to the top of Orussia to smash through the hive.
>> No. 1693 ID: 9e9eac
I have been involved in an IRC RP with a few other people for over a year. takes place in 1946-1947. dear god what have I done with my life?

just kidding it's all in good fun
>> No. 1700 ID: cf664a
>> No. 1701 ID: 0c3288

Don't even mention that joke of an RP.
>> No. 1702 ID: cf664a
>> No. 1703 ID: 0c3288
File 132363939174.jpg - (101.71KB , 600x600 , 1288440519687.jpg )

I feel like dying already.
>> No. 1704 ID: 26a179
If this turns into an argument I'm going to be pretty miffed.
>> No. 1706 ID: e22380
Anyway, is my idea for a 1960s witch story bad, too far advanced, too LOL TACTICLOL etc?
>> No. 1707 ID: 622c58
I am 100 percent sure that i made pic that for a thread on /a/
>> No. 1708 ID: 622c58
Wow i am tired...
*that pic*
>> No. 1716 ID: f03502
File 132371337549.png - (261.60KB , 672x920 , Mig-15.png )
So something like this?
>> No. 1782 ID: 899b0e
I had an idea about a spinoff series following ground crew. Each chapter/episode was parallel with what's happened in the S1 of the anime. The MC would be a new engineer that was on the same boat as Yoshika, he tries his best not to get in the witches' way, but somehow always ends up at the wrong place and the wrong time. Or he and his mates are always complaining about the witches messing with equipment. (like when Lucchini broke Shirley's striker)

For example, the sauna episode would be set a few hours prior, to where the crew is fixing the place up. The MC would come in just to do some minor adjustments just as some witches are already getting their yuri on.
All the characters would be bro-tier.
>> No. 1790 ID: 57cd7e
File 132398996762.jpg - (245.83KB , 1000x2132 , kartoffelpuffail.jpg )
Everything's better with witches! Last Exile included.
>> No. 1791 ID: f6338f
Hey! Don't drag my Last Exile into this.
It may be boring but at least I doesn't shove huge amounts of butt-shots and other silly ecchiness in my face hahaha :)

Joking there :)
>> No. 1799 ID: 54a480
File 132420563727.jpg - (164.25KB , 810x1131 , Eilanya Minna Crewmen Baby.jpg )
>I had an idea about a spinoff series following ground crew.

Erica carrying Heinz "Bimmel" Mertens to safety after a Neuroi attack? Or him grabbing a gun and going off on a search for MIA Erica? This would be awesome.
>> No. 1801 ID: 899b0e
File 132422200437.jpg - (47.28KB , 419x393 , A1medicalunit.jpg )
>> No. 1811 ID: 899b0e
The MC is the Witch's doctor? Oh god, fund it
>> No. 1817 ID: 8048a1
File 132453964065.jpg - (282.65KB , 950x803 , 1220459731511.jpg )
An Eila and Sanya adventure story set in the 1920's. Other than that just some shorts about the witches fucking each other.
>> No. 2418 ID: 4e5945
File 132922943686.jpg - (78.78KB , 768x1024 , 55474cfede62a9abf7d48edb15c4c665.jpg )
>deep breath

I've made an alternate setting where the Earth is exactly as it was historically, except I've considered the socio-political consequences of Witches going back to classical antiquity. WWII went down almost exactly the way it did in reality, except it was interrupted in early 1943 by the Martian invasion. Yes, those Martians, with tripods and heat-rays and black smoke and all that shit. It's Turtledove meets Wells meets Witches.

I did this partially because I'm not crazy about the Neuroi - I like how they're mysterious, constantly changing tactics and can seemingly "manufacture" wildly different vessels in a short time to allow for said tactics changes; but in the entire first season there's only one real "dogfight" because of this; most of the time the Witches are just hammering away at flying beamspam battleships, which is meh. With Martians you keep some of that otherworldly "weirdness," truly alien aliens, and you can have actual interesting fights instead of "dogfights are useless, massed 88mm flak from the ground is super effective." (Seriously, artillery > beamspam.)

It also lets me mix up Witches and classic fighter planes all together, which is much more fun then limiting yourself to just pantsu. Pic related.
>> No. 2448 ID: cba1f0
get your neck beard shit out of here mouth breather

>> No. 2449 ID: dcb392
Thank you for banning them.
>> No. 2488 ID: f03502
File 132981091015.jpg - (228.85KB , 1280x720 , Band of Brothers - Ep 03 - Carentan_mp4_snapshot_0.jpg )
I've always wanted to see some more non-magical or older witches help fight. One idea I had would be basically Band of Brothers with the US airborne (82nd, 101st) and other airborne divisions (Brit Paras, German Fallschirmjager) landing in Gallia in order to secure land and look for refugees, survivors, etc. Unfortunately, the Neuroi left behind small underground hives with smaller units behind (something like the little drones from the 1st season finale but ground based) and it's up to the mostly non-magic forces to combat it. There's a few witches involved, the come in reinforcements. Attached to the units are older witches for healing but end up fighting as well (imagine Yoshika but not useless).

Does anyone else think this is a dumb idea?
>> No. 2489 ID: 899b0e
File 132981512197.jpg - (105.33KB , 1280x720 , Band_of_Brothers_Ep03_2001_720p_HDDVDRiP_x264_AAC(.jpg )
Shit son, are you me? I just started rewatching Band of Brothers and this idea was cruising in my head all day.
>> No. 2493 ID: 5987df
A spinoff of this, but with landwitches in afrika ;_;
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