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File 131115017843.jpg - (315.21KB , 790x740 , 1265612789832.jpg )
250 No. 250 ID: 5c1650
picking random SW image from my folder, sorry if its NSFW (for some reason my windows does not shot thumbnails)

Anyway I just finished reading SW Afrika novel from Baka Tsuki and I have a question, does any one know the name of the reporter that went to interview Marseilles???
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>> No. 251 ID: 117194
File 131115910787.jpg - (335.00KB , 800x719 , 14701576.jpg )
Is that a quiz?
If not, I suggest you start reading here
And then work your way through the Africa doujin from Firstspear since those feature the same characters as the novel.
>> No. 279 ID: 0010af
File 131120429751.jpg - (49.22KB , 800x600 , marshy.jpg )
>> No. 307 ID: 5c1650
I read the Strike Witches Afrika thiny cause it was the only one that was complete, the other are not fully translated yet :(

but thanks for answering my question
>> No. 1465 ID: a8dd03
File 132185789992.jpg - (170.00KB , 500x500 , wizzle and woozle.jpg )
Regarding OP's picture, can someone post the others in the series? Or at least Erica's? All I can ever find are extremely low quality ones.
>> No. 1467 ID: 7aceda
File 132186989939.jpg - (692.12KB , 1133x1600 , 017.jpg )

I don't think there are high quality ones
>> No. 1468 ID: 7aceda
File 13218699517.jpg - (719.58KB , 1130x1600 , 016.jpg )
Just three pages from a 2006 or so artbook
>> No. 1469 ID: 7aceda
File 132186998680.jpg - (783.05KB , 1120x1600 , 018.jpg )
Nipa is probably fan art
>> No. 1474 ID: f03502
It is http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=5277026
>> No. 1477 ID: a8dd03
Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for.
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