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File 132866568171.jpg - (206.56KB , 551x815 , 20110815083510_880_1.jpg )
2318 No. 2318 ID: 2cd6a6
Suddenly, rockin witches
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>> No. 2320 ID: dc3f17
File 132867212931.jpg - (248.30KB , 662x928 , www_dotup_org474698.jpg )
>> No. 2322 ID: 239478
File 132867492440.jpg - (222.88KB , 980x1400 , d35b3cde56a4d4c1fb5076618e604847.jpg )
>> No. 4126 ID: 239478
File 134384476723.jpg - (590.72KB , 619x820 , Glastonbury1966 - 美しき生命.jpg )
>> No. 4131 ID: 0ab94f
File 134388387137.png - (358.81KB , 604x754 , ok.png )
Save me some sugaar
>> No. 7404 ID: 7345b4

hi... i know this is old thread. im new here. does anybody knows who draw these arts and where i can find more of them? pixiv perhaps?

is this drawn by fumikane or fan-art?
>> No. 7408 ID: d860c8

Artist is listed on the left side:

iqdb.org and saucenao.com are pretty handy for finding artists.
>> No. 7412 ID: 7345b4
File 142044712358.png - (777.07KB , 1771x776 , qweqweqweqwe.png )

left side where? i cant see them from my pc when viewing helma


btw, is all the three images drawn by the same artists? シロウナ

nice to meet you anon! im new :D

>> No. 7416 ID: d860c8

I meant on the left side of the danbooru links. Author names are listed in red.


? ningen (ningen96) 153"


The images are all done by different artists.

Nice to meet you.
>> No. 7420 ID: 7345b4
ill probably ask a lot of questions in the coming weeks...

4649 onegaishimasu :D
>> No. 7421 ID: 7345b4

apologize for not noticing the danbooru left side the first time
>> No. 7422 ID: 7345b4

i actually have one question for now, does anybody know where i can get the download link for aurora witches?

is it translated or still raw?

raw is fine too i can look at the images...
>> No. 7424 ID: 373c41
Hey, I notice you're new in here (and probably /a/). Couple of tips to help you out.

1. Try to properly capitalize your text. Some Anons are critical about this. If anything, it helps you to get better response.

2. It's nice to be courteous, but try not to sound like an over-hyped kid. Ending every post with "onegaishimasu" can tick people off. A mention of thanks is enough to get the message through.

3. Lurk more. Get to know how people talk around. Learn what is right and what's not.

That is what I can pull out of my mind at the moment. You'll probably learn more as you lurk. Apologies if I was rude. Have a great time around here.
>> No. 7429 ID: 3001e5
Not him but as weird as it may sound, /a/ feels a bit more comfy than helma, at least for me.

It seems like we can get the attention of more people on /a/, helma is more for true, hardcore fans.

I prefer /a/ for a casual discussion and to express my love for the series and the witches.

helma looks way more serious to me. Not that I don't like that, some discussions here are very interesting. The main focus seems to be on new material though and that isn't exactly my cup of tea. Sure, I'm akways happy when there's new stuff but it could be a bit more diverse in my opinion.

Oh and threads on /a/ aren't "deleted", they're archived. You can find them here:


I searched with Strike Witches as the subject. You can alter the search however you want.

Welcome from me as well!
>> No. 7432 ID: 3001e5
Just ignore all the posters on /a/ who come across as rude. Really, that's the easiest thing to do. And the term you're looking for is shitposting.

I think for some people it's a problem when we have a Strike Witches thread with no actual discussion. I don't mind threads every other day. It's nice to come together and talk about the series and the witches a bit.
Lewdposting on the other hand is a different subject, some people, like myself, like it while others don't.

I'm not quite sure what the meaning is but circle-jerking is when some posters praise eachother and continue pointless discussions.
>> No. 7433 ID: 137296
Well hello there, fellow Asian. I am an Asian too, but I pretty much speak English wherever I go. Of course, I get the usual boo for being an Asian who can't speak his own mother tongue. I'm from Malaysia, you?

> why the SW community used an anonymous board and not registered boards with username?
If I could guess, it traces back to the roots from Japanese imageboards, which are anonymous. 4chan was an attempt to bring these imageboards to the English audience. /a/ was made for anime and manga, anonymous imageboards became famous, and here we are.

> thanks. on top of physical illness i have chemical imbalance as well that affects my mental state.
I'm sorry to hear that mate. I wish you well from the bottom of my heart.

> as far as i can see from the 3 or 4 SW thread on /a/.. there's a lot of posters posting negative remarks and unpleasant replies on the thread.
> how do you read through the BS and continue on the nice discussion while some posters replies to you in a rude way?
It's safe to ignore them. I wouldn't call them bad people. Some of them probably have good intentions, but not well expressed.

> circle-jacking or something?
Circle-jerking... is a negative term actually, to define a bunch of males masturbating together. In simple words, most of the threads end up with people discussing lewd stuff about witches, hence the term.
>> No. 7440 ID: 17ee85
This site is mostly up to date with information. http://decaydance.geoshitties.installgentoo.com/sw/

To find the artist of a picture, get the url of the picture and search for it on iqdb to find the danbooru. I know that at least on Chrome, there is an extension called "image search options" that makes searching very easy. It also makes it much simpler to use saucenao, which is how you can find the artist's pixiv.
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