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File 132773187796.jpg - (358.64KB , 2000x1332 , SWWorld.jpg )
2188 No. 2188 ID: 1b8dc7
I wonder know something...

In SW universe, China and Korea dont exist and are zones of Fuso?
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>> No. 2189 ID: 2da7d9
I'm not as well versed in the lore as I should be, but I think they should still exist.

Depending on how closely the lore follows history, China and Korea may be partially occupied by Fuso though.
>> No. 2190 ID: 1b8dc7

So, the creators support the ocupation of Japan? that sucks.

Is extrange, in Europe, there is not information that Karlsland try to invade Galia, Britannia and Orusia
>> No. 2191 ID: b52217
China-Korea isn't the only one without name, they're just one of the countries the creators haven't thought to be important enough. Though it is probably true, that the reason these particular countries aren't "important" is because they don't want to discuss that part of history at all.
>> No. 2192 ID: edc848
The Suomus borders imply that the Winter War happened at least some way. Wouldn't think too much about it.
>> No. 2193 ID: ad2e78
They didn't name the countries their silly empire raped during the 20th century.

Well it's better that way since anything about Imperial Japan and it's occupation of China and the Korean peninsula tends to end in a political shitstorm that still rages today. Meanwhile majority of Southeast asia had already forgotten about it.

Well at least they're already there. In the first versions of the SW map, China and Korea aren't even included!
>> No. 2194 ID: f8576c
File 132776512834.gif - (18.06KB , 590x308 , world-maps.gif )
I noticed the SW map appears to be Asia centred, as opposed to our modern day maps which appear to be European centred.
>> No. 2195 ID: 7921b5
The effort of Republic of China againsting japs has been **** out.
Another reason is (rumored) that China didn't have aircraft production ability.
(...Wait, wasn't China have CAMC which repaired AVG's plane?)
>> No. 2196 ID: b294bd
File 132776623071.jpg - (271.09KB , 640x512 , ursula-untermench-camp.jpg )

What are you talking about? Those breeds of untermench went extinct hundreds of years ago, if they even existed at all. Furthermore, questioning this truth is a clear sympton of a mental disease. For your own safety, you'll be escorted to a re-education camp immediately.
>> No. 2197 ID: 1b8dc7


The problem is, that if there is not mention of China and Korea, i supposse that the all Proyect Kagonish want to believe that China and Korea are property of Fuso and do not want to recognize them as sovereign countries

>> No. 2198 ID: b294bd
File 132776677589.jpg - (262.57KB , 1588x1156 , StrikeWitchesWorldMap2.jpg )
You're in possession of a fictitious heretical propaganda map. Burn it now.
>> No. 2199 ID: b52217
Just because they aren't named doesn't mean they are under the rule of Fuso. You see how Fuso is in yellow but China-Korea is in purple, that means that they are different countries, that's how maps work. They are just unnamed countries because they don't want to bother to make up an SW name for every country in the world. Look at the rest of the map, there are MANY unnamed countries, that doesn't mean they aren't separate countries.
>> No. 2200 ID: ad2e78
I thought the only country that the japanese won't ever recognize is North Korea LOL!

This is what I was talking about. I assume this was an earlier version of the Strike Witches map since the colored coded one just appeared last year. If you think about it, Project Kagonish might already be doing China & both Koreas a favor by bringing their countries back in the map..

Actually, there's so many countries that were not named.

btw since when was the time Micronesia had an island that big?????
>> No. 2201 ID: ad2e78
And also LOL for Sakhalin. So much japanese patriotism here that they made it part of Fuso Are they trying to piss off some "orussians" by this? LOLOL!
>> No. 2203 ID: f03502
File 132778265896.jpg - (108.01KB , 1280x720 , [Coalgirls]_Strike_Witches_01_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FL.jpg )
Anime confirmed it
>> No. 2204 ID: 7921b5

Well, the (seems like) China's area in Zero has been cited it's a desert area...

But hey, at the southern part still in a different color.
Dosen't it looks like the territory of late Southern Song Dynasty?
>> No. 2206 ID: 9a0355
Japs occupation of the China-Korea region is kind of a taboo in Japanese WW2 history, even until today. (Partly because the Government, unlike Germany, never actually admit their War Crime)
The creators must have thought about that, and you can actually see them deliberately changing stuffs to avoid any debates.

In fact, the back story of Zero - the Fuso Sea Incident
was actually based on the 1937 Marco Polo Bridge Incident,
which marks the invasion of China (as compare to the invasion of Neuroi) and
is considered the first explicit battle of the Sina-Japanese War (as compare to the first armed contact with Neuroi)
>> No. 2215 ID: 7921b5
Uh, the Fuso Sea Incident seems like include both Marco Polo Bridge Incident and Nomonhan Incident...
>> No. 2618 ID: f03502
File 133110126121.jpg - (94.86KB , 550x700 , 1301276055294.jpg )
Can we make this the "what's different?" thread?

Moving with that, is Orussia still a full empire or does the Duma have expanded powers or is it just like Stalinist Russia with a puppet Tsar?

I guess we could make this the re-education thread too.
>> No. 2621 ID: 9a0355
Judging how Karlsland still has an emperor, I guess the same also applies to Orussia.
>> No. 2622 ID: af8a8a
Can't into moon, but the various different colored areas in the general area of China correspond to Northern Yuan (Mongol Khanate), the Oirat Horde, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, the last Ming China holdouts and what appears to be a version of Qing China that went after Ming China before the Yuan relic states. That dates the area in and around China back to the early to mid 1600s, an even bigger throwback than the WWI states of the rest of the world
>> No. 2973 ID: 953a5d
I'm assuming China is divided into four individual nations.
1. Tibet
2. Xinjiang
3. Qing Empire
4. Republic of China/Guangxi Clique/Taiping Rebellion/Other Southern Chinese Rebellion I have not heard off but got pissed off at the bureaucrats.
>> No. 2979 ID: ce77cb
Where is the other countries in South America????
For example: Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela
>> No. 2980 ID: 89d2bd
The Eastern half (purple on map) is completely deserted wasteland.
Northwest (Yellow) is the Great Mongolian Empire.
Other parts are unknown at this point, but I believe they left it that way to avoid political confusion.
>> No. 2982 ID: 7ec0a3
They're in there, just not named or at least the most of it. Parts of South America are called New Karlsland something around that name.
>> No. 2983 ID: ce77cb
In the north of New Karlsland, in the yellow part, it's the Tahuantinsuyo (Peru, Bolivia, the North of Chile and the South of Ecuador)
>> No. 3112 ID: b52217
File 133318034755.jpg - (425.76KB , 2000x1332 , SWWorld map chart other countries.jpg )
Here are all the coutnries that are named
>> No. 3129 ID: 953a5d
>Liberion occupied Maya

Fuso needs to free the shit out of them.
>> No. 3130 ID: 953a5d
Argentina is a German colony?

That's pretty cool. With German ordnung, I'm imagining they turn out like Rast's Mittelafrika. Militaristic Nationalists pumped up by Prussian steroids. Not that I would approve of those kinds of people running a country but they make the world interesting.

And it's uh nice that the Iberians left their grubby Catholic hands off of the Aztecs and Amazons.
>> No. 3145 ID: 4d2005
File 133337541263.jpg - (657.36KB , 3000x1997 , 1296533860506.jpg )
Some more maps for your pleasure
>> No. 3146 ID: ec07f3

it's probably just analogous to the Panama Canal Zone
>> No. 4735 ID: a97d58
Anyone care to explain what parts of the map are all fucked up though?

Like how North America is all warped and messed up, or the Pacific.

It's weird.
>> No. 4738 ID: dd50ca

Two words: artistic liberties
>> No. 4841 ID: 09af1c
They felt like it. And apparently Liberion has far more northern territory than rl. I guess "Farway Land" doesn't have the most area anymore.
>> No. 4843 ID: 12cb96
Britannia is puny in the SWverse, can't even rule of north america
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