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File 132764133948.jpg - (209.36KB , 620x1102 , Alter Hanna.jpg )
2184 No. 2184 ID: a9b8e0
So it seems that Alter would skip the other witches and do Hanna instead. It's funny how some people call her familiar a coyote.
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>> No. 4000 ID: de41c0
File 134302140836.jpg - (69.28KB , 600x450 , 2873168213891217546183.jpg )
Here's a scan of Alter's Sanya - Rocket Booster ver.
>> No. 4002 ID: de41c0
File 134303638019.jpg - (477.90KB , 2392x800 , 135282971856248593162.jpg )
501st AGP
>> No. 4004 ID: ad0917
File 134306446022.jpg - (472.82KB , 1432x1600 , 1343035364005.jpg )
Better one, now with painted Erica in the corner.
>> No. 4005 ID: ad0917
File 134306455221.jpg - (476.61KB , 1379x1600 , 1343037833373.jpg )
And more Erica (this one is apparently a mass-produced resin kit; it will still require detail painting)
>> No. 4006 ID: ad0917
File 134306468938.jpg - (478.69KB , 1830x1600 , 1343037941685.jpg )
And MORE Erica.
>> No. 4007 ID: 4cfe4c
File 134308209727.png - (36.80KB , 188x220 , 1335137227603.png )
My wallet can't take firepower of this magnitude.
>> No. 4012 ID: 5867f2
Fucking Bandai, do you want me poor or something?
>> No. 4023 ID: 4cfe4c
File 134318078085.jpg - (91.47KB , 256x256 , 1332446640648.jpg )
>mfw all the figures in this thread slated for release

I doubt I have the dosh for all of them. With the AGP ones they'll take ages to release the whole set at least. Hopefully.
>> No. 4029 ID: dc714d

this is why i only buy perrine figs. except nendos. those are going to be my collection
>> No. 4030 ID: 4cfe4c
It's a trap. It's a fucking trap. First you start with one figure. Say, a Minna figure for example.

Once you get her (or any other witch) you just can't stop there. You have to get the other 10. You must collect them all, for completeness's sake, for sanity's sake. To keep that tiny voice saying "YOU GOTTA GET THE WHOLE 501ST NIGGA!" from spouting its demoralizing blather.

Any witch figure from any line is a trap. You can't stop at one or two. You have to collect them all. I have gotten three alter figures, three nendoroids (have 'trude preordered), the AGP figures that are up for preorder i've preordered, and a figma (with two on the way), not to mention several of the plushies as well.

It's the Collector's Disease exacerbated by the slippery slope of buyfagging.

The companies know how to get us to throw buckets of money at them.

On the bright side, my room is full of witches. That outweighs the lack of cash. That and the collectibility of the merch too.
>> No. 4033 ID: dc714d

I have 3 perrine figs and 2 nendos (plus 3 plushies and the plushie perrine christmas
ornament thing.)

I figure now i have to get the bandai perrine and if i can ever afford it, the konami original.

....plus any other perrines that may come out
>> No. 4034 ID: 158d87
It's up to you on what you REALLY WANT to buy and how assertive you are in imposing self control.

As for me, I'm sticking to Alter specifically their Sanya & Eila. Then maybe a Heidimarie, Helma, Aleksandra, Georgette and perhaps Carla Luksic, if they're ever made, then no more. I'm not also out to get each version of a given character. Let's say I got a Rocket Sanya, I'd no longer look for the earlier version and so fort..

Most of the figure companies making Strike Witches suck at Striker units anyway. So when the Striker Unit looks nothing like what it's supposed to be, I don't give a damn about it.
>> No. 4035 ID: f18f16
Yeah, I was really glad to see they're reissuing eila and doing another Sanya figure.

The prices ive seen for their current Sanya figure are absolutely insane.

Now if they'll just get to reissuing others and get to making
more witches from other squadrons in addition to those of the 501st.

As an aside, it would be cool to see some tank witch figures in the future as well, I'd buy em.
>> No. 4043 ID: de41c0
File 134333691693.jpg - (68.51KB , 852x639 , 1316346798_jpeg.jpg )
Some tank witches similar to these would be great!
>> No. 4086 ID: 4cfe4c
I'd definitely like to see one for Miles.

It'd be expensive as fuck but Charlotte with her Tiger would pretty badass too.
>> No. 4094 ID: de41c0
File 134360786722.jpg - (124.82KB , 800x571 , -OJ-1343598324_jpeg.jpg )
Alter Erica
>> No. 4095 ID: de41c0
File 134360793576.jpg - (208.57KB , 1024x683 , hIE1343570082_jpeg.jpg )
..with Perrine and Lucchini still in the works.
>> No. 4096 ID: 4cfe4c
from what I can tell, they have 'em all in the works right now i think.
>> No. 4099 ID: de41c0
File 13436179466.jpg - (130.78KB , 450x675 , wf2012s_alter_062.jpg )
You're right, but they haven't had an update on Perrine, Lucchini, or Lynne for a year.
>> No. 4101 ID: 5867f2
File 134364701621.jpg - (46.60KB , 535x800 , 801.jpg )
>> No. 4107 ID: 5867f2
It's Alter, they take their time with products.
>> No. 4108 ID: 4cfe4c
No complaints out of me; that gives me time to save up for their stuff.
>> No. 4132 ID: ef2cae
Alter Erica is up; Eila is also up for rerelease.
>> No. 4182 ID: 4cfe4c
File 134456371661.jpg - (62.13KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-6770.jpg )
Nendo Erica is up for preorder
>> No. 4186 ID: dc714d

welp, looks like I'm gonna be broke again
>> No. 4190 ID: 4cfe4c
On the bright side, you'll have Erica gracing your room with her presence. And not to mention being a lazy bitch. Err, I mean witch.
>> No. 4191 ID: de41c0
File 13447592251.png - (1.33MB , 1366x768 , 105824760133845902967186.png )
But consider the consequences should you fail to hold the Siegfried Line.
>> No. 4195 ID: d250d6
File 134479097165.gif - (488.99KB , 320x180 , 1336627664004.gif )
I JUST realized that she's got a large collection of booze at her table... I don't believe it was ever implied that she was a drunkard...
>> No. 4196 ID: 4cfe4c
Really? You see booze in Erica's room all the time, I remember seeing her room with booze in s1 too.
>> No. 4197 ID: d250d6
Well, I like the two wine-glasses. At least that implies her and Trude drink together.
>> No. 4205 ID: dc714d

I'm so 21st century. I saw the flat box wedged in atwixt the wine bottles and thought "Netbook."


It was implied fairly heavily in S1E7, given the context of the situation. also, like, the
empty bottle errywhere
>> No. 4215 ID: 2d1e3d
Maybe she just likes to drink two at once?

That's actually more depressing than here being a regular drunk.
>> No. 4221 ID: 4cfe4c
What's wrong with drinking more at once? Twice the bubbly in the same amount of time! Besides, she's able to be combat effective even with a little liquid courage inside her. She can handle the liquor like the Scotch-Irish.
>> No. 4532 ID: 00181e
Sure is waiting for Hanna
>> No. 4542 ID: 148887
Yep. Where did you preorder from?
>> No. 4562 ID: 79aa42
I'm not the guy you're asking, but I ordered her and I don't even remember where I ordered from, just some place that would deliver it to me when it's released.

Speaking of, that's not till like, january of next year or something isn't it? I don't even remember, lol.
>> No. 4563 ID: 148887
Release is something like end of 2012 to early 2013, but you never know with Volks.
>> No. 4566 ID: 148887
File 134945852723.jpg - (337.67KB , 533x800 , aa1d4302117e7e88df5945928f905229.jpg )
Meanwhile, over at Alter: 2013/2 release, price TBA.

>> No. 4568 ID: facc73
I would've gotten the Alter Hanna, but the Volks one just looks so much better in my opinion, it was worth the extra hassle of having to deal with proxies just to order it. The Alter one, eh. It looks nice, but not as nice as Volks's.
>> No. 4569 ID: 00181e

Some 2 bit proxy site, I just hope I don't forget about her.
>> No. 4659 ID: 148887
File 135045240142.jpg - (104.77KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-7495.jpg )
Alter Hanna preorder is up. 6980JPY from AmiAmi, not bad.

>> No. 5517 ID: dc714d
File 136024179185.jpg - (215.94KB , 800x533 , alter-perrine-1.jpg )
looks like it is finally time for me to get an Alter figure
>> No. 5518 ID: dc714d
File 136024187890.jpg - (243.81KB , 800x533 , alter-perrine-2.jpg )
also it looks like they released a painted prototype of higer-than-the-sky sanya

>> No. 5521 ID: 2b7a75
File 136035485571.jpg - (96.61KB , 1280x720 , 1300751789382.jpg )
Still waiting patiently for the Volks Hanna.

>> No. 5525 ID: 6c4754
Oh god yes after all this time it's finally here
>> No. 5531 ID: ae72c0
It's ok, I didn't want that ~7000yen anyway.
>> No. 6445 ID: 7c7935
Still still waiting for Volks.... Any year now...
>> No. 6446 ID: 68d4e0
File 138014202327.jpg - (31.78KB , 1142x639 , 135574364165.jpg )
I remember when it was supposed to be released early 2013...

>> No. 6826 ID: 7c7935
We volks Hanna now
>> No. 6831 ID: 43c456
Volks Hanna will be DLC for Half Life 3
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