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File 13287642451.jpg - (292.71KB , 600x600 , 03fc1eee15c0da197041f3944768b034.jpg )
2340 No. 2340 ID: 471e76
I cant believe that nobody knowed that Feb 8 was her birthday
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>> No. 2364 ID: b1bb61
Can we stop having Birthday threads? Or at least make a "general" Birthday thread instead of making a short lived image dump for every birthday?
>> No. 2365 ID: 239478
Wonderful idea. This is now the official Birthday Thread. Any new birthday thread will be deleted.
>> No. 2366 ID: 20c910
Just a problem, how edit the first pic and the title?
>> No. 2367 ID: cba1f0
File 132893546984.jpg - (98.24KB , 473x700 , 9d17799108898b9d17efda8484b8dcd3.jpg )
har har, no one likes trude's floppy dog ears

Star of Africa was here, Barkhorn smells like we dog
>> No. 2368 ID: 20c910
Happy Birthda DE LA PENNE

(I guess that she is from Gallia) today is her birthday, in Karlsland.net say it.
>> No. 2369 ID: 6f22a5

This, if you want people to know this is Birthdays General, it would help if the thread title wouldn't address a single Witch/Person specifically and a mod post that's not visible without opening the thread.
>> No. 2378 ID: 2da7d9

I agree.

I'll make a new thread specifically for birthdays and unsticky this.
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