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File 13253457357.jpg - (338.14KB , 705x1052 , 24038923.jpg )
1956 No. 1956 ID: b52217
It's the year of the dragon so fanart about that is expected
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>> No. 1957 ID: b52217
File 132534579978.jpg - (1.39MB , 1600x1240 , 24039924.jpg )
>> No. 1958 ID: b52217
File 132534582936.jpg - (643.26KB , 1300x955 , 24040020_p0.jpg )
>> No. 1959 ID: b52217
File 132534585052.jpg - (196.33KB , 480x1200 , 24040020_p1.jpg )
>> No. 1960 ID: b52217
File 132534628243.jpg - (47.94KB , 600x474 , 1325344938821.jpg )
>> No. 1961 ID: b52217
File 132536615796.jpg - (564.62KB , 600x800 , 24050824.jpg )
>> No. 1963 ID: b52217
File 132540991130.jpg - (276.28KB , 584x800 , 24056210.jpg )
>> No. 1965 ID: f03502
File 132541038843.jpg - (111.22KB , 597x540 , 24060806.jpg )
A new familiar?
>> No. 1967 ID: f7496e
Do like, do want. I've seen her pop up on a quite a few posts, but I never did read the threads. Didn't she appear just once in one of the manga or something?

Trust me, I know VERY LITTLE.
>> No. 1968 ID: b52217

Read for yourself
>> No. 1969 ID: b52217
File 132542694681.jpg - (56.21KB , 300x422 , 2012.jpg )
"Gallia's pride, the Knight of Lightning magnificently announces the new year of 2012.

I can't believe it's been a year since I drew the last year's new years greetings picture"
>> No. 1971 ID: b52217
File 132542878420.jpg - (184.85KB , 1096x800 , 24072800_p0.jpg )
>> No. 1972 ID: b52217
File 132543822310.jpg - (68.62KB , 669x803 , 486804811.jpg )
>> No. 1973 ID: b52217
File 132544945444.jpg - (195.05KB , 1000x715 , 24083980.jpg )
>> No. 1980 ID: f7496e
You know, if it were any other era and my grandfather who served in New Guinea caught me saying that the awesome female version of Hirohito was actually pretty goddamn cute, I'd have my head staked up on a lit, kerosine-doused pike while the Army Men had a weenie roast over my charred corpse which a Marine in flamethrower gear had just gone to town on.

And that'd be after the declaration of treason and conspiring with the enemy, as well as the firing squad.

Sadly, my grandfather died long before my birth unto this world. A Technical Sergeant he was, joking that he fought a typewriter through the war.

But yeah, I'm sold. I'm actually sort of glad I took the time to dig on it, though I wish there were more pictures and information.

Here's my sizing up of the Empress:

I get the feeling she's got a sisterly air about her... but it's usually covered up under an authoritative facade, which isn't really helped with the upturned brows. Those are pretty cute, by the way. With having to act seriously the majority of the time, as well as keep up this appearance and demanding air on a constant basis, Mikado probably has few friends. Especially with security, I'm certain, even though nobody besides Maloney and similar parties is trying to out-asshole each other. With this handful of social walls, all unintentional, combined with her position of command and authority, unless you happen to be a playful sneak catching her in the evening in her quarters you will find that she hides her true form under a shell of a pseudo-tsundere. Upon finding a new friend, she becomes rather close quite quickly, and is a very good friend.

I read that from one, and I mean only ONE image. It's my writing ability, but my senses too. She'd be fun on a late evening treat or an evening walk. I dunno about listening to music with though...

Included for the reader's pleasure with this detailed mental dossier is Miyazaki-esque song (IMO) "Pepperland" generously provided for The Beatles for the Yellow Submarine movie.

Tacky, I know, but it sort of fits.
>> No. 1987 ID: b52217
File 132551923439.jpg - (58.85KB , 430x700 , 24105334_p0.jpg )
>> No. 1988 ID: b52217
File 132551926318.jpg - (556.32KB , 1052x711 , 24104693.jpg )
>> No. 1995 ID: b52217
File 132560337675.jpg - (107.07KB , 800x551 , 488168158.jpg )
>> No. 1996 ID: eaa2ee
>Sweater-patterned bikini

I am equal parts yotsuba_glorious.jpg and whut.jpg
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