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File 131096675966.jpg - (211.05KB , 700x910 , it begins.jpg )
209 No. 209 ID: 4d4b1a
It begins.

This board is gonna move slowly, I recommend advertising it. The pony fans only made an imageboard because of the amount of posts. Strike Witches threads get like 100 posts. In 3 days.
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>> No. 210 ID: 4d4b1a
Durr 404 error, fixing.
>> No. 211 ID: 4d4b1a
Bwhahah, oh wow.

>> No. 212 ID: 5e4d8b
I think the timing could have been way better. Move the climax of the music to the sonic rainboom or the catch, not in-between.
>> No. 213 ID: bd79a4
>> No. 214 ID: f03502
File 131100449287.jpg - (115.50KB , 489x379 , 1306239375694.jpg )
>> No. 218 ID: 4c51f6
Bronies? On /sw/?

But yeah, I'm kind of holding off on mass-advertising at the moment, and just letting it trickle into /a/ little by little. There's still some problems that need fixing before I begin the real grand opening. Like the 404 error. I -really- hope that I can fix that tonight.
>> No. 220 ID: 589765
File 131103271952.jpg - (131.45KB , 420x573 , Yoshika dissapoint.jpg )
I highly disagree with that image!
>> No. 221 ID: 0010af
File 13110380512.png - (57.55KB , 295x369 , yoshika shocked.png )
Why would you post that.
>> No. 223 ID: f03502
only thing worse than >>209
>> No. 232 ID: 19aa2d
What sucks is that there are fans all over. /v/ even knows about it. The problem is that we aren't well liked, but neither are bronies. Maybe post the link in the brony threads?
>> No. 234 ID: 4c51f6

I don't really know why bronies would want to come here. I mean I won't have a ragefit if they have a thread in offtopic as long as it's kept clean, but I think putting a link to this website in brony threads is kind of advertising to the wrong crowd. Wouldn't really make sense.
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