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File 131114529651.jpg - (58.33KB , 320x451 , nen_strike1.jpg )
247 No. 247 ID: bd79a4
So, there are several Strike Witches video games out but I never really see much discussion (or even see them mentioned for that matter).

From what I've seen there's a 360 game, a PS2 game, and 2 DS games.

Has anyone played these games? And if so, what are they like?
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>> No. 248 ID: 7cfdb0
I dont think the US consoles can play them do to the format. But i like to know how the games are also.
>> No. 249 ID: bd79a4
DS games are region-free, so they aren't a problem. But the PS2 and 360 consoles are both region-locked, true. The PS2 you can get around with SwapMagic or the Action Replay though, so playing imports on it isn't too tricky. The 360 can be modded to be region-free I've heard, but then you can't get on Live anymore with it; so the best bet there is to just import a console so you can access the DLC & arcade-only games. I've been looking at ebay hoping to get a used japanese 360 to try out this game (among several others, like idolm@ster), but no luck so far.
>> No. 252 ID: 117194
File 131115976369.jpg - (258.53KB , 1280x480 , PS2 Hot Spring.jpg )
I'm not sure myself since I never played any of the games, but a while ago someone posted a bit of information about the PS2 and the 2nd DS game and someone collected all the posts on the wiki.
The PS2 game seems to be a straight visual novel with lots of text, options to choose from and, if any, very little real action.
The 2nd DS game seems somewhat similar, but with less visual novel and more flying-around-and-shooting-at-things and groping-other-witches-with-a-stylus part...
For the other two games...I guess stuff happens...

Also, the playthrough collection:

>> No. 276 ID: bd79a4
Cool, I'll go check out the wiki pages, thanks.
>> No. 305 ID: dfe784
File 131130403914.jpg - (118.88KB , 838x659 , 1300731133071.jpg )
I have played the two DS games and the PS2 game extensively (100% completion in all 3). I don't have an XBOX360, so I haven't played that game, but I've seen a number of gameplay videos. If anyone has any questions about the two DS games and the PS2 game, even the 360 game, feel free to ask.
>> No. 366 ID: e2642c
File 131161349974.jpg - (150.57KB , 344x480 , IMG_0110.jpg )
Heard from a friend who owned the DS and 360 games (bought in japan directly)
said the quality of the game wasn't really good...
the latest DS game is OK, but the 360 use sucks 3D model that looks very bad.
Nevertheless the cover of the box looks really nice... (attached is the limited ver)
>> No. 842 ID: b95b8f
Just thought I'd say that the 4 games can be downloaded and played on emulators, which may or may not work for some people. There are direct downloads/ torrents to utilize, but I have spend a lot of time trying to find copies and waiting to download torrents.
If anyone is trying to find the games, it might not be worth your time to download them and try to play them on an emulator. Some copies won't work with some emulators, or they get sound and frame rate glitches (and I tried the games on multiple computers, with different copies of the games AND different emulators). Not a copy, of they very few I have hunted down, plays flawlessly on an emulator in my experience.
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