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File 132852973463.jpg - (436.42KB , 580x2200 , FinlandEmbTokyo_Eila.jpg )
2305 No. 2305 ID: 9a0355
Looks like someone is enjoying Striker Witches in the Tokyo Finish Embassy...
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>> No. 2333 ID: 1ba170
>> No. 2341 ID: 9a0355
First part:
@FinEmbTokyo Do people in Finland know about the Japanese Anime where their national heros were converted to big boobs girls and fighting with panties only?
The Fin Embassy reply:
@[unknown] We all know that.

Second part:
Highlighted part: The Finnish Translation for "ムリダナ” is Mahdotonto.
Other tweets are some random facts of finnish culture and people.

Third part:
Thank you Eila-san! (Finnish translation)

Forth part:
(.x.)<"ムリダナ in Finnish”
the replies are:
1st: Eila...are you giving up? (probably a line from Sanya, not sure)
2nd: (I don't understand...something to do with "something broken"...)
3rd: Watched Strike Witches?
4th: That's cute, something good happened?
5th: Miffy?
6th: Still working now? Thank you for the good work!
7th: Don't say "impossible"!

translation not 100% accurate...
>> No. 2344 ID: 862c1e
>> No. 2359 ID: fd29bb
>We all know that
Oh god
>> No. 2500 ID: 9a0355
File 133007230434.jpg - (65.86KB , 517x295 , 1329903940157.jpg )
Happy Birthday Eila (from Tokyo Finish Embassy)
>> No. 2505 ID: 9bb3ef
File 133009011976.jpg - (95.99KB , 1440x810 , 1281552591417.jpg )
>> No. 2510 ID: f03502
File 133015363725.jpg - (476.77KB , 1600x1080 , 1278717029873.jpg )
>> No. 2891 ID: 86de91
File 133247517012.jpg - (270.12KB , 680x680 , 25984992.jpg )
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