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File 132374418428.jpg - (110.23KB , 680x820 , 83d88dbac2bb499c1a050d5ca9514305.jpg )
1726 No. 1726 ID: 565506
Could anyone please shed some light on these shadow-like figures that make appearances in the artwork for Strike Witches that I see? I know they each represent a character, but I am curious why they are sometimes included in images.
And if anyone could tell me the name of the mysterious figures as well, I would greatly appreciate it.
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>> No. 1730 ID: 9a0355
File 132376233686.jpg - (182.79KB , 750x750 , 20251025_big_p7.jpg )
Mostly that shadow represents Yoshika, who has that pervert hobby of, well you know...

Then after the release of novel "Soumus misfit", the japanese character Haruka also share similar habits of Yoshika, and in a sense, much dirtier. (Refer to the novel for more info...)

A little bit of fan arts also set the 502 japanese new witch Simohara Sadako as one of those shadow, since she, although doesn't have those habits of the previous two, has a liking on cute stuffs and has a tendency of hugging them.
>> No. 1732 ID: f03502
File 132376819121.jpg - (194.45KB , 1587x900 , 1282024132482.jpg )
Seems to have spread and shown up with other witches
>> No. 1734 ID: b52217
I don't know was it Humikane who used them first, but he uses them in his pictures when he just wants to refer to something questionable certain characters are doing, like in >>1732

Most often especially in fanart who are depicted like this, are Haruka for Misfits, Yoshika for 501, Sadako for 502 and Takei for 504. This further strengthens the semi-fan idea that these characters are sort of the most perverted of their respective squadrons.
>> No. 1867 ID: f03502
File 13248832545.jpg - (400.43KB , 782x950 , 9ee163dd4799d7d93d1cbffca5941fea.jpg )
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