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File 132366271481.jpg - (279.48KB , 1102x488 , 1320110852488.jpg )
1709 No. 1709 ID: 622c58
English Dub of SW2 comes out March 23rd...
Japanese voice acting is always superior anyway but it is another thing to get. It is also blu-ray.
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>> No. 1710 ID: 622c58
File 132366307399.png - (214.34KB , 1135x1203 , SW2englishDub.png )
Link and translation...

Blu-ray box will be released 3 / 23!Published to commemorate the movie version, the second term the TV series "Strike Witches 2" Blu ray will be released and luxury-box! Add a new award, he recorded together in the Romagna Strike Witches! Do not miss this opportunity!Luxury Benefits ①Integrated combat air wing set a personal identification emblem 501 (11 species).Integrated combat air wing set a personal identification emblem 501 (11 species).Pins 11 species with a personal mark of the members, only appeared in the original specification unobtainable here! Screw specifications, have your own storage case filled with insignia!② luxury award"Integration 弐 full record 501 combat wing" Special Edition"Integration 弐 full record 501 combat wing" Special EditionBlu-ray · DVD series was popular at the awards' entire recording 弐 Integrated Combat Wing 501 "and the large volume up to 212 pages including a revised new retouched! Shimada Fumikane drawn cover!Early Bird campaign being held?The more you book during the campaign period following target stores, omissions, "A4 size portrait drawn special" for free!Toranoana Chara / comic (except A Akihabara) / Gamers (all branches) / Sofmap (including dot-com) / Yamada / HMV Online / Wing Neo / Tower Records (online only Shinjuku) / Animate (all branches) / Messe"Strike Witches 2" Blu-ray BoxPrice: 36,750 yen (tax included)Video recording time: 300 minutesDisc Type: two-layer two-diskAudio: English Voice / Linear PCM Stereo Japanese /Subtitles: Japanese Subtitles / English SubtitlesScreen: MPEG-4 AVC 1080p 16:9 (1080i video part award)Image is not in production, and may differ from the actual.
>> No. 1711 ID: 622c58
>Blu-ray BoxPrice: 36,750 yen
>> No. 1712 ID: 9e9eac
when dos the preorder period end?
>> No. 1713 ID: 9a0355
2 Blu-ray discs plus the new 200+ pages booklet and that 11 badges.
Not bad actually...
>> No. 1715 ID: 08199a

The day it's released.
>> No. 1717 ID: 9e9eac

that never happens.
>> No. 1718 ID: 08199a
Try pre-ordering from Amazon.jp then.
>> No. 1719 ID: 08199a
Try pre-ordering from Amazon.jp then.
>> No. 1720 ID: 622c58
even if you do get it pre-ordered it is still 460 something usd...
if i had the money to blow i would get it myself but its just way to expensive, for me at least...
>> No. 1725 ID: 08199a
Unlike Ami Ami, Amazon.jp is far cheaper, only 26,000 odd yen, instead of the 31,000, ami ami want.

Also, you don't have to pay until it ships with Amazon, if that helps.
>> No. 1727 ID: 174f99

Then again, amazon.jp only does international express shipping, so it's pretty close to amiami + registered sal
>> No. 3278 ID: aecc8f
Only about $320 - S&H? Ha, otaku have to be loaded to afford prices like those.
>> No. 3295 ID: adb37f

there is a good reason why, in a country of 100 million, selling 10k copies of a show is considered phenominaly successful.
>> No. 3303 ID: aecc8f
A shame I'm a university student, I may have been able to buy the BDs if I had an actual job.
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