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File 132748730569.jpg - (143.00KB , 500x666 , 2232f36bf21a1a0dfa490fc0fb5ebfd9.jpg )
2172 No. 2172 ID: f7496e
Before you nail me to a barn door, please take a moment to read this!!!

For the past few months now, whenever I've been bored or doing something I don't enjoy, I've been thinking about what to put in a few Fan Fictions I write in my free time. I think about all sorts of things in relation to my story, including things such as the "what ifs" and "why?". What I'm about to detail is just what I've conjured up in my mind, and this is coming from someone who surprisingly hasn't finished the entire series of both Anime and Manga. From what I've read though, despite the in-depth "research" into these creatures by the humans of the Strike Witches Universe, there is still very little to be known about these creatures apart from their structure, armaments, what the core is and how to kill them.

Are we ready folks? If so, then I shall begin.

My theory bore itself to me one day when I was, as usual, thinking of my stories. I had begun to think of a main character who had worked with the Witches of the 501st back when he was seventeen, and had grown into the shoes of a brilliant aeronautics designer who was looking for the long lost Sergeant Bishop, who disappeared some time after the events of Season 2 of the Anime. Anyway, for reasons not yet detailed Minna had returned to him and was on more than friendly terms... so the Main Character began to discuss what his recent projects were with her. I can't recall the exact details, but that's the gist of it...

Gimme a sec... don't know your word limits, will continue.
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>> No. 2173 ID: f7496e
File 132748962176.jpg - (75.98KB , 295x470 , strikewitchesfords07.jpg )
>>2172 Continued

If you've read this far, keep reading. Eventually I'll relate how the witch type Neuroi are what I call "Origin Witches." Stay tuned!!!

So, the kid talks with Minna about various things; that magicless striker that you all have been talking about for Major Sakamoto which he had a flyable prototype of, recent developments in jet strikers (the story would take place during the fifties or sixties), swept wing design, nuclear weapons, his background in Neuroi-faulted (as in at fault) time travel and how his world differed from theirs... it would likely be based on a story I'm already working on.

At some point, the Main Character would then begin to talk about more sensitive research, personal items which he had been working on by himself. It was at this point that the theory began to build itself. The first topic which came to fruition was, as far as I can remember, that of why Witches can fight the Neuroi in the first place.

It was a scene in the late evening, and the MC was in his study with Minna, or some place which was dark like the interior of an old mansion. Sometimes it would replay in the hangar of the aeronautics company the MC ran. He had begun to speak of his work in Neuroi research, particularly on the ones who had made friendly advances toward the others such as the X-11 had with Yoshika. As I can remember it, he began to relate similarities between the witches and the Neuroi until at one point, he plainly stated that Witches and Neuroi are almost one in the same.

The comment nearly gets him knocked on his ass, seeing what Minna went through before she reached her command of the Joint Fighter Wing.

He stops her by putting up good arguments, as well as citing historical research sources. Over time, Minna gradually found herself intrigued with what the MC was saying.

In no specific order, this is what he detailed:

With tacticians, scientists and the general public knowing what they knew currently about the Witches in their past and modern world, the MC found it strange that nobody questioned why there were two similar lifeforms of humans, yet one had all these crazy things like powers and magic and shields, whilst the other had nothing at all. Given his background of a witch-free world, he was able to take things in from a different point of view.

>> No. 2174 ID: f7496e
File 13274912654.png - (133.07KB , 387x700 , tumblr_lae9iqhlIy1qz53a8o1_500.png )
>>2173 Continued

Another point he/I brought up in the discussion was the question of why the Neuroi were even here in the first place. It was a good question too... why are they here? There are probably hundreds of other planets they could've terrorized to meed their needs and desires, yet out of all of them they came to Earth. Coincidence my foot, something isn't right here! The MC then laid out his reasoning that he believed that something was drawing the Neuroi to Earth, and that something had something to do with or was the Witches. What proved this point was the presence of Neuroi in recorded history, which he reasoned to be observers.

What was also pointed out was the similarities in the abilities the Witches have in combat, just as the opposing Neuroi have theirs. Both entities fight with concentrations of energy, though one group was only proficient with defensive concentrations such as shields, whilst the other used the concentrated energy for offensive actions. However, when both groups (witches vs. neuroi) used their weapons against each other, whatever comprised the energy they concentrate is either quite similar in composition if not the same type of energy. Therefore the two forces cancel each other out, and this is why shields work in defense against Neuroi beams.

I'm going to stop here for now, and go to bed. I'll continue tomorrow.
>> No. 2175 ID: 2cbdb6
You know, I think I'd care more if you cut the fan fiction part out and just made your point.
>> No. 2176 ID: dfc0f4

>I'm going to stop here for now, and go to bed. I'll continue tomorrow.

Why don't you just stop?
>> No. 2177 ID: cc8b66
What this individual said.
>> No. 2178 ID: 32072c
File 132750386540.jpg - (155.52KB , 704x396 , 1291059711094.jpg )
Please die in a fire.
>> No. 2180 ID: 759e08

Well, i think that the Neurois are like the aliens of Independence Day, them are like lobsters, invade planets, destroy all people and consume the natural resources and then leave the planet, the Earth is just the next target.
>> No. 2182 ID: 239478
Fanfiction goes in /cr/.
>> No. 2183 ID: 2da7d9

Relax, guys. There's no need for so much hostility here.

This does belong in /cr/ though, I'll admit.
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