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No. 2034 ID: f7496e
  You know, on TV recently I just watched an old movie from 1960... a GOOD movie, a damn good movie.


Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Peter Lawford
Joey Bishop


Angie Dickinson

It was a very nice thing to see, very classy. And afterward, do you know what the very first thing I wanted to see and hear was? Either Shirley or Minna singing "Eee O Eleven..."

...and a movie or a manga called "Yeager's Eleven."
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>> No. 2039 ID: 7f5fd6
This seems pretty ridiculous for a thread, especially since we have two shitty threads that already achieve the same thing.

>> No. 2043 ID: f7496e
No no no! I want a Strike Witches equivalent of Ocean's Eleven! If not with the 501st JFW then another group! It was about eleven members of the 82nd Airborne raiding the top casinos of Las Vegas back in 1960. Can you imagine the girls doing that? And the girls would sing this song beautifully.

We'd see more of Minna in that gorgeous red dress! Just think of the possibilities under all that red!

And Shirley... she'd fit right into the shoes of Danny Ocean just amazingly! It'd make a good read, and good art.
>> No. 2044 ID: 4d2005
File 132609145722.jpg - (647.57KB , 2591x3624 , 23892389 - (梅吉@C81三日目東L16b♪ - オ.jpg )
Looks like Japan's already on it
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