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File 132914181266.jpg - (125.06KB , 633x1000 , 177da8a28700fa80c697a4b96f2c4be2.jpg )
2398 No. 2398 ID: a8c0a6
Any plans for Valentine's Day? I want to spend mine with Mio but I have none of that liver oil she loves
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>> No. 2399 ID: 8c10a9
File 132915558145.jpg - (97.28KB , 393x700 , d0f3b68f15f319943fad62194fb9f87d.jpg )
Sitting alone at a computer monitor with a zoomed in image? Alas, I know I poke fun, but there's got to be a better way to do these things! So many wonderful things I would do with any of the girls, be it Lynne or Perrine, Minna, Mio or what not... yet it's unattainable.

Isn't there anyone smart enough to do something like... what, A.I. ga Tomaranai? You know, that one by that fellow Akamatsu about the guy who initially wrote his own "waifu" as a computer program? You'd think that we'dve come out with something like that by now. And traits and mannerisms could be added to the characters by the community or... they could learn. We'd have to teach them.

I mean c'mon! There's got to be some less humiliating way! T_T
>> No. 2400 ID: 3cb358

I know it's not nice and evil 4chan mentality and everything, but...please shut the fuck up and go die in a fire.
>> No. 2401 ID: 02aec6

Too mature for the waifu business?
>> No. 2406 ID: 899b0e
File 132917982654.jpg - (1.54MB , 2048x1536 , With love.jpg )
Happy Valentines day, /sw/!
>> No. 2407 ID: a3c00f
Will you be my valentine's ? More seriously though I second this. Go out and get a girlfriend or something.
>> No. 2410 ID: 12cb96
File 132919762865.jpg - (50.12KB , 300x450 , wwq.jpg )
OP here. I think the 2 or 3 people here should calm the fuck down.

Have some chocolates.
>> No. 2412 ID: 20c910
File 132920178792.jpg - (27.04KB , 300x372 , ch2.jpg )
somebody want potatoes with chocolate?
>> No. 2415 ID: 0508c7

There seems to be a misunderstanding. I don't have a problem with waifus, it's Agent 007 that's annoying as hell.
>> No. 2416 ID: 899b0e
As in,
>Dipping French Fries into chocolate icecream and chocolate syrup
Then hell yes Potatoes with chocolate.
>> No. 2420 ID: 20c910
File 13292538385.png - (68.76KB , 613x813 , 1329149128635.png )
Like that famous kiss
>> No. 2434 ID: 663b28
File 132926872361.jpg - (230.55KB , 645x710 , 25067492.jpg )
I've just been checking out pictures on Pixiv. I like yuri pics with the witches.
>> No. 2435 ID: 663b28
File 132926881368.jpg - (105.53KB , 450x600 , 25068272.jpg )
Some dude made a chocolate Eila.
>> No. 2440 ID: 899b0e
>>2406 here
I hope you guys don't think I hate Minna.
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