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File 13290753743.jpg - (286.96KB , 1600x1200 , 1329049508994.jpg )
2390 No. 2390 ID: cf984e
Do you see what I see?
(shamelessly stolen from /toy/)
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>> No. 2392 ID: 482111
File 132907723182.jpg - (1.42MB , 1600x1200 , Happy_Cat.jpg )

Leonmitchelli fagma, YES!
>> No. 2396 ID: 191fd1
File 132911410718.jpg - (57.85KB , 360x420 , gk_muridana.jpg )
>> No. 2445 ID: 2276c0
File 132937326591.jpg - (56.74KB , 665x1000 , 1296971266302.jpg )
Oh, is cute ^^
>> No. 2446 ID: 2276c0
File 132937335097.jpg - (208.03KB , 1280x1027 , 1296986149725.jpg )
Here is Trude too
>> No. 2494 ID: 47531b
File 132998070127.jpg - (207.30KB , 571x795 , QEu29.jpg )
>> No. 2495 ID: 3c9e3c
Max Factory-GSC seems to have a more consistent product release when it comes to Strike Witches.

Alter's direction otoh seems to be going in random directions with Marseille and then a new version of Sanya.
>> No. 2496 ID: 789fa7

> New Alter Sanya

What now?
>> No. 2497 ID: 3a03a3

If Haruhi and k-on got muuuuuuuch figmas of ALL characters, WHY NOT Strike Witches?
>> No. 2498 ID: 2d5204
I'm just saying Alter perhaps should COMPLETE the 501st witches FIRST in one circle. Then they can do the second versions or other characters afterwards.
>> No. 2499 ID: b141ba

What I meant was
> What the fuck, why would they make a new Sanya if they still have Erika, Lynne and Fran to do?
Are there any sources for this?
>> No. 2502 ID: 18c215
Marseille is already in pre-production stage.
http://myfigurecollection.net/image/Gwennan1330011510.jpeg while there are no solid news about Erica, Fran, Perrine & Lynne last Wonfes.. Not even a prototype.

They announced a new Sanya http://myfigurecollection.net/item/99028_strike_witches_2_sanya_v_litvyak_1_8_rocket_booste last wonfest too. Yet there's still no news about Erica, Fran, Perrine & Lynne.

I might be wrong about the Sanya Rocket version. Sanya could be in the last priority on the Totem pole, but Hanna reaching pre-production stage while the other main witches still in thin air rings of a shifty product releases.

I'm not really whining or rage posting just to be clear. It's just my observations.
>> No. 2506 ID: 191fd1
File 133013488935.jpg - (1.30MB , 2319x1536 , witches everything 2011_02_13.jpg )
posting for IRC request
>> No. 2507 ID: 191fd1
File 133013491130.jpg - (272.07KB , 1024x1546 , creepy sanya moedar.jpg )
>> No. 2509 ID: 239478
You mean what the channels are?
>> No. 2511 ID: d02b6c
File 133015544171.jpg - (107.60KB , 800x599 , 1302702273127.jpg )
It´s real?
>> No. 2512 ID: 7ccc55
File 133017353516.jpg - (109.96KB , 800x599 , 1297607348760.jpg )

You forgot
>> No. 2513 ID: a5768c
I so want this.
>> No. 2514 ID: 191fd1
No, someone wanted to see the plushies and I didn't have a buyfag thread handy.

>Posable headwings
>> No. 3017 ID: e2de4c
File 13330267374.jpg - (64.20KB , 600x600 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Leonmitchelli available for preorder
Sanya too
>> No. 3099 ID: ec07f3

#helma is sort of a SW channel, but it's been an RP channel for 18-22 months and its kind of in its own little world. fair warning.

Also, does anyone have pictures from the Sega swimsuit line? I'm looking forward to getting something a little bit different
>> No. 3100 ID: 148887
File 133313587063.jpg - (83.37KB , 434x579 , lucky_kuji.jpg )
Do you mean the lottery ones?
>> No. 3101 ID: 239478
Is it just me or is the sculpt rather lacking? The first Sega line looked perfectly fine, but something here seems off.
>> No. 3103 ID: 759e08
What about of Eila's figma? There will be a combo of Eila and Sanya together?
>> No. 3104 ID: 148887
There is an Eila figma that should be released maybe a month after Sanya, which would be August or Sept. Preorders for Eila should be soon, I'm not exactly sure when. I don't think they're a set or combo though.
>> No. 3110 ID: ec07f3

yeah.... how do i get one of those for perrine?
>> No. 3142 ID: 191fd1
File 133333956115.jpg - (52.77KB , 550x800 , FIG-MOE-5594_04.jpg )
Claims a July release, but I've already seen posters with August on them.
>> No. 3179 ID: b61b9a
The wait for both figures is going to be killer.
>> No. 3207 ID: 7dda97

>In addition, voters can fill out a survey for which figure they want GSC to create. To participate in the survey, voters can go to the campaign's website and write in the name of the work (作品名), character name (キャラクター名) and genre (ジャンル) of the figure they would like GSC to create.

You guys know what to do...
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