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File 133058269967.jpg - (671.23KB , 680x1242 , f0d8e3d562dca76cc25fbbf6c575b3c9.jpg )
2562 No. 2562 ID: d163c9
Coca-Cola and Strike Witches, winner combination, dont you?

P.S. Coca-Cola was too the offical drink of the US-ARMY in the WWII
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>> No. 2563 ID: f03502
File 133058359779.jpg - (380.61KB , 853x1200 , One-Winged_Witches_Ch03_03_en.jpg )
Only Liberion witches would drink it, the others would probably think it's too sweet.
>> No. 2564 ID: d163c9

I wonder if with the movie coming, Coca-Cola or Pepsi will launch any promotion?
>> No. 2602 ID: f03502
File 133102286180.jpg - (225.00KB , 645x900 , 8f6170f62d81e5f9087b5ebe7b0be908.jpg )
Found some more Coca-Cola, but it's just the Liberion witches again.
>> No. 2603 ID: f03502
File 133102291556.jpg - (290.89KB , 811x1000 , 126ae24d855de12067b7c8db7960865c.jpg )
It's odd because I could have sworn that there was pictures of Fuso witches with ramune.
>> No. 2606 ID: 239478
>small chest not filling in the cups
Hello new fetish.
>> No. 2626 ID: 8c10a9
File 133125644920.jpg - (304.46KB , 678x976 , 1307809549438.jpg )
Here's the funny thing though... from sources within my family, it's been stated that Coke was actually the adults' soda, and that Pepsi was the drink considered 'too sweet.' I'd have to agree too, though I have had both without issue...

And then there's Dr. Pepper and his Prunes and Intellectuals.

Oh by the way, pic soon to follow...
>> No. 2627 ID: 8c10a9
File 133125729376.jpg - (156.25KB , 1080x720 , Photo on 3-8-12 at 5_22 PM.jpg )
THIS damned thing is still a bit big on me... but I'm glad I have it. Yes, I am the wearer, and no, it is not a costume. It belonged to my Grandfather, Robert W Brown who served in New Guinea, hence the shade of green different from uniforms on our men AND women who served over in Europe.

By the way, if I look short to you, yes I am. No, I am not underage either. I'm just... short. Around a couple centimeters or so over Lynette's height, actually. Oh, and thanks to Mexico I have Coke.

Now all I need is a Witch and I'll be entirely on topic!
>> No. 2632 ID: ec07f3

I didn't realize that people actually drank Pepsi when coke was available. I mean, the absolute worst thing a waiter/ess can possibly say is "We serve Pepsi products." Doctor Pepper is boss, though.
>> No. 2640 ID: 60480c
File 133134239350.jpg - (40.62KB , 481x651 , Coca_Cola.jpg )

That jacket make remeber me this propaganda of Coca Cola of the WWII

Definitly, Coca Cola got stylish
>> No. 2642 ID: f03502
So an ova with Liberion witches arguing over sweetness (too sweet, not sweet enough) with European witches is in order (Hershey's chocolate, Coca Cola)?
>> No. 2643 ID: dc3f17
Since Fanta was invented by Coca-cola in Nazi Germany as substitute to coke, Karlsland girls can have them.
And Fuso girls can bring Ramune made by their ships.
>> No. 2644 ID: f03502
Then Eila and Sanya ruin it with their Vodka "soda".
>> No. 2947 ID: fd5b9c

And Perrine and Francesca dont have nothing? =(
>> No. 2950 ID: e74aa0
He-llo double negatives.
>> No. 3362 ID: 02c087
File 133565082736.jpg - (137.72KB , 900x563 , charlotte_e__yeager_at_world_of_coca_cola_by_bonga.jpg )
From Deviant
>> No. 3363 ID: d82128
File 133566989221.png - (353.08KB , 469x700 , 1335364337910.png )
You think so? I think its Strike Witches and milk.
>> No. 6175 ID: 6d8120
File 13730245266.jpg - (362.46KB , 1280x720 , eila laktoositon maito.jpg )
Indeed, it is Strike Witches and milk!
>> No. 7436 ID: 7345b4

is the picture on the opening post official art?
if it's fan-art, anybody knows the name of the artist on pixiv?
>> No. 8111 ID: 291708
File 143875365667.jpg - (47.79 KB , 300x480 , c6e80483075bdb124416a28e07e214e7bdea476b.jpg )
>> No. 8112 ID: 291708
File 143875367023.png - (385.98 KB , 595x851 , 91b86ecfc904bb9c19147d5305ccb884d4f2bc87.png )
>> No. 12633 ID: 734bfb
File 149604050939.jpg - (1.76 MB , 1860x2700 , 63105897_p0.jpg )
Have a Coke!

Fresh off pixiv.
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